Hogwart’s Immortal Cultivation in Marvel Chapter 663

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Chapter 663 This gift is a bit big

China, divine spear game

Since learning that Luke has returned to Earth, Zheng Xian has been thinking about when to meet each other again.

In recent years, there have been more and more weird things on Earth, not only the appearance of supernatural beings, but occasionally some Unknown Creatures suddenly appear.

He wants to buy some equipment to deal with Unknown Creature from Luke. Since Luke is an authentic Immortal Cultivator, he may make equipment such as Magical Artifact and magic weapon.

As for the weather, Witch said that he had prepared gifts for them, Zheng Xian didn't care very much. They just sorted out the knowledge in Tinder, and he still understood the truth of bite off more than one can chew.

Zheng Xian was thinking, seeing the weather witch and vector coming over.

"Director, I just received a sound transmission from Luke. He wants to invite us to Vermilion Bird Island." Weather witch said.

"Just right, I wanted to see him again." Zheng Xian said with a smile.

After all, Luke has just returned to Earth, and the person who accompanies the family is such is human nature. Therefore, they never offered to meet.

"Is the mysterious gift here?" Vector looked very interested.

"Pay attention to your own image." Weather witch said.

"What? I'm just curious, aren't you curious?" The vector gave the weather a witch.

"Don't take us there yet." Weather witch knows the vector character very well, and doesn't care about her words.

"Yes, yes, yes--"The dark channel appeared behind the vector.

Vermilion Bird Island

Luke encountered Nebula running at the entrance of the Vermilion Bird Building. He didn’t need to guess what the Nebula came for, so he disappeared the Thanos fleet. Things told Nebula.

Nebula was stunned for a moment when he heard Luke's words, no wonder that Thanos did not appear in the interstellar news for a long time, but where they could go, Nebula was lost in thought.

The disappearance of Thanos left Luke to adjust his plan again. Repelling Domam and bringing back the mutants gave him three lottery opportunities.

One time, he used the curing reward to draw a piece of Nirvana Fire, and the other two lottery received Nine Heavens Profound Fire and a Dao Pill formula.

Both the fire of Nirvana and the profound fire of Nine Heavens can be swallowed, which makes his original divine flame complete 70%, and Dao Pill is the medicine for Immortal King Realm and Immortal Emperor Realm cultivation pill.

Luke plans to settle the mutants after the Star Destroyer matters are dealt with. Then, go back to Heaven Beyond the Heaven and continue cultivation, maybe one day Thanos will appear again.

At this time, Zheng Xian, weather witch and vector also arrived at the entrance of Vermilion Bird.

"long time no see, Zheng Ju." Luke said hello with a smile.

"You are much busier than me." Zheng Xian also smiled and joked.

The vector suddenly felt that the light here was a bit dark, and subconsciously looked up towards the sky.

"Gosh, what is this!" Vector exclaimed.

Zheng Xian and Weather Witch raised their heads with Vector's gaze. A white battleship was on top of their heads, and a huge shadow covered the sky.

The two of them were also shocked.

As a strategic battleship, the star destroyer can bring a very large oppression with its huge hull.

The vector thinks of a noun-giant phobia.

She only noticed at this time that many people were standing on the street in the distance, all shooting against the sky, and even met some reporters.

"How? It’s modeled on the Star Destroyer Enforcer in "Planet Wars". The ship is 12,000 meters long and has 3000 beam cannons and pulse guns. There are also a large number of X-wing fighters in the hangar. , Gunboats and ground vehicles. As for the crew, 200,000 people are very easy.” Luke is very satisfied with the battleship built by the Shia Empire.

When Luke introduced to Zheng Xian, images of the Star Destroyer had already appeared on major media platforms.

The reporters on the Vermilion Bird island are all broadcasting the Star Destroyer that appeared above. However, the battleship is so big that they can't take a picture of the battleship at all, only the bottom of the battleship.

Fry, who was in semi-retired state, saw news reports on the Aegis Sky Mothership, and his expression was very exciting, "Mom messing with Fak! That guy must be back."

Now Iron Man is the leader of S.H.I.E.L.D. on the surface, and Agent Hill is the commander of the Sky Mothership. But they are all limited by Secretary of State Ross, so Fury chose to hibernate.

Many officials were woken up by their assistants and got up from bed to watch the latest news reports.

The Internet is also boiling, especially for the Star Wars hobbyists, as if they were beaten up.

"Cool~ I knew that the Galactic Empire must exist!"

"God, the Galactic Empire actually has a connection with the Vermilion Bird Group."

"Executives When the number appears, will the Eclipse-class star destroyer be far away? Yes, there is also the Death Star."

"Are we part of the Galactic Empire? No, I want to join the Danger Land warrior... "

The appearance of the Star Destroyer also scared many people. Such a huge battleship, who knows what kind of weapon system will be on it.

Tony in his sleep was also awakened on Friday, watching the content broadcast on TV in a daze. When he saw the TV screen clearly, his sleepiness disappeared.

"Friday, help me prepare battle clothes."

Steve, Bucky, and Techara cleared up their misunderstandings and led the members of the Secret Avengers in Wakkan. Up to rest.

"Do you know about this?" Techara asked Steve. He knew that Luke had returned to Earth. Steve had gone back a few days ago.

"It's also the first time I have met, but I believe Luke, he doesn't need this thing at all because of his strength." Steve is still very confident in Luke.

On the island of Vermilion Bird, Zheng Xian didn't understand what Luke did to build such a huge battleship, he was not trying to conquer the universe.

"It hasn't been named yet, Zheng Ju, what are you going to name it?" Luke smiled and looked towards Zheng Xian beside him.

"Let me choose your name." Zheng Xian didn't immediately understand the meaning of Luke's words, and then he realized something was wrong and looked at Luke incredulously.

This is not for him to help name it at all, but...

"No, isn't this the gift you said!" Vector widened his eyes and said in shock.

"This gift is a bit big, there are 5000 Xi'a people on it, responsible for training your personnel to use and daily maintenance."

This is a bit big, it is too Big.


Suddenly, Zheng Xian, weather witch and vector didn't know what to say.

"Aren't you kidding me?" The weather witch asked uncertainly.

"Why, do I have to issue a transfer statement?" Luke lost said with a smile.

I confirmed that Luke really wants to give them such a Star Destroyer.

This gift is too heavy. Although Zheng Xian is very jealous, he always feels a bit ashamed.

Luke saw Zheng Xian’s thoughts and said, “You also need someone to take advantage of it. The crisis does not only come from Earth. Don’t expect to cooperate with S.H.I.E.L.D., it’s a mess over there. It's fortunate to cause trouble."

He didn't know that many people had already come towards Vermilion Bird Island, and Qin Ying's phone number was one after another, all inquiring about the Star Destroyer in the report.


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