Hogwart’s Immortal Cultivation in Marvel Chapter 675

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Chapter 675 A wave of unsettled waves rises again

The arrival of the different Human Race has once again delayed Luke's time to move the Vermilion Bird continent into the pocket dimension. After he met the black Bat King and Medusa, he left Earth with Hermione.

A few of them Transcending Tribulation is coming soon, this is the current major event of the first class.

Luke asked Qin Ying and Penelope to receive members of the different Human Race Imperial Family. One of them is Chief-In-Charge of Vermilion Bird Group and the other is Chief-In-Charge of Magic Trading. Both Have experience in dealing with alien civilizations.

What's more, Human Race itself belongs to human beings, but it hasn't been in Earth for these years.

Most people in the outside world don’t know about Human Race, they think they are aliens similar to humans. After all, there are cases such as Thor and Loki beforehand, and it is impossible to judge whether it is a human from appearance alone.

Fry also knows about Human Race. In the report of Natasha and Coleson, there is information about Human Race.

After Hill resigned, Coleson was transferred back by Ferry, this time as an official representative to come in contact with Yi Human Race. Natasha knew what Fury was thinking, but she was worried about bringing up other things, so she didn't mix it up.

In fact, Coulson also has concerns. Although Ferry is not trying to deal with Luke in winning the different Human Race, the other Human Race is not stupid, and will not be so reckless, being used as a gun.

The situation in the United States has scared many countries. Traditional weapons have been unable to counteract these superhuman beings. Unlike American Captain Rogers and Iron Man Stark, their abilities are still understandable.

The emergence of magic power and superpowers beyond cognition forced them to change their original ideas. This force is no longer they can control, and can only be treated through cooperation.

All countries have greatly improved the recruitment and treatment of superhuman beings. After all, most superhuman beings are very law-abiding.

Vermilion Bird continent

"Is this continent Luke's country?" Crystal curiously asked.

In her memory, there is no continent in the Atlantic Ocean. Even the legendary Atlantis has sunk for a long time.

As a younger sister of Medusa and a member of the Imperial Family of Human Race, Crystal has received a good education since childhood.

But what she saw and heard on the Vermilion Bird continent also made her feel refreshed, and she even thought she had come to other planets.

"No, this is just a home for the wizard and other humans to live and work. His kingdom is on top of our heads." Penelope smiled and pointed upwards.

The harbor has escaped into the void again, but the apparition is still above the Vermilion Bird continent.

Other members of the different Human Race Imperial Family and Crystal looked up towards the apparition in the sky.

"Most ordinary persons are afraid of wizards and humans with supernatural powers, even if these people have not done anything. Adults are better. Children have been in a discriminated environment since they were young. It is not conducive to their growth, and it is also the reason why there are most schools here." Qin Ying explained from the side.

Most of the Vermilion Bird Group’s revenue is spent on children. Many of the Group’s technologies are derived from other planets. There is no need for huge R&D costs, and no one comes to Earth to collect patent fees. The net profit of Vermilion Bird Group is amazing.

Hearing Qin Ying's introduction, Medusa and Black Bat King looked at each other, and both agreed with nodded. Children of different Human Races are also the focus of their care.

Although Luke has powerful martial power, advanced technology, and mysterious magic, he does not want to rule the world, but is concerned about the future of mankind. This makes Black Bat King admire the young man very much.

"In fact, there are many mutants on the island. They are from another Earth. The situation is similar to yours. They were awakened from an ordinary person." Qin Ying also briefly introduced the mutants. Again.

It's no secret that mutants are on the Vermilion Bird continent. The Vermilion Bird continent seems to be very large, but the overwhelming majority land has just been expanded by Luke, and the real development area is not large.

So, the mutant arrived here and was quickly known to the people on the island.

This is also what Professor X deliberately did. After all, this is now their home, and it is necessary to have a good relationship with the existing residents.

"Then when will he come back?" Jing Jing asked.

"I don't know this." Qin Ying made a helpless gesture.

Crystal showed a disappointed expression. She has always been interested in Luke, who also controls Earth, Water, Fire, and Wind.

"We are coming back this time to see if there is a clansman who is about to awaken. The awakening without the Terrigan Crystal is very dangerous, and the Terrigan Crystal is only available in Attilan." Medusa Explained their purpose of coming to Earth this time.

"As far as I know, there are some awakened human races on Earth. You can ask Luke when he comes back." Penelope knew about Skye's mother, but she didn't directly say it.

"Maybe there will be official personnel coming to contact you, you can try to talk to them, but it is best not to trust them completely." Qin Ying has received the news that Coulson is about to come.

She knows Coleson better, the problem shouldn’t be big, mainly Fury...

The appearance of the Star Destroyer and the disappearance of the U.S. military gave Fury With a lot of benefits, he even had plans to build another bureau, specifically responsible for handling extraterrestrial affairs.

Then Crystal and Big Dog Tetanus stayed in the residence arranged by Qin Ying, and the Black Bat King, Medusa and other different Human Race Imperial Family all returned to Attilan.

After half a month, Hermione, Anna, and Skye survived the fire and became Golden Immortal. Phoebe was stimulated by the crowd, and they also ushered in the calamity a few days later.

Everyone became Golden Immortal together, which greatly improved their strength again. If they face Surprise Captain at this time, they don't need Luke to act.

However, when they returned to Earth with joy, they received an unexpected "surprise".

Black Bat King’s younger brother Mark Simus, the inventor with a mental disorder.

It took a few days to invent a machine, and he radiated the mist of Terrigan crystal into the air. The fog drifted from a secret base in Fury, and when someone noticed it, all of North America was hit.

The emergence of a large number of mutants has plunged the United States into chaos, which was originally going to the military. Canada in the north is also miserable, and the military simply cannot stop such people.

The mist of the Terrigan crystal was improved by Mark Simos. The ordinary person is not fatal if inhaled, otherwise the only thing that can survive in North America is the Human Race.

Different from the energy surge caused by Pim Academician, humans with supernatural powers appear one after another, and they are all over the world, and countries have time to respond.

But the large number of different Human Races appeared almost overnight.

The new clansman is unable to control his abilities at all, which leads to even greater chaos. Even if these people don't want to cause chaos, they just control it themselves.

Tony’s Avengers members cannot cope with such a large range, numerous, and simultaneous power events. It wasn't until Black Bat King and other members of the Imperial Family joined that Tony's pressure was relieved.


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