Hogwart’s Immortal Cultivation in Marvel Chapter 677

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Chapter 677 Secret Invasion

For Thor's lost, Luke short period of time there is no way. Although he can now cross the multiverse, but only reluctantly accepted it. Would like to find a large number of people in the universe, he can not do.

However, Thor few people are not weak, as long as not to provoke too much trouble, not luck into the back of the collapse of the universe, their safety should not be a problem.

At a time when few people of Thor, is a universe of Baxter Building in New York guest.

This is a owned Fantastic Four universe, Thor's sudden arrival, Mister Fantastic Reed? Richards mistaken for an intruder, the two sides fight.

Fortunately, the last to eliminate misunderstanding, Mister Fantastic Thor also promised to help them find a way back, their entire group to temporarily stay in the Baxter Building.

is moved with the Vermilion Bird continent pocket dimensions, different cases can be more and more on Earth. Many ambitious and has a different kind of thoughts begin to stir people up.

Everyone in the test, to test whether something Luke would intervene on Earth.

Housed in a warehouse on the outskirts of New York, prescribe silhouette was standing in a dark corner, to discuss their plans.

"how to penetrate planned a?" a female voice asked, in a tone of condescending tone.

"has replaced five people, we can not move too much .Luke? Kirk leave soon, I do not know whether he will be concerned about things on Earth. And, for his ability to strange ......"

another male voice appears to be some hesitation and uncertainty.

" Earth is our hope that no one can undermine our plans." female voice said firmly.

Male sigh and said: "Unfortunately, our first plan did not succeed, he is not surprised Captain opponent, rival think to find him too hard."

Girls also silent, it seems that this is a problem with no solution.

After a long while, the female voice he said: "continue with the original plan to infiltrate and provoke their internal contradictions, do not venture to Vermilion Bird continent."

There are several cities have been built the leading Vermilion Bird continent of Transmission Gate. Although want to settle in Vermilion Bird continent is difficult, but a trip to Vermilion Bird continent tour, it requires relatively much lower.

especially different Vermilion Bird continent and Harbor, the above does not complete commodity production system, but also to get some of the materials from Earth. Commodity circulation between the two places is also very important for the Vermilion Bird continent.

"Yes, sir, Queen Your Majesty."

male voice came out from the shadows of the warehouse, the shocking Steve's team member Sam Falcon? Wilson.

Sam looked out of the warehouse, female voice murmured: ". Earth is the prophecy of revival, we will succeed"

Two months later, a different humans can occur in the New York metropolitan train terminus of the self-destruct, causing a major tragedy of thousands of casualties, this incident once again set off ordinary person and the ability of human opposition. After

Just over half, mansion, cube, dome and four protoss island prison, escapes took place at the same time.

mansion by the first generation of Ant-Man Hank Pym design, super villain will be reduced upon entering prison.

Aegis Bureau was originally located in a small room, but more and more prisoners within the prison inmates, Fred Ryan is set to ship empty Tianmu new delivery.

However, with the occurrence of escapes, the mansion became a prison to restore the original look. Huge houses directly through the hull aerospace mothership, has just delivered did not take long, empty days mothership down the line again, barely landed off the coast of New York.

"Avengers Stark and where?" on the bridge, air and space mothership, Winfrey asked loudly.

"Iron Man and War Machine went to California, they got the news, where there are clues Metropolitan bombings." Aegis an agent answered.

"Mom provoke Fack, let them come back quickly." Winfrey ugly complexion is ordered.

"Commander, dome, cube and silos have lost contact, whether to let them go to support Iron Man."

Winfrey was about to speak, the door of the bridge was bombed opened, cyclones and absorb people from the outside come in to kill.

"Contact Vermilion Bird Group, to help them!"

Fred hiding in the corner, to come in from the outside of the cyclone and absorb people opened fire.

over California

"Sir, communications four super criminal prison all interrupted."

"how, Friday, prison visits monitoring system."

Tony intelligence and war machines arrived in California location, found there was just a waste plant, and did not see anything suspicious character.

They found a right, if not the intelligence mistake, this is a conspiracy.

"Unable to connect sir, but you can look at this news, there was an explosion in the sky mothership Aegis Board, in a forced landing off the coast of New York."

Friday Tony's helmet transferred out of the online news.

"Dude, it seems we need accelerated." Tony and his flying together for the war machine said, "contact base of visual hallucinations, second-tier team member also let out."

"Hey, we can not apply for the construction of a Transmission Gate it, there are more than easy thing."

Rhodes now is not the Air Force officer, the uS military's disappearance, so he lost the military identity.

Although there are still some states to re-organize the National Guard, but only to maintain a stable place. The current relationship between the states, did not play up even a good thing.


Steve and his team member who also saw the US news reports, even though air and space mothership the Aegis Board of frequent falling, but this is still a no small news.

Due and Tony and the others differences, as well as official US attitude, Steve never returned to the United States, until now, he took team member activities in Europe.

"Yishuai daily, also every day on the news headlines, the Aegis Board is really rich." Quicksilver watching TV tsk tsk said.

Wanda stared at the side of a Quicksilver, Quicksilver and it did not go on.

"We're going to help it, the situation seems more trouble." Wanda Steve asked.

Steve did not immediately answer.

"We all support you." Bucky began.

"If you go back to help, then we have to be careful to be caught, they will not even know who we were caught." Sam said eating pizza.

"Natasha does she have news yet?" Steve looked towards Sam.

Natasha Tony is not a member of the Avengers, but there is no Steve and act together, she used to be neutral free people, who occasionally help the parties to complete some tasks.

"still no news of her, before she went to investigate the bombings, said Metropolitan train station." Sam replied.

Steve silent for a moment, "we do not act, we are likely to cause immediate past misunderstandings, and other information we have Natascha in action."


Harbor, Winfrey also help Luke received no notice, only replied "own mess out of trouble, deal with their own." word.


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