Hogwart’s Immortal Cultivation in Marvel Chapter 679

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Chapter 679 Avengers disbanded

Winfrey did not make any resistance, honest detained was put on magic ring.

magic confinement ring, utilizing magic item Rule Power detention capacity, called the magic or more appropriate.

However, due to the refining is not easy, so much finished, each door fielding squad spatial distribution only made a.

"pictures of people, who, Where did you find?" When I first met Fred Si Kulu people very cautious.

Si Kulu not have the ability to transform people or human mage, it may represent a race, a race has a powerful civilization.

Although the great strength of the different factions of Si Kulu people, but for the Earth, it is the very powerful.

"You'll never guess who she is." Natasha laughed he said.

"Who is?"

" Ross Secretary of State, I found him to meet with an opposition of human abilities, and I suspect Metropolitan train station bombings related I followed along, who think there is unexpected harvest. "

Natasha for this situation is also very unexpected, she initially thought it was a conspiracy Secretary of State Ross, wants to intensify abilities of humans and the ordinary person hatred between.

"Who else knows about it?"

Winfrey mind thought of probability, this may be a conspiracy against mankind. He is most worried about is that these people had to stay in the Siku Lu Si Kulu people of Earth are linked.

Si Kulu those who have been following him do things, a lot of confidential information they know.

"You are the one, who do not believe me now. I have a moment trip to Vermilion Bird continent, hoping to find a foreign aid to come back."

Si Kulu to deal with people the most troublesome is their ability to deform, perhaps Luke there are ways to identify them.

Fred thought, this is not an internal matter of the Earth, Luke should be shot to help.

Natasha into the Vermilion Bird continent at this time, Steve led the squad, Tony and Rhodes have experienced attacks. Before long, there will be team member was injured.

the face of powerful firepower, Pakistan suffered a number of injuries, battle strength temporarily impaired. On the other side of Rhodes unprotected Battle Armor, a bomb shook the aftermath unconscious in the past.

Vermilion Bird continent

Natasha smooth saw Luke, the photos from your phone put out.

Si Kulu people?

Luke also a little surprised to see the photos, not without hidden Si Kulu people on Earth, that what he had known before.

Si Kulu but those who are living a peaceful life, and ordinary people, like Earth.

"You suspect that this is not a case?" Luke looked towards Natasha.

"If, I mean if their purpose is to Earth, many things that previously might have to rethink."

who do not know their plans continue how long after the civil war between superheroes appeared in this situation of distrust, if they are disguised as the Avengers, the way will result in a greater crisis of confidence, and further collapse of the Avengers.

Moreover, this distrust may continue.

"You come back tomorrow, I'll give you one can discern Si Kulu human magic item." Luke said thoughtfully.

Luke meaning of words is obvious that he will not sell to solve this incident.

Natasha looked at saw himself, Luke laughed, "you are now the strength is not weak, the future of these things depend on your own, I also have my things to do."

he needs cultivation of more and more time, perhaps a retreat, a few months later.

Natasha looked for a moment staring at Luke, Luke argument be accepted.

"did not succeed?" Natasha Winfrey see a person return, you guessed result.

"He will be able to help make a distinction between Si Kulu human magic item, but will not do anything themselves."

this is not bad, Fred thought it might be a good thing.

Natasha did not go to alert other people, she worried would beat the grass to scare the snake. Etc. After tomorrow, people have to distinguish Si Kulu magic item, it is their moment to counterattack.

escaped from prison in the back part of the super villain was caught, but these super villain have not weak strength, but also some very high IQ, visual hallucinations led to the second-tier team member brings a very big trouble.

the other side, with his team member Steve war and back, until they met the other bearded Steve and Sam.

"how is this going?" Pietro very surprised watching this scene.

"They are false, they attacked me, and disguise my way." Emerging Sam Sam said, pointing to the team.

even the most familiar of Steve Pakistan, can not be seen which is the real Captain.

"Steve, you join the army failed a few times?" Bucky looked Captain towards the side.

" 5 times, but you such a problem, someone can certainly be found." Steve said light seemingly effortless.

"do not you?" Wanda asked.

Pakistan point nodded.

"do not ask Bucky, you are back. If we can not fall upon each other, Wanda, you use magic to control us, then go to Vermilion Bird Group for help." Sam and stand together Steve said.

Wanda and Pietro, Pakistan looked at each one, endorsed the idea.

In the end, Wanda was shot by the master of the situation, with two Captain, two Falcons, rushed to the nearest Vermilion Bird Group Division.

The next day, Natasha took a mirror from the hands of Luke, this magic item shape a little surprise to Natasha.

silver frame, carved many of her not read the text on the frame, the handle position is inlaid gem of a milk-white, do not know what effect.

"how to use this?" Natasha asked.

"twist-grip will start, it can be mapped as the soul. The soul is unique and unmatched, the Si Kulu human incarnations can not disguise the soul."

"rotary handle is closed, its essence stone sinking energy source, if the essence stone tarnish following period can continue to use."

Natasha twist-grip, on the mirror quasi Luke, mirror revealing a touch of orange rays of light, but she saw nothing.

"This is - bad?"

" It is not sufficient to map out my soul, but for Si Kulu people enough." Luke speechless laughed.

"It remains a few, you take it away." there are a few mirrors in front of Natasha.

to give Natasha discrimination Si Kulu human magic item, contented returned to Earth.

Natasha away, Hermione appears Luke side.

"These Si Kulu invasion Earth are we going?" Hermione looked towards Luke.

"Those guys seem to be a group of mad believers say in their prophecy, Earth is their revival of the land."

Although Luke did not return to Earth, but to his current strength, Divine Consciousness can easily enveloped Earth, these things are concealed from him.

The next period of time, people exposed Si Kulu was stormed heroes and villains, and ultimately the two sides in New York's Central Park, the main battle, Natasha found and killed disguised Hill Wei Lanke Queen, lead.

Continuous experienced civil war, Si Kulu people's Secret Invasion, let everyone have some mental and physical exhaustion, looked towards fellow with a trace of eyes are alert.

Tony and Steve are aware of the seriousness of the problem, and thus, the official Avengers and Secret Avengers disbanded on the same day, almost everyone has become a loner.


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