Hogwart’s Immortal Cultivation in Marvel Chapter 672

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Chapter 672 Surprise Cat

As for the pupil technique, Luke has actually used it before, such as emitting hot rays or performing a Spirit Attack. It's just that he attacked more and more ways. Therefore, pupil surgery is rarely used at ordinary times.

At this time, looking at the numerous white silhouettes around, they have different shapes, and they can float everywhere. He didn't know whether these things were some kind of special creatures or some unknown energy bodies.

Captain was surprised to see Luke looking around, thinking that the other person was thinking about how to get out of here.

"Don't try to escape, any energy here will be swallowed, and your domain cannot be displayed here."

She chose this place because it can restrain Luke. The magic.

Of course, her strength here will also be limited, but it is better than being suppressed by the opponent. The current environment is more beneficial to her.


The Yuyan coat on Luke's body condensed again, body flashed, and appeared above the side of Marvel Captain, fiercely giving her an elbow.

Surprise Captain never thought that the other party could still release energy and use space magic in this special black hole.

This heavy blow directly caused Captain unconscious, a surprise without the slightest guard.

If Captain is surprised to see those white silhouettes, she will definitely be even more surprised.

At the moment when Luke's original magic flame appeared, those white silhouettes seemed to have encountered something terrifying, and quickly fled to the distance.

These things seem to have some wisdom, or instinct. Although his original divine flame is not complete, after swallowing many divine fires, the power is also terrifying.

What's more, his movement is simply not the space magic of this universe, it can still be displayed without space elements.

Luke didn't immediately study this special black hole, but instead looked towards Captain with a pupil technique.

Ah~It's not that he wants to take advantage of Marvel Captain, but he wants to know the source of Marvel Captain's power. He has also studied space gems, and has never understood how the space power inside empowers others.

He didn't find any special place in Wanda and Pietro. Perhaps the Spirit Treasure Stone is just activating their abilities, not conferring them.

There is more than one person in Marvel, who are directly or indirectly endowed by infinite gems.

If he can master this method, perhaps he can empower others by himself.

The power of the pupil technique analyzed the body of Marvel Captain layer by layer. After a long time, he finally discovered the secret of Marvel Captain's power.

It turned out that when the space gem energy was transforming Marvel Captain's body, countless extremely tiny space channels appeared in her body. And these space channels are the way for Marvel Captain to gain power.

"I said how the domain can only suppress her, but can't isolate her energy. It turns out that there are channels in her body." Luke shook the head.

Now that we have found the reason, we can deal with Surprise Captain with no difficulty.

Luke directly used the Primal Divine Flame to destroy all passages in Marvel Captain's body, turning her into an orange cat, and throwing it into the Great World.

From now on, there is no surprise Captain in this universe anymore.

No, there is only one orange cat called Captain Captain.

After dealing with the Marvel Cat, Luke carefully observed the black hole. With his strength at this time, naturally there is no need to worry about the power of the black hole tearing.

But those white, unknown creatures can also survive here, obviously they have their special features.

Luke took out the book of life and death, and nothing happened around him. He took out the Magicstrate pen again, and suddenly, a black light shot from the tip of the Magicstrate pen and turned into countless thin lines.

The other end of each thin thread is bound by an unknown white creature.

The life and death book on his left hand suddenly opened by itself, and the crash-bang flipped. Every time a page is turned, a large number of white creatures disappear out of thin air.

I don't know how big this space is, the book of life and death has been turned over automatically for a long time without stopping.

He couldn't help but complain about the system secretly. He didn't know to bring a manual when giving rewards, and he had to study it slowly every time.

I don't know how long it took, Luke finally heard the system prompt, the mission was completed, and he returned to the universe again, and the black hole disappeared completely.


On the beach of Vermilion Bird Island, Fury, Hill, and more than twenty Aegis agents sat in a row under the shade of the trees. These people were lucky enough to survive the crash of the Aerospace Mothership, but they were still captured.

Nebula is sitting under a sun umbrella not far away, drinking a cold drink, watching these people.

Rao is Fury, no matter how good he is, he can't convince the cold blue younger sister. If you talk too much, you might get beaten up.

Natasha and Hawkeye visited once, and when they saw that Fury was not dead, they left without saying anything.

"Hey, the blue younger sister over there, give me a drink too. You can't abuse the captives like this."

On the other side of the Nebula, Tony, Rod and He are still unconscious. The phantom was tied to the tree. But apparently Tony is a bit unscrupulous and often makes various requests.

"Trouble." Nebula said impatiently. She took out a booklet from her body, turned to the page of drinks, and ticked one at random.

She thought about it, and made a penny in the place where the ice was added, and then put the booklet away.

After a while, a plate with a glass of iced drink flew over from a beverage shop in the distance and landed on the table beside Nebula.

"The drink belongs to that man." Nebula pointed to Tony tied to the tree.

The cup with the straw inserted on the tray moved, floated slowly, and floated towards Tony.

"Mine, it's mine. I can't reach it. It's higher, higher." Tony said one after another.

"This is amazing too. Can you give me a glass too? How did this happen." Rod was very curious and looked at the iced drink eagerly.

This is the second time Rod has come to Vermilion Bird Island. Although he has seen the magical things here in the video, he is still a little surprised when he sees it with his own eyes.

The manuals, trays, and cups in the hands of Nebula are all cursed and can recognize some simple commands. For food delivery, ordering takeaway is enough.

As for the fees, the manuals are all real-named, and the fees will be automatically settled. It is enough to go to the designated place every month to pay.

Payment in arrears? Sorry, no one will do this, otherwise the permission to land on the island will be cancelled.

Tony took a big sip of the iced drink and was about to give it to Rod Cop when he saw a silhouette appearing not far away.

Fry was sitting on the ground thinking about how to solve the current problem, when suddenly an orange cat fell into his arms and surprised him.

He has a psychological shadow on the orange cat. The original gu gu made him unforgettable for a lifetime.

Surprise Captain has already woke up. She can't accept that she has become a cat, but no matter how she struggles, she can't escape the big hand behind her.

"Take your surprise cat and go away!"

Fry was a little bit shocked and looked at Luke with one eye.

"Where's Carol?"

Only Luke came back, and he didn't dare to think about it anymore.

Luke glanced at Fury, "From now on there is no Carol, only this Surprise Cat."

The Surprise Cat is struggling in Fury's arms, and seems to want to fight him. What does Rui mean.

Fry is also a monkey spirit. He saw Luke’s transformation spell and immediately guessed the possible result. This cat is Carol...

"Don’t think about it Can save her, don't accidentally toss to death, there is not much that this universe can relieve my magic."

Fry did not speak, he knew it was useless to say anything now. Moreover, he wants to know how Luke will deal with the United States.


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