Hogwart’s Immortal Cultivation in Marvel Chapter 681

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Chapter 681 Strategies

Andromeda galaxy somewhere.

Milan number, Guardians of the Galaxy has just completed a Bounty Mission, this time they're way back mountain Dahl star.

rocket from his room came out, came to the cockpit and found spaceship is autopilot, and no one here.

His hint of doubt, usually the most frustrating Star-Lord, is unusually quiet on the spaceship today.

"Hey! Guys, what are you?" He just walked all the way, did not see a silhouette.

Groot rocket has gone to the room, Star-Lord rooms and Drax the room, did not see them. He feels this is not normal, I ran over and pulled mantis card magic room, no one in the same.

In other words, the number of Milan, in addition to him, the others are gone.

Almost the same time, there has been the same throughout the universe scene, countless lives so abruptly dissipated.


Luke put a lot of people are brought into the harbor, the arrival of the huge energy of the moment, among Luke retreat on Sunday perceived Stars Great Array in resisting this force.

Harbor has a protective Zhou Stars Great Array, so that this energy can not affect the internal harbor.

However, the energy came too suddenly, so that Luke only the number of people brought into the harbor.

Banner and Thor looked around more and more people, they still do not know what happened.

"What happened?" Hermione walked around Phoebe asked.

Luke not find Phoebe asked is the same.

"half life in the universe is gone." said Phoebe facial expression grave.

In addition to cobble together Infinity Gems snap of his fingers, she can not think of another probability.

"half life?" Anna said blankly.

Phoebe some do not understand, Infinity Gems now insufficient quantity, but also time gem Strange hand, Thanos has vanished without a trace, and this is where's forces.

Tony was brought unfathomable mystery, watching Pepper around, they do not know what happened.

Shortly after, Luke reappeared in front of everybody.

Vermilion Bird continent of mutants were also affected, Wizarding World of wizard who is also not spared.

However, members of the FAM fighting squad, only one person Ron dissipated.

Luke guess, and it might cultivation Que Gold has a relationship. Ron was the only person not adhere to cultivation, he opened a dessert shop after graduation, business has been good.

Dumbledore , Snape, Mr. and Mrs. Weasley, Lupin, many people are familiar with Luke did not wait until his arrival. He covers the Earth with the Divine Consciousness, who has disappeared.

We see the emergence of Luke, have gathered around.

"situation is unclear, preliminary guess, someone put together Infinity Gems, let the universe half lives were lost." He used a brief spell the Infinity Gems origins to the crowd.

half life in the universe ......

At this point, all the talent aware of the seriousness of the problem.

"cosmic cube, Loki's scepter, Ethernet particles are not you so, but also how people can gather together Infinity Gems." Thor is no stranger to Infinity Gems, so he felt more strangeness.

"It has been a few Infinity Gems I destroyed, under normal circumstances, they would not re-unite in a short time and I guess these stones may have come from other universes, you do not also just What other universes come back. "

this is the largest probability, Thanos perhaps other universes cobble together infinity gems, and brought back here.

Luke hands clutching Ago motorcycle Eye, when he went to New York temple, Strange also disappeared, leaving only the eyes Ago motorcycle off the ground.

"Since you knew this would happen, why not tell us in advance." Tony mused.

He mistakenly thought Luke destroy Infinity Gems is to prevent the current happening.

"I tell you the universe will explode after a few years, what can you do?" Luke White Tony look.

Tony do not want to embarrass Luke, Luke and he is accustomed to each other satire, subconsciously come to the sentence.

"Tony!" Tony Pepper beside pulling arm glared at him.

Tony consciously wrong, raising his hands, when I just did not say anything.

"I'm going back to Asgard trip, Luke helped me open the door." Rocky and Martial Goddess Valkyrie disappeared, Thor very worried about sleeping in Immortal Palace in mother Hou Fuli Ka.

"Well, after the Asgard depend on you, you first leave it at that, when I deal with Thanos will Qu Han you."

Luke to help care Seoul opens the door to the space of Asgard.

The presence of each person's facial expressions are very heavy, especially as Clint so lost loved ones.

"We do not have to worry too much, these people disappear and not dead, as long as we re-assembly of Infinity Gems, you can bring back people to disappear."

"We want to how to do? "Natasha asked, looking at the painful way Clint, I do not know how to comfort him.

"Now we'd better return to Earth, the disappearance of people do not die, but because some people disappear, people of accidental death is not resurrection."

Now the Earth it is already a mess, plane crash, train derailment, ships collided, traffic accident but all over the world.

"This time we should put aside our differences, work with a common purpose, a common face of the current disaster." Luke looked towards Steve and Tony.

In fact, the two have long figured out that Tony is the face does not fit, Steve is worried about Tony and Pakistan will meet unpleasant.

"As long as an Ancient One stop unreasonable." Tony said playfully.

" Luke, you worry." laughed Steve's helpless. case

Vermilion Bird continent than the Earth is good on many, one is limited population here, on the other hand is an advanced technology avoids many accidents.

"Three days later, we discuss how to collect the Infinity Gems, as well as how to deal with our enemies."

He needs to make sure this incident, what is not Thanos Caused. Thanos is how to get to the other universe or across time.

At the same time, he also need to Ant-Man rescued from quantum field, he had just been discovered Pym Academician machine manufacturing.

If you want to collect the Infinity Gems through time through, it would need Pim Academician of the Pym particles.

In all sent back to Earth soon, Luke received a rocket message, Guardians of the Galaxy on the left of him, the others are gone.

He agreed place and rockets, rocket after driving on Milan's reach, he will go to space rocket access to Earth.

One half of the disappearance of the universe, the universe so many civilizations have plunged into chaos, interstellar network is reporting news of such events.

Luke blue younger sister was looking over, looking for Thanos, or rely on the familiar lines of his talent.

Nebula pull that card magic disappeared, could not wait to go Thanos revenge.

Although not yet determine Thanos beat the snap of his fingers, but the probability is not someone else.

In fact, Luke is more worried about Infinity Gems of formidable power. He had also collected unlimited gems, can not simultaneously used them.

If you do not destroy Thanos Infinity Gems, that they are going to face is unprecedented enemy.


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