Hogwart’s Immortal Cultivation in Marvel Chapter 670

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Chapter 670 Situation Escalation

Knowing that the situation in Earth has changed, Luke ignored the fighting Hulk and Thor, and moved directly back to Earth.

Compared with the plot of Saka in Thor 3, there is not much change at present. Therefore, he is not too worried about any accidents.


Outside the harbor, Hermione is mainly responsible for defense, freezing the nearby space. Skye was covered in anti-metal, and was in close combat with Marvel Captain. Anna turned into a wind, and from time to time launched a bitter attack on Marvel Captain.

The surprise Captain in the dual-star state is equally powerful, carrying the low temperature that can freeze the space and the wind blade tore the void, and it has fought back and forth with Skye.

Suddenly, several black sharp blades appeared out of thin air, stabbing the surprise Captain in the battle.

"There are still people!"

Surprise Captain reacted quickly, but her body was still touched by the black sharp blade, and a black corrosive force eroded her Battle Armor.

She hurriedly tore off the Battle Armor on her upper body and looked towards the position behind her. She can absorb energy, but her Battle Armor can't.

There is a dual aircraft carrier fleet on the sea far away from the battlefield, and there is also the S.H.I.

"This is the military action? Where did this woman come from?" Hill looked towards Fury and asked.

At least she didn't know that SHIELD had such a person, except for the military, no one else was possible.

Fry did not answer Hill’s question. Carol returned to Earth yesterday. He knew why, but after only one night, he suddenly shot the Vermilion Bird Group. He didn’t know what happened.

In the other direction, on the island of Vermilion Bird, Steve and the members of the Secret Avengers, Bucky, Sam, Wanda, Pietro, Clint also watched through the equipment of the Vermilion Bird group. Human fighting.

Natasha also stood beside them. Although Natasha supported the Sokvia Agreement, she did not agree with Rose's approach. So, she did not join Tony's Avengers.

Xingyun, Qin Ying, Penelope, and even the storm witch and vector are also in this Conference Hall.

"Hope there is still room for recovery." Natasha said worriedly.

She knows Luke's character very well, and he may not care about Luke's shot. But it is definitely a very serious matter to take action against his family.

"We should teach them a lesson, this world is not their American." Pietro yelled.

Some time ago, they were not less targeted. Many countries are under pressure from the United States to ban them from entering the country to deal with the incident. Even if these countries cannot handle it at all, they refuse their help.


Wanda stopped Pitro from continuing, but she didn't think Pitro was wrong.

"Is this man Fury looking for?" Steve frowned and looked towards Natasha.

He doesn't think the military has such a hole card, otherwise it would have been time to act.

"I don't know, I didn't get any news." Natasha replied.

Some reporters on Vermilion Bird Island are also using telephoto cameras to take pictures of battles in the air.

It can be said that now the whole world is paying attention to this battle.

Tony, Gears of War and Vision are coming here, when the incident happened suddenly, Rod also didn't know what this time was doing.

"Hey, who did we go to help?" Rod asked.

"Let’s stop their fighting, who is that woman and where did it come from, is it from your military?" Tony also had many questions in his mind. He didn’t find anything about that woman. Information.

"If I knew, I wouldn't rush there with you." Rod felt that maybe some people kept it from him on purpose.

"We are going to hurry up, the energy they emit is still rising." Vision said.

"What are you waiting for, go ahead at full speed."

Tony, Gears of War and Vision speed up again, rushing towards the target Sea Territory.

In the sky outside the harbor, Captain was surprised to see the three people on the opposite side.

"You are not my opponents, even if you still have hidden helpers. There should not be such a powerful force on Earth. You have disrupted the balance of Earth."

"You I think who you are, why should we listen to you." Skye looked down on this kind of believe oneself infallible guy the most. Only what she said was right, and everyone who opposed her had problems. This kind of pathological thinking made Skye most disgusted.

If it weren't for their fire calamity approaching, they were worried that the fire robbery would be drawn with all their strength, and the outcome of the battle might not be the same.

"Because I am better than you." Captain was surprised that two fists collided, and a powerful energy waved away.

"Even if Luke Kirk comes back, I will ask him to leave. Since you don't agree, then I can only use it." With that, Captain was surprised and planned to rush forward again.

"If you want to court death, I will fulfill you."

The sudden sound makes the space tremble, no matter where you are on Earth, you can clearly hear this Sentence.

A fiery red silhouette suddenly appeared on top of Surprise Captain's head and hit it with a punch.


Surprise Captain was smashed directly into the sea, Luke’s fist wind set off several hundred meters high waves, and the sea seemed to have been shot out by his this fist. pit.

The US dual aircraft carrier fleet on the sea, without any chance of reaction, was instantly swallowed by the huge waves.

"Mom messed with Fake!"

Fry still underestimated the place of his family in Luke's heart.

"You are not a good thing either."

A golden giant sword appear out of thin air, slashing towards the S.H.I.E.L.D. Mothership in the air. S.H.I.E.L.D.'s Sky Mothership was cut in half instantly, and fell towards the sea.

"Mom messed with Fake! Everyone abandoned the ship and escaped!" Fry was flustered and exasperated. He absolutely didn't expect Luke to take action against him.

Captain rushed out of the sea and was surprised to see this scene, furious, "You damn it!"

A fleet of twin aircraft carriers was wiped out, and the sky carrier could survive. There are not many people, it's all caused by the person in front of you.

"It doesn't always matter who dies!" Luke said coldly.

Luke appeared next to Marvel Captain again and hit Marvel Captain's jaw with an uppercut.

This blow was even more terrifying. Surprised that Captain still did not react, she was shot directly out of Earth.

At this time, Luke is much stronger than Thanos without infinite gems. Moreover, his body is the biggest advantage. Every time Vermilion Bird's realm improves, it will strengthen his physique.

Furthermore, he has also experienced thunder, fire, and wind, and reshaped his body. Now his body can be described as horror.

Because of Luke's speed, others have no idea what happened. After he cut out with one sword, the two disappeared together.

The huge waves of several hundred meters frightened the people on Vermilion Bird Island. Fortunately, an energy blocked the incoming waves and made the island safe and sound.

Tony, Gears of War and Vision have just arrived, they saw the huge waves of several hundred meters high, and the two air-sky motherships crashing on the sea.

Tony's heart twitched fiercely. He knew that this time the matter was big, maybe—the bigger trouble is still to come.


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