Hogwart’s Immortal Cultivation in Marvel Chapter 658

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Chapter 658 I return from hell

Earth, Hong Kong

The temples of King London and New York have been destroyed by Casillas, and there are only three temples left Down the Hong Kong Temple. Leading all the remaining wizards to the Hong Kong Temple, the king and other wizards are mentally prepared to coexist and die with the Temple.

However, they and Casillas are too far in strength, after all, they failed to stop Casillas from destroying the Hong Kong Temple.

The moment the Hong Kong Temple was destroyed, the three silhouettes suddenly appeared above the Temple.

"It's Dark Space!" Hermione said with a facial expression grave.

She, Anna, Skye and the others just came out of the Trial Tower when they felt the abnormality of the outside world.

"How could this happen."

Hermione did not sense the existence of the ancient teacher on Earth, and she found that the London Temple and the New York Temple were all destroyed.

The Divine Spear Bureau also immediately got the news that Zheng Xian sent the squad of the storm witch to Hong Kong through vector transmission.

"Another Dimensional Invasion!" The vector puts away the usual haha, said solemnly.

The power of the vector is to control the dark energy, but at this time she is facing a huge energy of one dimension.

Just when they were about to step forward to check the details, time began to go backwards, and the squad of Stormwind witch returned to the headquarters of the divine spear shield.

It was Strange who arrived in Hong Kong and used the power of the gem of time to return everything to Hong Kong before the temple was destroyed.

Everything around is recovering. The collapsed building stands up again, the flames of the explosion, and the victims in the ruins on the street are all recovering as time goes back.

"The spells are in effect, and we still have another chance." Strange and Morton ran towards the Hong Kong Temple.

"Modo Senior Brother, where is the teacher, what's the matter?" The Hermione trio appeared in front of Mordo.

"Gu Yi Mage was killed by Kaslias." Strange said directly, it was Hermione who directed him to Kama Taj.

"What!" Hermione showed an unbelievable look. How could Caslias killed Gu Yi teacher?

"Let's deal with the enemy in front of us first." Skye saw Caslias who had escaped from the magic of Strange time, and returned to normal from the backward time.

The large amount of dark energy mobilized by Casillas made time become still, destroying Strange's magic.

"Did you kill the teacher?" The icy mark on Hermione's brows appeared, the blue frost robe was draped over her body, and she unlocked all the immortal strength.

Sky and Anna knew that this time was extraordinary, and they directly unlocked all immortal strength.

The three powerful imposing manners gathered together, preventing Mordur and Strange from standing beside them.

"You can't defeat the inevitable, it's so beautiful, the world beyond time, beyond death." Casillas looked at the Dark World above the temple, which is intertwined with the Earth dimension.

"You die first!" The extremely cold mysterious ice spread from Hermione's feet, instantly freezing Casillas and the two fanatics behind him.

"Strange, continue to use the gem of time to restore the Hong Kong Temple, and leave it to us here." Hermione said directly without looking back.

Powerful dark energy erupted from Kaslias, breaking through the ice of Hermione.

Strange and Mordor looked at each other and continued to run towards the Hong Kong Temple.

Casillas was endowed with dark energy by Domam, and he did not fear the Hermione trio of Heavenly Immortal Realm.

However, his strength couldn't hurt Hermione's few people, so he could only stand in a stalemate.


Luke, who was driving the Kunpeng Divine Boat quickly, suddenly felt a familiar breath, and then saw a transparent silhouette.

"teacher you..."

It is the ancient one who appears in the state of soul.

"Why are you a teacher? You don't need to use this method if you want to rest..."

Recalling the scene when I first came to Kama Taj to apprentice more than ten years ago, Look at the transparent Gu Yi in front of him.

Although I knew that there would be such a day for a long time, when I saw Gu Yi appear in front of him in the state of soul, it was inevitable that I filled with sadness in my heart.

"Don't feel sorry for me, death is not the end," Gu Yi said with a faint smile on his face, "Leave to come and see you, I do not force you to protect Earth, but I hope that when necessary, You can help them."

Luke clicked nodded and did not refuse.

"Go back, the future has already become foggy, and I will rely on yourselves in the future." With that, Gu Yi's soul faded gradually.

Luke doesn't know how Gu Yi found him, but Gu Yi brought him Earth coordinates.

Dark Dimension

In the end, Strange used the method of "negotiating terms" and trapped Domam.

Kudomam, as the Demon God with a long life, did not give up immediately, but tortured Strange again and again in an attempt to cause his mental breakdown.

Just as Strange was about to face another death, a fiery red silhouette blocked Domam’s attack for him.

"It’s not good to just talk about terms. They will only be afraid of you if they hurt them." Before the voice fell, the dazzling fire became stronger again, like the scorching sun, making people unable to look directly.

Strange doesn't need to think to know who is here.

"Who are you, dare to intervene in my affairs." Domam did not immediately attack, he could feel the majestic energy in the opponent's body.

"I-returning from hell, you-ready to go to hell."

"Ding! Trigger the task, fight for the dimension of Demon God, successfully defeat Domam, reward Lottery twice."

Luke's body suddenly grew bigger, and in the blink of an eye, his body was no different from Domam.

"hahaha, overestimate one's capabilities, this is my dimension. No one told you not to enter the dimension of Demon God." Domam's laughter shook the entire space.

"Really?" Luke smiled strangely, "If this is not your dimension anymore."

"You leave here immediately, the next battle is not where you can Participating." Luke sound transmission to Strange.

Strange wanted to ask Luke if he could face Domam alone, but looking at the size of Domam, he chose to trust Luke.

If Luke fails, he will come to negotiate terms.

After Strange left the dark dimension, endless flames poured out from Luke, blatantly occupying the dark dimension.

Strange returns to the Earth dimension, and his time loop magic is lifted.

"Why are you back?" When Wang saw Strange appeared, he was the first to ask.

"Luke is back, and he is fighting Domam. He asked me to come out first. I can only hold back inside." Strange said, pointing to the dark dimension.

There was a joy on Wang's face. It seems that he is saved today.

In the dark dimension, Luke and Domam fought a war. The majestic dark energy collided with Luke's original divine flame, and every collision would cause the Dark Space to tear.


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