Hogwart’s Immortal Cultivation in Marvel Chapter 668

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Chapter 668 Retarding Strategy

Fandall and Vostag looked at each other in blank dismay at the Rainbow Bridge. They did not understand why the people in the passage of the Rainbow Bridge disappeared.

The two looked towards Skolch next to them.

"Tor and the others, did you break the Rainbow Bridge!" Vostag said.

"Me?" Skolch looked innocent, "Impossible, it was okay when they left."

"Where are they?" Fandral Asked.

"Vostag started it, you should also ask him if you want to."

Vostag and Fandall didn’t let Skorch intervene at all, it was Vo The Rainbow Bridge opened by Stagg.

None of the three knew what was going on. They didn't have the special eyes of Heimdall, and couldn't see the situation in the Rainbow Bridge passage.

Haier Hades

Hela looked at the familiar scenery around, this is her country.

"It seems that you are the strongest, and you are the Old Guy's son?"

She doesn’t worry about her situation at all. Odin is dead, and Nine Realms No one is her opponent.

"Reluctantly, I will give you two choices now. Either stay in Haier Hades or not leave without my permission; or be sealed again, you can choose by yourself."

Although he has no way to kill Hela while saving Asgard, it is not difficult to seal Hela.

Hela raised her brows and was not angry, as if she had heard something funny.

"Are you serious, why do you think you can do it?" Hela said with interest.

"I'm better than you."

The imposing manner on Luke's body suddenly exploded, and the hot flame burst out wanton, burning everything around him.

The ghost of the blockbuster, the skeleton soldiers are instantly turned into ashes.

Sakha Star

The position of Sakha Star is very peculiar, very similar to the meeting point. Surrounded by the passage of the universe, here is the junction of the known and unknown worlds.

General spaceships cannot enter and exit normally from the outer space of Sarkar. Even special spaceships are quite dangerous.

It is used by many planet people as a garbage dump and criminals in exile.

Therefore, the entire Saka star is full of rubbish, and the folk customs are sturdy and violent. The order on the planet is managed by the high Heavenly Venerable who likes to watch the arena combat.

Tor traveled through the vast universe and fell from a cosmic pathway to Saka.

Fortunately his physique is powerful enough, otherwise he may be the first Asgard Divine Race to fall to death.

Tor got up from the trash mountain and looked all around. He didn't even know where he was.

However, he saw a distant city. As long as there was a city, he might have hope to leave. He didn't know what happened to Luke and Rocky.

He was thinking when an old flying machine landed in front of him. The hatch opened, and a group of eccentrically dressed people came out, all with weapons in their hands.

"Are you champion or food?" asked one of the guys with the gun.

"I just passed by here." Thor didn't want to waste time here.

"That's food." Before the words fell, the others rushed to Thor.

Tor subconsciously stretched out his right hand, wanting to summon his Mirnier. But he suddenly remembered that his Mirnier had been crushed by Hela.

There is no way, Thor can only fist hand-to-hand with the guys around him.

The person who just spoke and saw that Thor was so difficult, he launched an electromagnetic net and trapped Thor in the net. The others rushed forward, punching and kicking Thor.

At this time, another aircraft fell down, and a dark-skinned woman walked out of it with a bottle of wine.

"He is mine." After finishing speaking, he couldn't stand firmly and fell off the ramp of the aircraft.

Martial Goddess in a decadent state Valkyrie, like Thor, used alcohol to numb himself.

Valkyrie wiped out the scavengers, controlled Thor with an electric shock, and sold him to High Heavenly Venerable.

Tor’s fear of electricity’s weakness may not be able to get rid of it. Thor, who can resist the energy of neutron stars, is actually afraid of electricity. I am afraid that not many people believe it.

Tor, who escaped hopelessly, has a new title-ridiculous.

At this moment, Thor actually saw Loki, who was sitting not far away, chatting happily with others.

Loki's situation is much better than Thor. Not only can he move freely, but he can also enjoy food and wine.

"Hey, Loki, Loki, come here quickly, come here!" Thor was locked in a chair, unable to move, and only called Loki to come over.

Loki was also surprised to see Thor, stood up in surprise and walked towards Thor.

"You quickly help me get out and get me out." Thor said hurriedly.

"I can't." Rocky directly rejected Thor.

"What did you say?"

"I said no. I became good friends with this person. His name is Gao Heavenly Venerable. I fell here a few weeks ago. He helped me." Loki explained.

"A few weeks ago?" Thor was surprised. They were separated only for dozens of minutes.


"What are you whispering." Gao Heavenly Venerable didn't know when he was next to them.

"Time plays a different role in some places. In some worlds, I am tens of millions of years old, but here..." Gao Heavenly Venerable showed a shy smile.

Saka Star’s Time Flow Speed ​​is different from the outside. Luke and Hela in Haier Hades have already fought a battle.

At this time, Haier Hades was almost shrouded in flames, the earth broke apart, and countless dead creatures scattered ashes and dispersed smoke. Hela has long lost her arrogance. Her hair was scorched into short hair by the flames, and her clothes became beggar costumes.

She looked at Luke unwillingly, thinking that after Odin's death, no one within the realm could stop her, but reality taught her again.

Fighting against magic, the other side's endless magic suppressed her. She was crushed ruthlessly than swordsmanship. The strength is not good, and the speed is not good. Death Power, who I am proud of, was unable to display it in front of the opponent.

The most hateful thing is that she was turned into a little girl and all kinds of strange animals by the other party.

Luke didn't care about Hela's hateful gaze. He regarded Hela as a target for practice. Having perfected Vermilion Bird's death priesthood, he is not worried about Hela's Death Power at all.

While Luke does not know, the divine force of Hella is not all. Part of Hela's power was also sealed under the Immortal Palace, and Hela's former subordinates were also sealed up.

"Why, do you want to continue?"

Hella stared at Luke fiercely and didn't speak. She also knew that she was not an opponent now.

"I will set up a Formation here, you have to dare to leave without authorization..." Luke gave Hela a cold look, "Don't think I really can't kill you, I just don't want to destroy Asgar. Virtue."

"Stay honestly."

The Formation set by Luke has no trapping effect, just a simple induction of Formation. It is enough to know that Hela has not left, there is no need to set up too complicated Formation, this is just a mitigation strategy.

When his strength goes further, dealing with Hela will be much simpler. What's more, he has to rush to Sarkar, and pick Thor and Banner back early. There are still many things waiting for him on Earth.


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