Hogwart’s Immortal Cultivation in Marvel Chapter 667

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Chapter 667 Hela

The only divine force in Odin's body was used to seal Hela. At this time, he looked extremely old.

"I know we failed you, but we will correct it." Thor also saw that Odin was in a bad state.

"I let you down. The gods evening is about to come."

The gods evening has always been Odin's heart knot. The main reason he invested in Luke is that Luke might Can stop the gods from evening.

Tor did not go to Musbelheim to find Infinite Gems, nor did he defeat Surter. The original plot has changed.

"I often dream of being consumed by endless flames lately." This is another reason Thor returned to Immortal Palace.

"Everything has already started, she is coming, I have spent my whole life to stop her, but my time is running out, I have nothing to do with her."

Thor and Loki looked at each other. They didn't know who Odin was talking about?

"Royal Father, who are you talking about?" Thor asked.

Odin did not speak, but instead looked towards Luke.

He understood what Odin meant. This is for him to speak.

Tor and Loki also looked towards Luke together.

"Death Goddess, Hela." He said briefly.

"My first daughter, your elder sister." Odin added.

Tor suddenly heard that he still had an elder sister, and felt a little unbelievable, "What's yours?"

Not only Thor, but Rocky was also very surprised.

But Luke thought of another thing. Now Frija fell asleep, and Odin might leave forever at any time. He felt that it was necessary to ask what happened back then.

"Is she really your first daughter? Before her, you have no other daughters?"

Tor and Rocky are even more surprised, Luke what does this mean? , Is there a hidden story?

Odin looked towards Luke calmly, seeming to recall something.

"You mean Angela?"

Sure enough, Luke didn't think he was asking for nothing.

Who is Angela? Thor and Loki's expressions were even stranger.

"Shortly after she was born, she was killed by Asgard’s enemies. At that time, World Tree was still ten worlds. Because of this, heaven was removed from World Tree by me. "Odin didn't expect Luke even knew about this. "If you want to know more, you can wait for Friga to wake up and ask her."

Tor and Loki have listened. I have to be stunned, Asgard had so many secrets.

"Perhaps she was not killed at the time." Luke said uncertainly.

Although Angela's existence was confirmed, he was not sure whether she was alive or not.

"What!" Odin was also moved. He knew nothing about it. He always thought that Angela had been killed at that time, otherwise he would not use Odin's power to bring heaven. Removed from World Tree.

"What you said is true? Where is she now?" Odin, who was about to dissipate divine force, seemed to be restored to the former, the lord of the gods who ruled Nine Realms.

"I'm not so sure, if she is not dead, she should live in heaven now."

"Tor, if she is still there, find her." Odin He grabbed Thor's arm, hope in his eyes.

"Promise me." Odin emphasized again.

Tor is still a little confused, digesting the news he just heard, "Oh, oh, good."

"You can ask Luke about Hela, I love you, My children." After Odin finished speaking, his body turned into a golden rays of light and dissipated.

He planned to talk more about Hela, but was interrupted by unexpected news from Luke. I'm going to die anyway, so I'll leave it to them in the future.

The three watched the rays of light belonging to Odin dissipate between Heaven and Earth, and Thor and Loki both showed sad expressions.

Odin, the father of a generation of gods and the lord of Nine Realms, just left.

Suddenly, the clear sky was shrouded in dark clouds, and the sound of billowing thunder rang.

"big brother!" Loki watched Thor's breath change, and a wave of anger was brewing.

"This is the good thing you did!"

Thor is overflowing with lightning. He attributed Odin's death to Loki for not letting Odin enter Odin's sleep.

Naturally, Loki is not someone who is easy to deal with, just as they are about to fight.

"I think it's better for us to deal with Hela first."

Before Luke's voice fell, a dark green channel appeared in the distance.

Tor and Loki looked at each other and decided to postpone this "friendship" to deal with their common enemy first.

Helasan walked out of the passage with long hair. Maybe Hella's life has not been easy these years, and the two dark circles are like painted smoky makeup.

"So he is dead? It's a pity, I really want to see him die with my own eyes." Every sentence of Hela is full of resentment towards Odin.

"You are Hela? I am Thor, the son of Odin."

"Really? You are nothing like him."

"Maybe we can discuss it." Loki didn't know if their three people could fight Hela, he chose a more secure way.

"You look a lot like him."

Hypocrisy, cunning, full of lies, this is the label Hela gave Odin.

"Kneel down!" Hela said to the three.

"What did you say?" Hela's words stimulated Rocky Tsundere's self-esteem.

A long sword appeared in Hela's hand, "Kneel down in front of your queen."

"I don't think so." Thor was already full of anger and saw Hela was so arrogant and threw Thor's Hammer directly at Hela.

The reason why Luke hasn't made any movement is waiting for Thor's small hammer to be crushed. He wasn't sure if Thor could truly comprehend the Power of God after his intervention. Therefore, he tries his best to ensure that certain key plots appear.

With a right hand alone, Hela firmly grasped Thor's hammer thrown by Thor, and even prevented Thor from recalling Thor's hammer.

"This is impossible."

"Cute, you simply don't know what is possible."

Tor looked at this scene incredulously, you can take it What happened next made him unacceptable.


Hela's right hand squeezed the Hammer of Mau'nir with a strong force. The violent thunder and lightning energy overflowed, and the pieces of Thor's Hammer scattered all over the ground.

"We can't fight Hela on Earth." Luke said suddenly.

Loki thought that Luke was saying that their three people were not Hela’s opponents and needed more help.

"Bring us back!" Rocky called the Rainbow Bridge directly.

"no!" Thor also wanted to avenge his small hammer.

Rainbow Bridge descended, covering the three of Luke. During the transmission of the Rainbow Bridge, Hella followed closely from behind and caught up with him.

"Loki!" Thor called out to remind Loki to pay attention to behind him.

The small dagger appeared in Loki's hand, and he fiercely threw it at Hela.

However, Hela easily caught the dagger thrown by Loki and threw it back at Loki.

Hela's power far exceeds Loki. Loki is hit by a dagger, and the breakthrough Transmission Passage disappears.

Tor was soon overtaken by Hela. After a fight, Thor also broke through the passage and fell into the deep universe.

Just when Hela was preparing to deal with the last person, the corner of the person's mouth raised slightly, and he suddenly appeared behind her and disappeared with her in the Transmission Passage of the Rainbow Bridge.


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