Hogwart’s Immortal Cultivation in Marvel Chapter 678

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Chapter 678 The Skull Man

Tony and Rod are speeding up to return to New York, Vision takes Spider-Man and a few second-line avengers to the sea outside New York to support S.H.I.E.L.D..

However, Tony and Rod had just flew to Missouri when a wave of electromagnetic energy hit them, and the two fell from the air.

"Restart the system, Friday, what's going on, Friday."

No matter how Tony called, his artificial intelligence didn't respond on Friday.

"Damn it, fortunately I was prepared in advance."

Just when they were about to make intimate contact with the earth, a transparent bubble covered both of them. Immediately after the two smashed to the ground diagonally, the bubble broke, and they rolled over for a certain distance before stopping.

Tony lay on the ground, took off the visor of his face, showing an expression of avoided a catastrophe. If it hadn't been for him to activate the spell he asked for Luke, at their speed just now, he would be seriously injured if he didn't die.

"Hey, there is no one outside. Open it for me. I can't breathe." Rod is lying not far from Tony, in the Battle Armor of Gears of War, in a low, shouted muffled voice.

Tony crawled to the side of Rod strenuously, turned him over, and took off his visor.

"Thank God, I thought I was going to be suffocated to death. What is going on." Rod looked towards Tony.

Without auxiliary power support, both of them lay on the ground and did not get up immediately.

"I think we were attacked." Tony checked the circuit on his battle clothes, "I can only deal with it temporarily now. We want to go back, so we can only change to a Battle Armor. Okay. Yes, I'm connected."

Tony repaired the communication system and connected his artificial intelligence Friday.

"Friday, bring me another set of Battle Armor. Hurry up. What attacked us just now?" Who will attack them here, Tony is very strange.

"Mr. Already on the road, according to the current analysis of the Battle Armor situation, the preliminary judgment is an electromagnetic energy attack."

"Help me prepare a set." Luo De said with a look of expectation.

"Sorry, they are customized. You can't wear them. I will call a taxi for you."

Although they have just been attacked, Tony can still talk to Luo De was joking, but on the other side, Fury was not as lucky as them.

The wounded Fury escaped from the emergency escape channel of the Sky Mothership bridge, his arm was drooping, and his face was full of blood.

A flying motorcycle flew over from a distance, and the beautiful red-haired silhouette on it was Natasha.

"How about, use me to help?"

As an agent, Natasha's instinct told her that the bombing at the Metropolitan Railway Station was not simple. Sure enough, less than two days later, there was an escape from the Super Criminal Prison.

She has not told anyone about the investigation, and everyone is within the scope of her suspicion.

Vermilion Bird Group has put a batch of flying locomotives on the market, but no country has formulated complete laws and regulations. Therefore, only a small number of specially authorized personnel can use it normally.

"Let’s get out of here first."

Fry didn’t let Natasha go to catch the super criminals who escaped, facing numerous humans with supernatural powers alone, even though Natasha With venom, it is easy to suffer.

"Come with me." Natasha reached out and dragged Fury onto the flying motorcycle and drove towards the Vermilion Bird Group branch in New York.

Nowhere is safer than the Vermilion Bird Group branch, where there is a Transmission Gate to the Vermilion Bird continent, and there is a team composed of ordinary person, wizard, superhuman race, mutants and alien human race The five-person squad stood there to prevent someone from forcibly entering the Vermilion Bird continent.

There is also a well-equipped police station outside the Vermilion Bird Group’s New York branch. They are not intended to prevent invasions from the Vermilion Bird continent. Their role is more like an immigration office, preventing people from other countries from passing through. Vermilion Bird continent was transferred to the United States.

Of course, this situation basically does not happen. Those who can go to the Vermilion Bird continent will not take the risk to do this kind of thing.

A few minutes after Fury and Natasha left, Vision led Spider-Man and others to the Aegis Mothership, and Ant-Man Strong also came.

Strong joined Steve’s opposition to the Sokvia Accord and was once taken to prison.

For his daughter, he chose to stay in the United States instead of going to Europe with Steve and the others.

Finally, it was released after Tony's strong opposition, but he and some opponents were put on positioning ankles.

After seeing an accident in the mansion prison, he risked being accused and rushed to the sea off New York with Pim Academician's daughter Hope.

Pim Academician, as a prisoner and warden, was also locked up in a mansion prison because of the appearance of humans with supernatural powers.

"Hey, it's you, little ant, what are you doing here." Spider-Man and Ant-Man are fairly familiar, after all, they fought each other during the Civil War.

"None of your business, baby spider, revenge has begun to hire child labor again."

When two words meet together, it will not end easily if you don’t distinguish between superior and inferior. of.

"Mr. Scott Lang, according to the information, you are now beyond the legal scope of activities." Vision said directly.

Strong suddenly lost his voice.

"We are here to help, and my father is also inside." Pim Academician's daughter Hope said.

They came from San Francisco through the Transmission Gate of the Vermilion Bird Group branch.

"Well, let's go in together."

Although Phantom Vision is a robot, he is not rigid and knows how to work.

"You have to be honest, I will stare at you." Spiderman said jokingly,

"Just take care of yourself." Ant-Man also not to be outdone .

As the chaos caused by the escape incident increased, Steve did not contact Natasha for a long time. He decided not to wait anymore and led the team member to the United States.

However, when they arrived in the United States, the aircraft encountered an attack. If it were not for Wanda's magic protection, they would almost be wiped out.

It was the Avengers led by Hill who attacked Steve.

After Hill resigned as the commander of the S.H.I.E.L.D. Air and Space Mothership, she was invited by Tony several times, and finally joined the Avengers organized by Tony, with a group of Avengers squad, processing power event.

New York, Vermilion Bird Group Branch

The moment Fury walked into the Vermilion Bird Group branch building, Natasha became a real Black Widow form, very simply Controlled Fury.

"What do you want to do!" The sudden change shocked Fury.

Natasha's actions immediately attracted the garrison squad stationed in the mansion.

"This person may be an intruder. I applied to use the magic ring of imprisonment on him." Natasha showed her wristband.

Anyone who can enter the Vermilion Bird continent will have a bracelet, and the bracelet is bound to everyone. There is personal information on the bracelet to prevent anyone from entering the Vermilion Bird continent.

After all, technology, magic, and abilities have many ways to disguise and transform.

"You are crazy!" Fury still doesn't understand why Natasha did this.

Natasha took out her phone and showed Fury a photo. Fury closed her mouth and frowned, and said no more.

The photo shows a corpse, a green corpse, a corpse that Fury is very familiar with-the Skuru!


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