Hogwart’s Immortal Cultivation in Marvel Chapter 673

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Chapter 673 The words come out

Hill listened to the conversation between Fury and Luke. Neither of them mentioned the dead agents on the Sky Mothership . Perhaps Fury had other considerations. , But she is really disappointed with Fury now.

Who was that woman, was she from SHIELD, and what the purpose of this operation was, she had no idea. Only more than 20 people survived on the air-sky mothership of thousands of people. As a commander, she couldn't accept this fact.

The sinking dual aircraft carrier fleet has tens of thousands of people without a lifetime.

In the final analysis, it is because of interests. The existence of the Vermilion Bird Group affects the hegemony of the United States. The technology on the Vermilion Bird Island makes some people jealous, and the existence of Luke also makes those people feel scared.

Hill wanted to understand the whole story, and said: "I am applying to resign. I am not qualified for the position of commander."

Fry is still thinking about what Luke will do. Dealing with the United States, it was never expected that Hill would resign.

"Hill, another sky carrier is already undergoing testing and will be delivered soon. You don't have to worry about the mothership." He thought Hill resigned because of the crash of the sky carrier. of.

"I don't want to use the life of an agent to risk the benefit of some people."

The meaning of Hill's words couldn't be more obvious.

Luke glanced at Hill and didn't say much. It's none of his business, he doesn't need to worry too much.

"Let's go back and talk about this." Fury didn't want to discuss this matter now, and he looked towards Luke again, "How do you stop."

"Hey! Hey! Put me down first." Tony on the other side shouted for a long time, and Luke still ignored him.

At this time, a space door appeared beside everyone, Hermione, Anna, Skye, Phoebe, and Steve and others all walked out of it.

Everyone learned from Phoebe that Luke was back, and they all rushed over with Hermione. They also wanted to know how Luke would deal with this matter.

Luke snapped his fingers, and the rope tied to Tony, Rod and Vision disappeared, and Vision became awake.

"Since everyone is here, I will just say it. From now on, the U.S. military will no longer exist."

The moment Luke said this, An invisible force spread quickly towards all directions, covering the entire Earth in an instant.

The abrupt disappearance of the Pentagon on the Mark River in Poto, Washington, all those who worked in the Pentagon appeared on the flat ground, looking at each other in blank dismay, and no one knew what happened.

All over the world, thousands of US military bases disappeared one after another. Aircraft carriers, battleships, fighters, tanks, missiles, satellites, firearms, ammunition, etc., all disappeared almost at the same time.

The naval port has become an empty bay, the silo has become a solid ground, the hidden storage in the mountain is refilled with rocks, various research institutions, equipment manufacturing plants, as long as they belong to the military Yes, in this brief moment all disappeared.

And most of the people around Luke still don't know what happened.

"What do you mean?" Fury frowned and asked. Luke wanted to destroy the American army?

"I'm not clear enough?" Luke stretched out his hand, and many pictures appeared around him, "Anything belonging to the military has disappeared. Of course, this time, people are fine. I will say no next time. It's time."

"Gosh, this is Guantanamo, the base is gone." Sam cry out in surprise.

"The Pentagon is gone, too." Tony looked at a picture and said.

As they recognized more and more places, everyone was stunned.

"Too terrifying." Pietro said blankly. He has always envied Wanda for being able to cast magic like Luke. However, now he really realizes the terrifying of magic.

"How can you do this." Fury was also frightened by Luke's ability. He didn't expect Luke to do this.

"Why not, they are useful when fighting an invasion? Look at this world for yourself, almost all wars are related to them. I am too lazy to explain so much to you, after a while I will put Vermilion Bird The island expands into a continent, and then leaves Earth."

He was really disgusted this time. It doesn't matter who instigated Surprise Cat, it doesn't matter. He chose to be like Gu one after another, only taking action to deal with a very big crisis, leaving nothing else.

The mood of everyone present is a bit complicated. Although Luke and Vermilion Bird Group have always been independent of the existing world framework, they actually didn't do anything extraordinary.

The people of Hermione were not surprised by Luke's decision. They knew that a group of mutants would move to Vermilion Bird Island, perhaps called the Vermilion Bird continent in the future. In this way, staying on Earth is indeed prone to more problems.

I heard that Luke is leaving Earth, and some people have the same thoughts.

Clint's family is also on Vermilion Bird Island. He had long thought of quitting. If it weren't for the civil war and the appearance of supernatural humans, he would live with his family at this time.

Luke didn't say anything more, and returned to the harbor with Hermione. Thor and Banner didn't plan to take care of them.

Rhodes looked towards Tony in a daze, "Am I homeless."

The US military has disappeared so suddenly, where will he go in the future.

Tony glanced at Steve and Bucky, did not speak, turned and left, Rod and Vision also followed along.

"That guy owes me a set of Battle Armor..." After walking for a while, Tony suddenly realized that their Battle Armor seemed to be out of reach.

"Make a set for me too, my set must have disappeared." Rod is now a little bit shattered.

"From a historical perspective, Mr. Kirk is not wrong." Vision said seriously.

The reason why Ultron wants to destroy mankind is also related to the war of mankind.

Tony and Rodzzi looked towards Vision. One of them was originally a weapon manufacturer and the other was a soldier. If Vision was equivalent to, they would directly hit them in the face.

"Everyone, stay on the island first, and I will go with Luke to chat." Steve looked at Tony's back and said to the other team members.

"Captain, I hope you can come back at this time." Fury walked up to Steve and said, "The U.S. military disappeared. They will only be overwhelmed at this time, and I believe no one will be looking for you. It's troublesome."

S.H.I.E.L.D. and the military have no affiliation, so Fury is not worried that S.H.I.E.L.D. will disappear.

"We will take a break for a while, and I will consider your proposal." Steve did not reply directly to Fury.

Vector and weather witch have also rushed back to China, and they have to make preparations early. The disappearance of the US military will definitely trigger a series of chain reactions, and perhaps a new pattern will emerge in the world.

The disappearance of military bases and weapons and equipment in various places has plunged the top Americans into chaos. Fortunately, the state police and police equipment has not disappeared, otherwise it will be more chaotic.

In the New York Temple, Strange, who was in self-isolation because of the illness, was doubting his life at this time, and he felt as if he had been pitted by the ancients.

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