Hogwart’s Immortal Cultivation in Marvel Chapter 674

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In the US military bases around the world, weapons and equipment disappeared in less than an hour, and the news that shocked the world was well known.

However, the US official spokesperson only said that the incident was still under investigation and did not disclose any useful information. But anyone with a discerning eye knows what's going on, and it doesn't make much difference whether to announce or not.

It is not that the United States does not want to announce the facts, but that it is worried about causing greater trouble. It's enough for them now, and if they cause something else, then they might really fall apart.

In the harbor, Luke didn’t care too much about this. Hermione and the others are about to usher in the fire disaster. He needs to arrange the mutants in Shanhai Great World as soon as possible, and then take them to find a suitable place to wait. Transcending Tribulation.

Completing the Netherworld Ghost Fire mission, let him draw the netherworld ghost fire, one of the Ten Big Divine Fires, and the original divine flame once again increased to 80%.

He always has a feeling that his strength has increased so fast recently to deal with the coming danger.

Is it the disappearing Thanos? He was not sure. There are already a few infinite gems missing, so it shouldn't be possible to re-condense in such a short time.

Two days later, the chaos that some people worried about did not appear, and there was no sign of war breaking out. The only possibility of confusion is the United States itself. Several states have slogans for independence, and the pressure on Washington has increased by 1 point.

More importantly, the United States has purchased a lot of equipment and intends to reorganize the army, but these weapons and equipment will still disappear directly. This makes many people distressed, and they can't rebuild the army.

However, the independence of several states in the United States is nothing new. Not many people feel surprised. After all, this hidden danger has always been there.

Luke once again used the Immortal Technique to expand the area of ​​the Vermilion Bird Island, and also allowed the mutants to move out of the Great World of Shanhai and Divine Boat of Kunpeng.

"I thought you forgot us, where is this, the Earth where you are?" Logan looked around, and he saw many creatures he hadn't seen before.

It was the first time that Anna saw mutants, and she kept watching around a few mutants who were clearly different from humans.

"This is a piece of land I created, where there are now wizards and a small number of aliens, superhumans, and ordinary persons. I will move this into another independent space in a few days. , Separated from Earth."

He was mainly explaining to Professor X and Magneto that Logan would not be interested in these. They are only curious about aliens and wizards. It turns out that their Earth doesn't have these.

"Will you be completely cut off from this Earth?" Professor X asked.

"It will not be completely isolated. There are many schools here, as well as my company, Vermilion Bird Group. Those employees and students will also go home. I will build several Transmission Gates to connect some on Earth The city is convenient for these people to travel."

"Then we want to come to Earth." Magneto asked.

"You go to various countries to discuss, I am not bringing you here to rule you. As long as you don't disrupt the order here, and don't disturb other people's lives, no one will interfere with you." Luke smiled Say.

Magnemagnet looked at Professor X next to him, which was much better than what he had imagined.

While speaking, Steve came over from a distance.

Steve saw that there were so many people here suddenly, and some of them looked strange. He came to Luke to ask about the situation, and he also wanted to talk to Luke about his future plans.

Luke asks Hermione to take Professor X and Magneto to find Fudge. He needs some wizards to help build houses for the mutants.

At this time, Fudge is in charge of some trivial matters of the wizards on the island. Although he is no longer the head of the Ministry of Magic, he has more people in charge.

Anna and Skye lead Qin Ge Lei, Storm Girl, and mutant children to choose where to build the school.

Phoebe is managing the Netherworld for Luke, and he didn't come out today. After so many people died this time, their souls were sucked into the underworld, and Phoebe needed to sit in it.

"these all are who?" Steve asked, looking at the back of Professor X's departure.

"The humans in another universe are similar to our superhumans here. However, they are more like a branch of humans." Luke introduced the mutants to Steve. At the same time I also said about the different Human Race. After all, there are many potential different Human Races on Earth.

Steve heard it straight, and Earth was more complicated than he thought.

"There are so many things in the universe with all kinds of strange things, you have to adapt as soon as possible. Moreover, you should also give yourself a vacation. Sharon is also big, you and Peggy You can take her to visit Sandal Star. Don’t forget that you are still a father. The little child grows up very quickly. Do you want her to spend her childhood like this?"

Lint did better at this point, he had already decided to spend time with his family. Luke intends to let him go to school as a sports teacher, teaching children archery, which should also be a good choice.

Steve couldn't help showing a look of guilt, what Luke said was indeed the truth, especially since Peggy has been helping herself recently, and Sharon is taking care of Luke's mother, Helen.

"Don’t think what you think is indispensable. Earth leaves everyone else. Besides, don’t you have other team members? You should trust them."

An hour later , Steve returned to the harbor. When he got home, he remembered that he hadn't said his business yet. He was trained there, and he was a bit speechless. Did he fall into Luke's magic? He was trained for more than an hour...

Saka Star

Tor finally persuaded Valkyrie to take Banner, who had turned back into a human, and his naughty younger brother to escape from the hands of Gao Heavenly Venerable.

Even other champions imprisoned by High Heavenly Venerable have also escaped from prison collectively. Now there is a mess on Sakar.

At this time, they are crossing the space channel. Once they leave Sarkar, they will immediately rush to Asgard. There is no news of Luke and Asgard that makes Thor very worried, especially his mother is still sleeping in Immortal Palace.

On Earth, Luke announced through the media the decision to move the Vermilion Bird continent away from Earth.

Most countries did not respond much to this. The Vermilion Bird Group has no ambition to dominate the world, which everyone agrees. Because of this, after the accident in the United States, there were not many voices directed at the Vermilion Bird Group.

However, the discussion among the people is very lively. The island of Vermilion Bird has become the continent of Vermilion Bird, which has given many people an opportunity. Unfortunately, the moving-in conditions are more demanding than the access conditions.

Some people have the idea of ​​the next generation. Going to school should be the easiest way to enter the Vermilion Bird Continent.

Luke is also preparing for his mission, and now only the Legendary mission "establishing the sect" is left. This is a long-term mission, and he can only proceed steadily. He still understands the principle of preaching.

On the day before the Vermilion Bird continent was moved into the pocket dimension, the black Bat King arrived with a different Human Race.

The star destroyer over the Vermilion Bird continent just disappeared. Today, Accio is another city, and the appearance of Attilan has once again attracted the attention of the whole world.


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