Hogwart’s Immortal Cultivation in Marvel Chapter 671

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Chapter 671 The ghost of the ghost

After the silhouettes of Luke and Marvel Captain disappeared, almost everyone who saw the crash of the S.H.I. A major event is about to come out.

The reporters on Vermilion Bird Island did not capture this scene. They were too far away, and there was a huge wave blocking the view. Therefore, people who watched the live report are still not sure about the seriousness of the matter.

"Hermione icy the sea, Anna used a hurricane to block the airspace of the United States, Skye invalidated their satellites, and Luke said that he would wait for him to return before doing the final treatment." Phoebe conveyed to Hermione, Anna and Skye According to Luke's words.

The three looked at each other and said in unison: "Okay."

"Hey, hey, there must be some misunderstanding in this matter." Tony hurried over." Rhode and I don’t know about this action."

"Yes, yes, this matter has nothing to do with the US military." Rhodes is also worried that things will become worse.

Not to mention the personal strength of these magic divisions, the Star Destroyer alone is not something they can resist.

Phoebe heard Rhodes’s words, but faintly smiled, "No one is supporting them, do they dare to enter the 100-nautical-mile range of Vermilion Bird Island. Besides, there will be no United States in the future. "

Tony frowned. "What do you mean?"

Phoebe ignored Tony and said directly to Skye: "Unlock their battle clothes and wait until Luke comes back."

Skye understands her heart. She stretches out her right hand to Tony, Rod, and Vision. With five fingers stretched out, Tony and Rod’s battle clothes are directly disintegrated from them, and there is no speaking vision. He lost consciousness even more.

"Ah~ I have something to say!" Tony, who had lost his battle clothes, yelled and fell to the surface.

Anna waved her small hand, and a cyclone caught the two who were falling and Vision.

In the Conference Hall of the Vermilion Bird Building, everyone looked at each other in blank dismay.

"What should I do?" Natasha spoke first.

The thing she least wants to see happened, and obviously the bigger trouble is still to come. Fury is still undecided about his life and death, and S.H.I.E.L.D. Bureau is estimated to be unable to run this time.

Assemble all forces to fight against Luke? It is no different from courting death, and it will make things more difficult to end.

Bucky and Sam don’t know much about Luke. They didn’t realize the seriousness of the matter.

"What are you worried about?" Bucky asked, and he watched Steve frown and didn't speak.

"There is an old saying in Huaxia, called'dragon has a reverse scale, if you touch it, you will die'." Qin Ying said next to her.

Seeing that only vector and weather witch understood the meaning of this sentence, she explained: "Everyone has something they care about the most. Once touched, it will usher in the most violent Retaliation."

"You mean he wants to retaliate against the messenger behind this incident?" Bucky looked towards Qin Ying, he thought this was understandable.

Blue younger sister nebula suddenly coldly snorted, "You are afraid that you don’t know his strength. If he wants to, he can easily ruin Earth and even your solar system."

Thinking of the endless divine flames during the battle with Yigo, the terrifying sight made Nebula still fresh in his memory.

Pitro was taken aback by Nebula's words, "It won't happen."

He didn't doubt Luke's strength, he just felt that Earth was ruined a bit too wrongly.

"Don't worry, Luke will definitely not be so extreme." Steve looked at the topic more and more outrageously, and he didn't stop him. Luke was about to destroy the Universe in a while.

However, he also felt that this time the matter would not end easily.

After the US twin aircraft carrier fleet lost contact, the Pentagon held an emergency meeting.

However, just halfway through their meeting, someone broke in. Someone reported that all satellites have lost contact, the sea surface of the port has been frozen by hard ice, and a large number of hurricanes have occurred around the United States.

No matter how stupid they were, they guessed what was going on.

In the universe, Luke and Marvel Captain have already left the solar system. Both have the ability to fly faster than the speed of light, and both intend to stay away from Earth, so they are getting farther and farther away from the solar system.

The surprise Captain in the double star state is connected to the "white hole" and possesses almost inexhaustible energy.

Luke of Immortal King Realm has stepped across the boundary of the single universe. Any energy approaching will be assimilated by him and become part of his realm.

A photon shock wave shot from Marvel Captain's hand, Luke hit backhand, the light shock wave was blown out by him.


A distant planet was blown to pieces.

Luke flickered, moved to Marvel Captain and punched her in the stomach.

The power of terror made surprise Captain spurt a mouthful of blood, and flew out.

As long as it is within Luke's domain, Marvel Captain's ability will be suppressed, and she can only choose to use energy for long-range attacks.

She underestimated the opponent's strength, especially the endless variety of abilities. The ability to guard against accidental space can burn the special flames of the soul, spirit, body, and even all kinds of weird magic.

The most important thing is that the strength of the opponent's body is actually stronger than her, and he can only be passively beaten in a head-on confrontation.

This will not work, we have to change our strategy.

While Captain was thinking about a new strategy, Luke chased him all the way. The sealed Yu Jian was too weak for the surprise Captain in the dual star state, otherwise he would have been out of the sword long ago.

A golden silhouette and a red silhouette in the universe flashed past, and many planets were shattered by their energy.

The battle between the two was finally discovered by some civilizations, but no one knew who the two figures were.

There are also people who want to catch up to see, but unfortunately their speed is too fast, and the average spaceship simply can't catch up with them.

"It's here!"

Suddenly, Captain was surprised that he rushed directly to Luke, carried Luke on his shoulders, violently attacked, hugged Luke's waist, and crashed him into a black hole. .

This black hole is very special. All the energy in the universe will disappear here. Surprising Captain was also accidentally discovered here.

Luke kicked the surprise Captain in front of him, feeling this special space, the surrounding elements disappeared, and he did not sense any energy.

"Ding! Trigger the task, the ghost ghost, collect the ghost ghost, reward lottery once."

The ghost ghost? Is it necessary to use a life and death book to collect?

"You have threatened the safety of Earth, here is your best destination. Don't think about escape, there is no energy here, your space magic is useless here."

Luke took a cold look at Surprise Captain. If Steve symbolizes American freedom, then Surprise Captain is the arrogance and believe oneself infallible of the "world police" in the United States.

"Ignorance! I think this is your cemetery."

The pupils of his eyes became golden, and the close and numerous white silhouettes around him were seen by him. In the eyes.

It turns out that these ghosts are devouring energy.

Pupillary technique, he started his research on pupil technique as early as when he was going to school in Hogwarts. After so many years, he finally got results.

At this time, it is one of the abilities of pupil technique, insight and analysis of things.


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