Hogwart’s Immortal Cultivation in Marvel Chapter 666

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Chapter 666: Loki who hasn't escaped a catastrophe

Looky admired the drama he arranged, and didn't notice that Thor had already arrived in the audience next to him.

The content of the play is exactly the story of their battle with the dark elves in Wat Alheim. Of course, it is a version that he has beautified. Loki traded his sacrifice for the peace of Nine Realms.

Tor is too familiar with Loki, who grew up with him since he was a child. He saw at a glance that Odin in pajamas was pretending to be Loki, and he exposed Loki's disguise with a little trick.

"Where is Odin?"

"You ruined Asgar's peaceful atmosphere as soon as you came back." Rocky also complained that Thor had broken his Yaxing.

Thor did not speak, and directly pressed Thor's Hammer on Loki's chest.

"Stop it, it hurts." Loki immediately took it softly, not lower oneself to somebody's level with this barbaric.


As soon as the energy of the Rainbow Bridge appeared, Luke felt it, and when he saw that it was Rocky and Thor coming together, he knew that the plot of Thor 3 had begun. .

The matter of Vermilion Bird Island and mutants seems to be postponed, and Hela's problem is more pressing.

Luke returned to the second day of Earth, and passed through Oding with his spirit. He tried to extend his life for Odin, but Odin gave up.

"This is the way I should go. The future is yours." Odin told Luke very calmly.

Luke has a guess that maybe the deaths of Gu Yi and Odin were due to fate. If they do not die, Thanos will not come to Earth easily.

As for Hela's information, he also asked Odin to find out more. Hela's life is connected with Asgard. As long as Asgard is immortal, Hela will not die.

So, the best way to deal with Hella is to seal it, at least for now.

On the streets of New York, Thor and Lowe are in front of a nursing home that is being demolished.

"I swear, I left him here." Rocky looked at the demolished nursing home, also a little surprised.

"Stay on the sidewalk, or stay in the building that is being demolished. The arrangement is really good." Thor said sarcastically.

"How did I know that this would happen? I am not Luke, but I have no predictable ability."

Loki has always had a little resentment towards Luke, and Luke has broken his good deeds more than once , And turned him into a crocodile.

"You are not, but why do you want to dress up like this?"

At this time, Rocky is in a black suit with a black shirt, which contrasts with his usual green outfit Pretty big.


"I watched you breathe, I mourn for you, I cry for you." Thor is very sad that he was deceived again.

"I am flattered." Loki remembers that scene still fresh.

"Did you collude with Luke?"

Tor automatically classified Luke as a fellow of Rocky. Luke’s transfiguration is better than Rocky’s. He is impossible. Knowing that Loki is pretending to be dead.

While talking, a few young girls came and wanted to take photos with Thor.

After experiencing so many incidents, Thor has long lost his previous arrogance and readily agreed to the request for a group photo.

However, the other party said that he was dumped by Jane. He disagrees with this statement. It was obviously his breakup.

Strange of the New York Temple also detected the energy of the Rainbow Bridge, but he heard Luke's sound transmission, and he didn't need to intervene in this matter.

Strange knew about the relationship between Luke and the Odin family, and since Luke had said it, he didn't make a lot of moves.

Tor was about to ask Loki about Odin's location, when suddenly, he found himself in another place, and Loki beside him was gone.

"Luke! When did you come back." Thor was very surprised when he saw Luke on the opposite side, and stepped forward to give him a hug.

"Just a few days after I came back, I heard that you went to find Banner in the universe, how about it, do you have news from him?"

Luke appears out of thin air in his hands. The full goblet was handed to Thor.

Smelling the rich aroma of wine, Thor's eyes lit up. He hadn't drunk Luke's wine for a long time, and he took a gulp after receiving it.

I seem to have forgotten something, Thor thought about it, and didn't remember what I forgot. Forget it, what I can't remember, it must be nothing important.

"I ran a lot of planets, and even sent a reward. By the way, I offered a reward in your name, don't you mind." Thor said somewhat sorry.

He doesn't have the habit of carrying Universe Coins when he goes out. Without Universe Coins, he can't pay the deposit for the reward. But he soon discovered that Luke's name was better than Asgard, and he did not need to pay a security deposit.

As smart as him, Luke's is his. They don't need to be seen by his family. He decisively issued a reward to Hulk and Banner in the name of Luke.

"It's okay, you are free. Then, is there any news?"

It seems that the Hulk has a high probability of going to the high Heavenly Venerable Saka star.

"Yeah, I have been searching for a long time, and there is no news at all. Banner will have no trouble, right." Thor hurriedly drink a mouthful of wine, shocking himself.

Banna can't survive in the universe, and Thor is a little worried about an accident in Banner.

"Don't worry, I will accompany you to find him after a while."

"Well, I originally wanted to ask Heimdall for help, but I returned to Ah Sgard saw Loki pretending to be Odin."

Tor was taken aback, and he remembered what he had forgotten, "Looky, he was by my side just now."

Luke smiled and pointed to the sky.

Ah~ bang!

Loki fell directly to the ground.

"I knew, it must be you! I have been in free fall for nearly thirty minutes!" Rocky stood up from the ground very angrily, his little dagger appeared in his hand, looking at the posture to find Luke desperately .

"What is good about changing into one this time." Luke showed a thoughtful expression. "Why don't you become a woman, maybe you will be more likable."

"Hey! My dear younger brother, when did you come back."

The small dagger immediately disappeared from Loki's hands, his face was filled with the joy of reunion, and he stepped forward to give Luke a warm hug.

"Loki, you—" Thor didn't know how to describe Loki anymore.

After a brief greeting, Luke took Thor and Loki to Norway.

Odin stood on the edge of the cliff and looked at the sea in the distance, enjoying his last time.

Luke, Thor and Loki walked to Odin's side together.

"Royal Father?" Thor feels that Odin's condition is a bit wrong.

"Look at this place, it's so beautiful."

"Royal Father, it's us." Thor didn't see any difference in this sea.

"My sons, I am waiting for you."

"I know, we are here to take you home." Thor said happily.

"Go home, yes." Odin looked at Luke, "Take care of your mother, I'm going to start another section of the road."

I thought Odin had hit Loki’s magic, "Loki, release your magic."

Loki shook the head, indicating that he did not use magic. He also looked towards Luke and seemed to be saying that he could prove it.

Odin lightly laughed, "It's not easy to get rid of your magic, Friga must be very proud to see it. Sit with me, I'm running out of time."

At this time, Odin is no longer the character-tempered old man, nor the lord of the Nine Realms who governs the gods. He is now just a father, a father who is about to be separated from his son forever.

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