Hogwart’s Immortal Cultivation in Marvel Chapter 660

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Chapter 660 Luke is back

Looking at everything around him going backwards in time, not only Strange was surprised, but everyone else was also shocked.

"Time is only spell, it can be used without the eye of Akmodo." Luke smiled and patted Strange's shoulder.

"You broke the rules of nature in this way." Mordo's thoughts are more stubborn, and he still insists on his own ideas.

"Rules are dead, and people live. Besides, as long as you have enough ability, you can make your own rules." Luke pointed to the sky.

Domam and his dark dimension have left, but there is still a fiery red space left there.

Luke stretched out his hand and grabbed it. The fiery red space shrank rapidly, and was shrouded in a transparent light curtain, shrunk to the size of a tennis ball. Luke held a small dimension in his hand.

As long as the energy in the dimension is replaced with normal, the framework of Small World is complete.

"I just came back, and there are still some things to deal with. I will get the gift in a few days and then I will find you." Luke said to the weather witch,

Lanqi said: "Since the teacher has entrusted you with the burden, you must be worthy of the title of Supreme Master. I will repair the London Temple and the New York Temple. If there is any problem, I think Wang and Mordor will help. Yours."

"Everyone, we'll meet again some day." After that, Luke took Hermione and a few people and disappeared before everyone's eyes.

"It's really terrifying. Now Earth is just a bigger ball for him." Vector doesn't know how big the space is, but looking at Luke's random actions, he knows that he is very strong now .

"Let's go, I'm still waiting for us to report back." Sun Wukong said.

The matter was handled by Luke, there were no casualties, the intruders ran away, and it didn't make sense for them to stay here.

Weather witch talked a few words with the wizards and left with the squad.

The news of Luke's return to Earth will spread soon. They need to tell Zheng Xian immediately.

Suddenly, Wang burst into laughter. Strange smiled unfathomable mystery, not knowing what Wang was laughing at.

"I'm not going back to Taj Kama," Mordo was in a complicated mood, and he needed to calmly think about it.

Both Strange and Wang persuaded him, but Mordu was determined and turned around and left.

Strange and Wang looked at each other, and they had to return to Kama Taj first.


Luke went back to the harbor to meet his parents and family. He hasn't come back for more than two years, so he must be worried about him.

But before he entered the house, he was seen by Sharon who was playing outside, and he grabbed his arm and said not to let go.

"Steve doesn't usually come back much. Peggy brought some members of S.H.I.E.L.D. to start anew and help Steve and them." Hermione briefly talked about the changes in Earth over the past two years.

A supernatural human appeared, he really didn't expect it to be lively this time. There are still many mutants in Classic of Mountains and Seas and Kunpeng Divine Boat.

"I have something to tell you in a while." Luke picked up the clingy Sharon and walked into the room.

It didn't take long before everyone heard that Luke was back and came to the harbor one after another.

Qin Ying wanted to report to Luke about the situation of the Vermilion Bird Group in the past two years, so she rushed over immediately. Some well-connected wizards such as Penelope, Katie, and Cho Chang have received news one after another.

"Don't leave this time." Mother Helen looked at her son who hadn't seen her for two years.

Luke thought about the next plot to happen, "Maybe there will be a few more trips, but the time will not be too long."

If Hulk really fell to Heavenly From Venerable, I still have to pick it up. As for Hela, with his current strength, there is no need to worry at all, unless Hela is more powerful than Odin.

The last is Thanos. Instead of waiting for Thanos to appear, it is better to go to the door directly. Thanos without infinite gems is not to be afraid of.

Father James watched the door getting more and more lively, and said: "Let my son go and meet his friends first, and he will come back safely."

" Go ahead, and remember to go home for dinner later." Mother Helen didn't object either.

Luke led Xiao Sharon out of the house, and all he saw were familiar faces.

"What about the other universe, is there a wizard on Earth?" Katie asked, looking at the least, patted Luke on the shoulder.

Luke has introduced them to parallel universes and multiverses more than once, but no one knows what they are.

"There is no wizard, but there are mutants that I told you about, and I also brought many mutants back."

Katie is a bit speechless, Luke likes picking people It seems that the problem cannot be corrected.

In the eyes of everyone's surprise, he briefly recounted the things about the mutants and the X-Men universe.

Hermione, Anna and Skye's expressions became more exciting when they heard Luke's words.

Luke, this is because Earth is not messy enough, even if he goes out, he still brings back so many people with special abilities.

"How do you settle those people and let them go to Vermilion Bird Island?" Penelope asked.

She knew that Luke would not easily arrange people into the harbor.

"Yes, I plan to expand the island of Vermilion Bird. In the future, the main residents on it will be wizards and mutants. Of course, superhumans, ordinary persons and aliens will not be affected. Moreover, I will transform the Vermilion Bird Island into a harbor-like space."

Luke was talking and saw Steve walking over with Page, Wanda and Pietro. Had no choice but to talk about the things in the X-Men universe again.

Steve frowned when he heard Luke brought back the mutant. He wasn't against Luke's doing this, he just felt that Earth's situation was more complicated.

It wasn't until Luke said that Vermilion Bird Island would be transformed into an independent space, that Steve's frowning brows were released.

For the next two days, Luke stayed in the harbor, on the one hand to accompany his parents and family, on the other hand, he went to upgrade the Formation of the harbor.

Killing Formation, imaginary formation, after the imperial formation upgrade, makes the formidable power of Formation greatly increased.

The high level function of the space array gives the harbor the ability to move space. Origin Gathering Array is to give new students born in the harbor a chance to obtain spirit root, which is what he cares most about.

The high level function of the time array is to control time. At the beginning, Vermilion Bird Clan was developed by temporarily activating the high level function of the time array.

However, the control time requires a lot of essence stone or energy. The best way to use it is to activate it in a small area. After all, the area of ​​the harbor is too large.

Qin Ying told Luke about the company's situation in the past two years, including some people's small actions against the Vermilion Bird Group.

There are many people who covet the technology of the Vermilion Bird Group, but only a few people dare to do it boldly.

Luke has a plan in mind, and he will break the illusions of those people.

He doesn't plan to directly interfere with Steve and Tony's affairs. I believe they can handle it well. What's more, as long as foreign enemies appear, their problems will be solved.

On the seventh day of returning to the original universe, Luke alone left Earth. He was going to receive an item and inquire about Thanos by the way.


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