Hogwart’s Immortal Cultivation in Marvel Chapter 664

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Chapter 664 successive visits

After some discussion, Zheng Xian finally accepted the gift.

The value, technological content, and role of this battleship are inestimable. What's more, there are many X-wing fighters, gunboats and ground vehicles on the battleship.

"Are we going to work in space from now on, whether there are windows in the bedroom?" Vector said excitedly.

"The ship’s crew has ample living space, and it is also equipped with a transmission device. In the future, it can be docked in low-Earth orbit or a little farther away. However, you should not drive away for a short time, you can only use it as Space station use."

Such a large battleship will be very complicated to operate. Every person in each position needs training, and it is impossible to master it without a long time.

Not only the personnel on the battleship need training, even the X-wing fighters require pilots to undergo long-term training in order to exert their due battle strength.

"I feel so stressed right now. You have provided us with so much good equipment. If you can't use it properly, I'm a little too sorry for you." Zheng Xian looked very distressed.

"You can do it in two parts at the same time. One is to transfer active-duty personnel to receive training directly, and the other is to recruit a group of low-age preparatory students to contact and learn from the school stage. After graduation, qualified Directly changed to active duty." Luke suggested.

"This idea is good, I have been nurturing since I was young." Zheng Xian nodded, he thinks Luke's suggestion is very good.

At this moment, Qin Ying walked out of the Vermilion Bird building.

When she went out, she first looked up at the giant white ship in the sky, and then smiled bitterly and said: "I have answered dozens of calls in a while, and I've been asking the big guy above her head. SHIELD , Stark, there are a lot of people rushing here."

"I can’t see them when something happens, and when they see good things coming out, they are more active than anyone else." Luke said disdainfully. .

Naturally, he is not talking about SHIELD and Tony. Although SHIELD is not very useful, it will come when it should appear. Compared with the armies of some countries, they only know that they are playing awe-inspiring and arrogant.

"If someone calls and asks again, you just say this is my figure. As for Fury and Tony, I will tell them." Luke turned his head and looked towards Zheng Xian, "You are going up first. Do you still need to go back and prepare for a visit?"

Vector wanted to say to visit now, but she was stopped by the weather witch's eyes.

Zheng Xian thought for a moment, it is not a short time to receive this space battleship. For such an important matter, he now needs to report back and visit unhurried for a while.

"Let’s visit next time, there is still a lot of work to be prepared in advance."

"That’s fine, by the way, if it’s not necessary, I don’t want its muzzle to face Earth." Luke said, seemingly pointed.

"Don't worry about this. The purpose of our establishment is to protect the country and the people, not to conquer Earth." Zheng Xian said solemnly.

Afterwards, Vector left with Zheng Xian and Weather Witch.

Shortly after Zheng Xian left, a space door appeared in front of Luke. It was his family, Hermione and her parents.

Everyone heard about battleship from Phoebe, and everyone was very interested, especially Luke's father James.

As a Star Wars fan, he really couldn't resist the temptation of the Star Destroyer Enforcer. When Luke was celebrating father's birthday, he gave him a lightsaber that he could use, which made James excited for a long time.

"It's so small, will the Stars be mine anymore." Anna raised her head and said.

"When you are eighteen years old, it will be yours." He already has the Kunpeng Divine Boat, and the Star is given to Anna to play.

"Then you can't run around either." Mother Helen added from the side, she didn't want her daughter to wander around in the universe all day long.

"Son, let's go in and have a look." Father James said excitedly.

"Okay, Phoebe, you can go with everyone. There are X-wing fighters and other equipment in the hangar, Skye, you can shoot them."

Luke intends Put the video out to satisfy the curiosity of other people. Phoebe has Luke's memory and is fully qualified for the job of an instructor.

He asked Hermione and Qin Ying to go with him, to receive the "visitors" who are about to arrive. He alone is enough.

Xing Yun also followed the crowd on the spaceship, and she was also interested in the interior of this battleship.

Tony was flying fast over the Atlantic, and suddenly, the surrounding scene changed.

When he reacted, he was keeping a flying attitude, lying on the ground in front of Luke.

"Yeah, I haven't seen you for a while, what new ability you have awakened." Luke faint smiled at Tony on the ground.

Tony stood up immediately, ignored Luke, looked up towards the giant white ship overhead.

"This is your new toy?" Tony doesn't think that Luke battle strength still needs battleship.

"When everyone is here, I will say together, otherwise I have to explain several times."

Tony was about to speak when he saw Ferry and Hill appear in front of him. .

"Hey, I thought you were hiding in which sewer." Tony said to Fury sarcastically.

Tony doesn't want to take Luke because he doesn't want to ask for trouble, but others don't have this kind of treatment.

Fry directly ignored Tony's words, he paid more attention to the battleship above his head.

It's so huge, the Aegis Air-Sky Mothership of several hundred meters, compared with the giant ship overhead, is simply a toy, and it's small.

Hill was also shocked by the sight she saw. She couldn't imagine how powerful such a battleship would be.

Next, War Machine Rod also appeared. He appeared in the same way as Tony, lying on the ground when he appeared.

Rod, who was injured in the civil war, was healed by the medical cabin of the Vermilion Bird Group. He did not become disabled as in the plot.

"I'm not breaking in privately, right." Rod did not intend to enter Vermilion Bird Island. As an active US military officer, he did not meet the requirements of landing on the island.

"You should be the one who invited you to come."

Tony knows Luke's character very well. Although he has a dislike for the US military, he doesn't want to make trouble deliberately. .

"It is enough to have a representative. If there are other things coming, don't say I haven't reminded you."

"I will let them go back." Rod said hurriedly. .

Fry looked at the giant ship with one eye, he was thinking about Luke's purpose. This unique shape is obviously specially built, unless there is a galaxy empire in the universe.

It's not because of interest. The cost of this battleship must be scary.

Tony is asking Friday to scan the battleship data, but it is a bit too big, Friday can not detect comprehensively, and there is some kind of shielding device in the battleship.

"How about it, not bad." Luke asked triumphantly.

"It is simply beautiful." Rod exclaimed sincerely.

Hill gave Luke a speechless look. It was more than a good one. For such a huge monster, who can't be heartbroken is a fake.


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