Hogwart’s Immortal Cultivation in Marvel Chapter 682

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Chapter 682 Crazy Multiverse

In order to know where Thanos got the infinite gems, Luke came to the base of the moon watcher. He intends to turn to Uatu for help, hoping to get some useful information.

At the same time, he still has some questions about the timeline and would like to ask Uatu.

Luke did not move directly into the observer base, but appeared at the door and walked into the base through the gate.

"You must know what happened in the universe, and I want to ask some questions." Luke said without bludgeoning, straight to the subject.

"You know our rules." Wu'atu's expression is as calm as ever. Compared with Thanos, he is more interested in the young man in front of him.

"Of course I know, I just ask for some news. Even if you don’t tell me, I can spend more time to know. Know it earlier, the impact should not be big."

If Uatu can't get the news he wants, he can only try a risky method

Uatu is silent for a moment, as if thinking about Luke's words.

"Let's talk about it."

"Does Thanos’ gems come from other universes or a certain timeline?" These are two completely different directions, and the way to deal with them is also completely different.

Uatu looked towards Luke, "Didn’t you realize that the universe you are in is different, and the way time works here is different from any other universe."

Luke seems to have grasped some key information, but still hasn't figured it out.

"When you were a child, you had the experience of traveling through time. Didn't you notice that you changed the future?"

Uatu's words were like a thunderbolt, completely awakening him.

Yes, what Uatu is talking about is the experience he and Hermione traveled back to 1926. Although they did not change the direction of the major event, they still changed the future. Grindelwald, Newt, and Tina all knew them, and no new timeline appeared.

"Now understand, because of your special nature, you are the only one, and this timeline is also unique. In other universes modify the past, a new timeline will be derived, and this universe does not Yes."

This makes sense. When he came, he was still worried. If he returns to the past through the Pim particle, and the timeline does not have himself, what about his family members. Will it disappear as well, and even the people related to him disappear together.

"Can I travel back to the past and destroy Thanos first?" Luke said uncertainly.

If his universe can change the future, will there be a butterfly effect or a time paradox?

"It is indeed possible, but you can’t do it now. If you want to change the future, you have to fight the Rule Power of the entire universe, otherwise there may be worse results. Maybe it will not affect you much. , But other people can't do it." Uatu explained patiently.

Understood, in this case, Thanos is impossible to go to other timelines to collect infinite gems, because there are no other timelines.

He has thought of a way in his heart. The time gem is in his hands. He can travel back to the time when Thanos was still there, and secretly observe which universe Thanos has gone to. Then, go back to the present and go to that universe to collect infinite gems.

"There is one more thing you have to be clear about. This universe is very special. The infinite gems of other universes can be used here."

"I have already thought of it, but it is still very Thank you for your reminder." He thanked Uatu again and again.

After Luke bid farewell to Uatu, he returned to Earth. If it wasn't for U'Atu's help this time, he and it might take a lot of time to figure it out.

When Luke returned to the harbor, Phoebe had already told Hermione, Anna and Skye of his thoughts.

"Hermione, I will trouble you to pick up the rockets. Phoebe and Anna, Skye stayed in the harbor to prevent accidents. With Phoebe, I will know immediately if something goes wrong. ." He said to everyone.

"Maybe it's not necessary, you may be a moment for us once you go." Phoebe said.

"It's also possible." Luke laughed and said, "Then I'll go quickly and quickly return."

"Be careful yourself." Hermione gave him a hug.

He also tried to use Time Gems for the first time. If the expected effect is not achieved, he may also use Pim Academician's Pim particles.

Luke did not travel through time in the harbor, he came to the outer space of Earth to be safe.

When Thanos disappeared, he was still in the X-Men universe. He was only a bystander this time. It shouldn't be a big problem.

A dazzling green light flashed, and Luke disappeared into space.

After a while, the green light reappeared, and Luke appeared in his original position again, but his expression was a little weird.

The plan went well. Through the broker relationship, he found Thanos’ fleet, and then followed Thanos into another universe.

However, that universe is actually the real Marvel movie universe.

The appearance of Thanos completely changed the direction of that universe, to be precise, a new branch of time appeared. The superheroes are completely wiped out in the story of the Avengers 3, facing the two Thanos, double the army, they have no resistance at all.

What's more, the Thanos in the universe where Luke is located is stronger and has more troops.

Fortunately, after the two Thanos killed all the superheroes, they only snapped their fingers, without thinking of destroying life in the entire universe.

The Thanos of the movie universe returned home and found a remote planet to grow thorny melons. The Infinite Gems and Infinite Gloves were given to the Thanos of the universe, as well as another group of Obsidian Five Generals and the army.

This is the rhythm for him to save the two universes, and if both sets of infinite gems arrive in this universe, there will be no problems.

No, there are still a time gem and a soul gem in this universe, 14 infinite gems...

It's crazy enough.

Luke returned to the harbor with a mixed feeling, and told Hermione and the others what he knew. Of course, he did not say that the universe is a movie universe.

"Is this really okay?"

Several people in Hermione looked at each other in blank dismay. They are all powers who have seen infinite gems. Even if the soul gem is not counted, there are 13 infinite gems.

If there is a fight, I can hardly imagine it.

"It should be okay, the formidable power of the infinite gem of the universe is not very big." This is Luke's most intuitive feeling.

The infinite gems he obtained from the X-Men universe are the most powerful formidable power, and may even reach the multi-universe level. Unfortunately, he didn't think so much at the time, so he let the system complete the task.

With a preliminary plan, Luke brought Tony and Banner over after picking up the Rockets.

"Hey, I thought you were a teddy bear if you didn't speak." It was the first time Tony saw the Rockets.

"Who did you say is the bear, mustache." The grumpy Rocket drew his energy gun directly and aimed it at Tony.

"Rockets, teddy bears are dolls." Luke reminded him "kindly".

"Dolls won't work either!" The Rockets didn't seem to be willing to let Tony go easily.

"I'll talk about business first, and you can compete alone for a while."

He knows the Rockets character very well. The Rockets are hard-talking and don't do anything to Tony. At most it is to do some pranks, to fix Tony.


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