Hogwart’s Immortal Cultivation in Marvel Chapter 665

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Chapter 665 Who’s Gift?

"What are you going to do to build such a big battleship?" Fresol stopped thinking about it, and asked Luke directly.

This guy often does things like a heavenly steed, soaring across the skies, making others elusive.

Tony and Rod also looked towards Luke, waiting for his answer.

"This is not made for myself, I don't need this thing, it's a gift." Luke said casually.

Fry's pupils shrank suddenly, who is he going to give it to, is it for me?

Only S.H.I.E.L.D. can be equipped with this kind of battleship. How can other organizations have such a huge manpower and material resources to support this giant.

Hill frowned slightly. The daily maintenance of a battleship of this scale would also be a very large expense. Besides, no one on Earth owns so many universe coins except Luke.

Oh, yes, and Thor, the heir of Asgard.

There are long-term aliens living on Vermilion Bird Island, so some common-sense information is often spread outside.

It’s not that no one has ever thought about doing business with aliens, but Vermilion Bird Group is definitely inevitable. Luke's reputation is not only loud in Earth, but also very famous in the universe.

Even if you don’t consider the issue of goods, just because no aliens dare to trade with other Earth people without the permission of the Vermilion Bird Group, this business cannot be done.

Of course, this caused some people's dissatisfaction.

Protest? The Vermilion Bird Group doesn't care at all.

Sanctions? Well, let them know who has the bigger fist.

So far, more than 50 U.S. military ships have disappeared as unfathomable mystery. However, there were no casualties. Even if it stops at its home port, it will suddenly disappear.

Some politicians are clamoring for revenge and go to war.

sorry, your nuclear bomb will also disappear, and it will disappear from hidden silos, nuclear submarines.

After a few times, the high-level military quit. You politicians talked, and the loss is all ours. How can there be such a thing. This still hasn't started, it's really going to go to war, then it won't be finished immediately.

The reason why the military did not seek compensation from the Vermilion Bird Group, on the one hand, they did not have direct evidence, on the other hand, they just had an excuse to ask Congress for money to build a new ship.

This is also the reason why Rod is nervous at first. He is not afraid that he is in danger. Vermilion Bird Group rarely causes casualties, but he is afraid that his Battle Armor will be "disappeared."

Rhodes became nervous when he heard that this battleship would be given away. There must be no play at home, he pays more attention to the whereabouts of battleship.

"This is not for S.H.I.E.L.D., so you don't have to think about beautiful things." Luke smiled and said to Ferry.

Fry's face became darker immediately, "Then who do you want to give it to?"

"It's more suitable than SHIELD anyway." Luke did not directly explain.

Tony is not surprised by this. Luke has always been on guard against S.H.I.E.L.D., when there was Nine Headed Snake, and it is now.

"I can guarantee that it is only used to defend and fight foreign invasions. You should deal with your own affairs first. What a good situation will make you toss what has become." Luke glanced at the person next to him. Tony.

"Rhodes, go back and bring a word to Rose. He is going to jump up and down again. I'm not welcome."

"Rose is now Secretary of State, not a soldier. "Rhodes feels that this matter is not his own.

"Anyway, I said it. It doesn't matter if he heard it or not. Okay, you know everything. Go back where it came from."

No see Luke With any action, Fury and Hill returned to the Sky Mothership, Tony returned to the Stark Mansion, and Rhode returned to the base.

Hill looked towards Fury with face sank like water, and the appearance of Luke will definitely bring a lot of variables to the situation on Earth.

And Luke is the last person Fury doesn't want to provoke. Not only is he powerful, but he doesn't play cards according to routines. Fortunately, if you don't mess with him, he doesn't bother to care about you.

"Don't worry about him for now, and see who will receive the battleship." Fury still pays more attention to the battleship.

Tony returned to the Stark Mansion and flew towards Vermilion Bird Island again. He had nothing to say before he was sent back.

"What else do you want to say?" Noting Tony's behavior, he called Tony back.

In the same posture as before, Tony lay on the ground again.

Tony ignored his anger and asked directly: "Did you know it early."

He was talking about Bucky and his father.

"Are you going to kill Bucky to avenge Howard?" Luke did not directly answer Tony's question.

"Are you going to stop me?" Tony's heart is complicated.

On the one hand, he is the enemy of his parents, and on the other is his close comrade-in-arms and friends. He is a little scared, afraid that Luke will stand on Steve's side.

"No, there is nothing wrong with avenging your parents. Although Bucky was just a tool at the time, it is understandable that you used it to vent your anger, but why did you let your true enemy Nine Headed Snake?"

"I don't, there are too many incidents of superhuman beings, I—" Tony tried to explain his achievements during this period, but was interrupted by Luke.

"Don’t tell me you can’t see Ross’s purpose, restraining superpowers, it’s okay, but is it his turn to take care of it. Or is it our genius inventors, we can’t see the ambitions of those politicians? "

"I can only tell you that the greater crisis is still behind, don't be used by others. As for Bucky and Steve, I believe you can handle it." Luke patted Tony Shoulder.

Tony naturally knows Rose's purpose, otherwise he would not refuse Rose's request several times.

Luke sent Tony back to the Stark Mansion, time will help Tony make a choice.

With more and more news about the Star Destroyer, people have gradually guessed that someone is back. Almost everyone is discussing whether the Vermilion Bird Group will have new moves.


Tor entered the universe to search for Hulk, planet He ran a lot, but he never found a trace of Hulk. In desperation, he returned to Asgard, planning to ask Heimdall for help.

But when Thor returned to the Rainbow Bridge, it was not Heimdall that he saw.

"Who are you?"

Skolch was chatting with two ladies, and he didn't expect Thor to come back suddenly.

"You don't remember me? I'm Skolch. We fought together at Warnerheim."

"Well, where is Heimdall?" To You still didn't recognize who the person in front of him was.

"That traitor, no one knows where he went, he is the most wanted criminal by the king," said Skolch.

"Traitor?" Thor was a little puzzled. It was true that he hadn't been back for a long time, but it wouldn't have happened to such a big thing.

"Yes, that's the case. Odin accused him of negligence, but before the trial, that guy disappeared. It is still very difficult to catch this guy who is clearly understood in the universe."

Tor wasn't listening to Skolch's explanation, so he planned to go to Odin to ask about the situation himself.

"Wait, I need to report--"

Before he finished speaking, Thor had turned Thor's hammer and flew away.

Loki, who was watching the drama, didn't know that Thor had returned to Asgard, let alone Luke had returned to Earth. The reason why he dared to retaliate against Heimdall was not unrelated to Luke's departure.

He also worried that one day a space door would suddenly appear, and Thor walked out of it to find him afterwards.


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