Hogwart’s Immortal Cultivation in Marvel Chapter 669

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Chapter 669 Someone is coming for trouble.

Saka Star

Tor is controlled by the electric shock device on his neck, and forced to helpless, he can only choose weapons and participate. Combat tournament held by Heavenly Venerable.

Before he participated in the competition, he knew that Valkyrie was the Martial Goddess of Asgard. He explained to Valkyrie that Asgard was in danger and hoped that she could help him get out of here.

However, Valkyrie was not interested in Thor's words, and she also told Thor that Sakastar could not leave.

Tor is about to say a few more words to Valkyrie, but it's his turn to play.

He was forcibly fixed to a chair, and his long golden hair was cut short.

Tor walked into the combat field with a sense of anxiety. He didn't know his opponent was who, and even Loki didn't know.

In the top box of the arena, Loki is standing in the crowd, holding some wine, ready to enjoy Thor's game.

There was a tremor on the ground, so Thor couldn't help but be on guard. His opponent might be a ruthless character.

Gao Heavenly Venerable briefly introduced Thor to the other audience and announced the start of the game.

Plums of green smoke exploded in the auditorium, and the gate of the arena across from Thor slowly opened. He is ready to fight, no matter who the opponent is, he can't lose, Asgard is still waiting for him to return.

However, when the gate on the opposite side opened and a green silhouette rushed out, Thor was overjoyed.

The green silhouette that appeared was Hulk. He wielded two huge weapons, wore armor and painted oil paint.

"very good ~" Thor cheered loudly.

Loki in the box turned pale in fright, "I want to leave this planet as soon as possible."

Loki has a psychological shadow on Hulk. Last time he was Hulk's lesson is not light. Although it didn't hurt much, it was extremely insulting, and he didn't want to do it again.

As soon as Loki walked to the door, the high Heavenly Venerable blocked his way.

"Hey, hey, hey, where are you going?"

Under the strong invitation of Gao Heavenly Venerable, Loki had to sit on the sofa next to Gao Heavenly Venerable to watch the game.

Valkyrie also arrived above the combat field, in his aircraft, opened a bottle of wine, ready to watch Thor's next performance.

"Hulk, Hulk, Hulk..."

"Hulk! Hulk!" Hulk was calling out his name with the audience. Obviously he liked it very much. This atmosphere.

"Hey! We are good friends, he is my good comrade-in-arms." Thor excitedly waved to Rocky in the box and shouted,

High Heavenly Venerable Looking towards Loki for unknown reasons, Loki gave an awkward cough.

At this moment, Luke also rushed to Sarkar, hiding above the combat field. He does not intend to intervene prematurely, at least after Thor awakens the strength of Thunder.

Hulk still cheered to the audience stage, responding to the audience's enthusiasm.

"Where have you been? I have been looking for you for a long time and thought you are dead." Thor was still very happy to see Hulk.

"A lot of things happened after you left, and my hammer was gone. These seem to have been yesterday, so I was impressed. Rocky, Rocky is still alive, can you believe it, he is here Over there." Thor pointed to the high box, "Loki, see who this is."

Hulk barked his teeth and looked towards Loki in the box.

Loki showed a horrified expression, unbearable to look back on the past, and remembered it again.

"Banna, I, I didn't expect to meet you here, but I, I am very happy to meet you."

The audience in the stands cheered again When I got up, the green smoke exploded.

"Hulk, Hulk, Hulk..."

"Hey, Banner, Banner." The reunion of old friends in the vast universe, Thor's joy is not In words.

"There is no Banner, only Hulk."

I don't know what Banner did to Hulk. Obviously Hulk has a conflict with Banner.

"What are you doing, it's me, I'm Thor." Thor also found that Hulk's state was a bit wrong, and he was about to launch an attack.

Hulk roared and rushed towards Thor, and Thor rolled on the spot, avoiding Hulk's attack. But with Hulk's backhand hammer, Thor was smashed out, and the shield that Thor was carrying was also smashed into pieces.

Tor thrust his sword into the ground to slow the retreat. A ravine appeared on the ground, and Thor stabilized his body again.

He drew out the double swords behind his back and said to Hulk: "Banna, we are comrade-in-arms, I don't want to shoot you."

However, he answered All he has is Hulk's roar.

Hulk rushed up again and fought with Thor.

Tor's physique is indeed very powerful, so that he will not lose sight of the astonishing Hulk.

But Thor is scrupulous about his friends, he has never attacked Hulk with all his strength.

Thor didn't get serious until he was kicked into the wall by Hulk. With the hammer thrown by Hulk, Hulk was thrown away.

This scene stunned many people. The tall Heavenly Venerable in the box showed an unbelievable look. Rocky also watched the combat field nervously.

The audience on the audience stage exclaimed, and the combat field suddenly became quiet.

Tor walked towards Hulk who fell on the gravel, he stretched out his left hand, "Big guy, we are comrade-in-arms."

Hulk also stretched out He shot it, and put it on Thor's hand.

Valkyrie on the aircraft looked at this scene in surprise.

"Yes, we are the best comrade-in-arms. I won't hurt you anymore. No one will hurt you again." Thor continued.

Tor looked at Hulk with a smile on his face.

Suddenly, Thor cry out in surprise, he was caught by Hulk, he was beaten to the ground mercilessly, hit the ground again and again, and finally was thrown out.

The audience in the stands suddenly boiled.

"Awesome! That's it!" Rocky in the box stood up excitedly, loudly shouted.

Finally someone could experience how he felt that day, and this scene made Rocky feel very happy.

Luke laughed when he saw this scene. Hulk’s special skill-Hulk throw, not many people can enjoy this kind of treatment.

Hulk rushed up again and gave Thor a violent pounding, and finally Thor awakened Thunder Power of God.

Luke, who was watching the game with keen interest pleasure, suddenly complexion changed and something went wrong on Earth.


Phoebe just came out of Trial Pagoda and immediately felt the battle outside the harbor.

It's her of this universe, that surprise Captain Carol Danvers.

Hermione, Skye and Anna are fighting Marvel Captain in the double star state.

Phoebe quickly learned the whole story from Qin Ying, and was surprised that Captain didn't know who was instigated by him, and actually forced the Vermilion Bird Group to withdraw from Earth, including the battleship over Vermilion Bird Island.

She chose Yin Yu to possess her body and hide beside Hermione, ready to surprise Captain by sneak attack at any time. The four of them only have the Heavenly Immortal period. Captain can remain unbeaten against Marvel, but they can't beat each other either.

To defeat Captain Marvel, only Luke can do it.


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