Hogwart’s Immortal Cultivation in Marvel Chapter 661

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Chapter 661 Executor-class Star Dreadnought

Intersection point, one of the busiest traffic arteries in the universe. There are jumping points to everywhere, whether it is to inquire about the news, do business, and entertainment is the most prosperous.

Even huge monsters like the three cosmic empires cannot occupy this place alone, as they will only become enemies of all civilizations.

This is the destination of Luke's trip.

A few years ago, Luke spent a lot of money to build a strategic battleship. This is also thanks to Ronan. Without his "strong support", it would take a lot of time to collect such a large sum of money.

He came to receive the goods this time, and by the way, he asked about the Thanos fleet.

As soon as he moved to the meeting point, Luke saw a strategic battleship that looked like a white sharp blade.

"It's very nice to see you again, Luke." The visitor was an old man in a blue robe, with thick white head feathers diverging, but the top of his head was flat. This is a common hairstyle for Shia people, especially nobles.

Next to the old man, there is a guy wearing red tight clothes and red cloak, who is looking up and down Luke.

This battleship built by Luke is looking for the Shia Empire, one of the three cosmic empires. The old man Debevi on the opposite side is a member of the Neramani Imperial Family.

Sia Empire’s technology is very powerful, which is one of the reasons why Luke asked them to customize the battleship.

"long time no see, who is this?" Luke looked towards the red cloak man beside Debevi.

"Oh, this is Captain Karlak, the guard of the empire. He has heard of some of your deeds and is very interested in you, so he has to come and have a look." Debevi said with a smile.

Karlak? He didn't know many Shia people, and he had never heard of the name.

"I heard that you are very difficult to deal with, I want to compete with you." Karlak said directly.

Luke raised his brow. He turned out to be a fighting freak, and he had to challenge him first when he saw others.

Most Shia people are like this, and Karlak didn't come to trouble on purpose. Warlike and militant blood is flowing in their bodies. Therefore, Debevi did not stop it either.

"Yes, but we'd better complete the transaction first. I can't wait to inspect the goods." Luke looked towards the white battleship in space.

"Hahaha, of course." Debevi laughed and said, "You probably don't know. We have arrived a few days earlier. In the past few days, people often come to ask about the battleship."

"I have to say that although your Earth’s technology is very backward, your imagination is very rich. You actually imagined so many strangely shaped battleships. Just like this Enforcer, equipped with our Shia Empire’s Technology, it is a well-known figure in a strategic battleship."

The battleship built by Luke is modeled on the interstellar fearless ship of the Galactic Empire in the planet war, also known as the super star destroyer. .

Of course, the length and weaponry will certainly not be the same as in the planet wars, and the unreasonable places will be redesigned.

Luke gave all the information about the battleship in the planet war to Debevi for their reference. If it were not for fear of insufficient funds, perhaps the Eclipse-class star destroyer would be built.

"Let’s go, let’s go up and have a look. The training will still depend on your help."

He did not intend to build this battleship for his own use, but for the divine spear Prepared by the bureau. The divine spear game here does not have a hollow circular mobile fortress. This star destroyer is just suitable for them to use as a base. This is one of the reasons why he did not choose the black eclipse-class hull, which has a sense of aggression. too strong.

Since it was given to the Divine Spear Bureau, it is natural to let the Shia people take charge of the training, otherwise the Earth people will not be able to control the large number of advanced equipment on the battleship.

There is a teleportation device on the battleship, Luke and Debevi, and Karlak are teleported to the battleship.

"This battleship uses your Earth units, about 12,000 meters away, with 3,000 beam cannons and pulse cannons. Your customized X-wing fighters, gunboats, and ground vehicles are also installed in it. "

"The entire ship is equipped with 9 powerful engines, which can ensure that such a huge ship can advance at full speed in interstellar navigation. Of course, it also includes hyperspace engines, proton torpedo launchers and tractor beams. Equipment."

"However, considering that the technology that the Earth people have is relatively backward, and the highest technology of our Shia Empire is not for sale. Therefore, the equipment system on this battleship is not the most advanced Yes, I hope you understand." Debevi walked and introduced to Luke again and again.

"Understand, I did not build this battleship to conquer the universe, but to use it as a defensive weapon." Luke said with a smile.

"The best you can think of this way." Debevi said with a smile.

A strategic battleship is nothing to the powerful civilizations in the universe, which is why the Shia Empire built battleships for other civilizations.

Not only the Shia Empire, but even the New Star Empire also have this kind of business, but the New Star Empire has more restrictions on the sale of battleships.

Big guy of more than 10,000 meters, De Beiwei took Luke around and took a lot of time.

"When do you plan to drive back, I will leave you 5000 people for training. You have to entertain them." Debeviy knows Luke's background and deeds very well, otherwise they will not Will take this order easily.

"In two days, I want to find out about Thanos, and Karlak still wants to learn from him." Luke glanced at Karlak next to him.

Karlak next to him has already been eager to have a try. He wants to see if the person in front of him is as powerful as the rumors.

"haha, okay, I know a Star Domain is just right for you to fight, don’t worry about accidentally hurting other civilizations." After that, Debevi’s expression became a little weird, "However, Thanos It has been disappeared for a while, disappeared along with his fleet, no one knows where they went."


As one of the three Great Empires, the Shia Empire naturally has its own intelligence system. None of them found any news about Thanos, which is a bit weird.

"When did Thanos disappear?" Luke frowned.

"About a year ago, after we investigated, there was no battle with other forces."

More than a year ago, he was still in the X-Men universe at that time. If you know what happened to Thanos, I'll go to Uatu and try one's luck later.

"Forget Thanos for now, when do you want to play Karlak?"

"You can always."

"Then lead the way." Luke is free Said.

"Karlak is the powerhouse among the sword-fighters, don't be too careless." Debevi reminded him that he knew Luke was very powerful, but Karlak was also very strong.

Sword fighting? He had heard of the name, and Doujian could be said to be a super hero in Marvel, no wonder this image looked familiar, Luke looked at Karlak a few more times.

"Many thanks to remind me, I will be careful."

I don't know who is stronger than Dou Jian or Surprise Captain.

Luke thinks about it again. He wants to know who is better, and he will know after a fight.


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