Hogwart’s Immortal Cultivation in Marvel Chapter 683

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Chapter 683 of view, collecting Infinity Gems

rocket listen Luke say get down to business, but also quiet down, his partner still waiting for him to save it, did not this time Dali mustache.

"You three are talented scientist, I need you to make a computer that can pass through a time machine back to the past." Luke looked towards Tony, Banna and rockets.

If it is not wild beast Hank, Professor X and Su Rui fell away, they will be invited to join the project.

As for Reed Fantastic Four universe? Richards, even if temporarily. Between different universes, it is not so harmonious.

"You are watching science fiction novel to see more of it, the thing how that may exist." Tony once quipped.

"I am very clear to tell you, it really can be achieved. Although I could go back through magic, but we're going to another universe, crossing back to the past, collected together Infinity Gems."

Luke the case of another universe to speak out.

"that the universe we are all dead?" Banner smile somewhat unnatural.

"Yes, killing two Thanos was run out with the army. So, we must first gather together Infinity Gems, let everyone come back, have to confront another set of Thanos Infinity Gems . "

" If so, why do not we collect several sets of infinity gems, Thanos not deal with even easier. "rocket said.

"Have you seen the power of the Infinity Gems to collect so many Infinity Gems, I worry about our universe will explode." For so many Infinity Gems together, what would happen, he was not clear .

"When I did not say anything." rocket apparently frightened of the power of the Infinity Gems.

"I still think the time machine impossible." Tony thought for a long time, there is no clue.

"can give you some tips that you can think of Mobius strip. We also need to time travel tour Ant-Man's help, I went to him for a while, he was trapped in quantum field . "

" who? Thumbelina? quantum field is how is it? "Tony asked a series of questions.

"When he came to discuss your own, this can not succeed to see you up." Then, Luke directly diversion left.

professional thing to do, or to pay a professional man, he would not blending the layman.

"Come along, my family very well equipped." Luke then really let Tony have some ideas, he did not forget to invite Banna and rockets, and this time they need to work with a common purpose tide over the crisis.

After Luke left the Vermilion Bird continent, went to San Francisco.

Ant-Man is very well put Luke from quantum field out after all equipment to put in there, Luke does not need to enter the quantum field.

may be off the ground contact communicator quantum field Scott, simply put operation Scott brought back from the quantum art.

Scott learned that the universe lost half of life, he first thing is to go home to see his daughter.

Casey? Luke Lang things naturally not forget, he already makes access to the Vermilion Bird continent.

hear his daughter all right, Scott was assured down. However, he let Luke took him to see his daughter.

With Scott to join, so time shuttle research one step closer.

These days, Luke has been looking out for Thanos attacks. Perhaps because he was unpredictable properties, Thanos does not seem to realize that they intend to travel to another universe, crossing the line before the time, to collect Infinity Gems.

There may be due to get a powerful force, so that Thanos too confident. So, it did not bother to Earth to find the Avengers.

Thanos does not appear, it touches black Bat King took Atitlan back to the Earth.

They were originally going to star Kerry capital of the empire, but they have not yet entered the territory of the empire Kerry, different people clansman dissipate incident occurred.

different Human Race Imperial Family investigate the cause could delay, or even the entire universe experienced a similar situation. Black Bat King resolute decision to return to Earth, he intends to help Luke.

Human Race Imperial Family in different crystal, Medusa, big dog tetanus, and black Bat King's younger brother Maxime crazy Sri Lanka, have dissipated in the incident.

Human Race different arrival, so that the strength and growth of the Earth 1 point, Luke also put Thanos and the Infinity Gems something to tell black Bat King.

Whole Story

Black Bat King listening to things, one hand resting on the shoulders of Luke, his face firm looked at him.

Black Bat King saying they different Human Race will be a force.

Luke also very pleased to join Black Bat King, Black Bat King's battle strength is equally amazing.

Another universe to collect infinite treasure of the people do not need too much, according to the story complex with 4, a group of people went to war with New York 1 complex, spatial precious stones, heart Spirit Treasure Stone and time gems in New York.

Luke going to let Hermione, Phoebe, Tony and Steve go together, Hermione instead of Banner should be easier to convince the ancient one.

second group of people to go to Asgard Thor 2:00 time, followed by the Anna Thor act together, Anna of Immortal Palace is also very familiar with her spell Thor can help more smoothly complete the task.

Morag power gems to be retrieved by Skye and rocket to the strength of Skye, do not worry about any unforeseen circumstances.

Finally, Wo Mier star soul gem, Luke to personally go. Soul gem has its particularity, it has self-awareness.

So, he intends to serve Germany stone, so that the soul gem automatic devotion.

As for why not get this cosmic soul gem.

After he completed the task source of energy, so that the universe was unfriendly to him, is more difficult to obtain gems, might as well get another soul gem universe.

Soon, Tony completed a Möbius strip model to verify the probability through time.

Then, Tony, Banner, four rockets and Scott, in a very short period of time to build a space shuttle time, and passed the test.

Luke rode roc Divine Boat, everyone with access to another universe. Black Bat King and the rest of the people responsible for guarding the Earth, prevent unexpected.

Most people are first seen Kunpeng Divine Boat, they never knew Luke there is such a strange aircraft.

"This stuff is what power?" Tony a very curious look.

"Of course spell energy, say you do not know." Luke deliberately to provoke Tony said.

"is also worse than the Star Destroyer?" Tony did not care, he asked.

"piece of machinery and a world can compare it?" Luke looked towards Tony's eyes, as if to say you are really ignorant.

Tony did not expect such a big gap, he thought there just opened up additional space only, no trace of his extended spell of magic item is seen.

"still a lot of good things."

Tony very interested in these strange things, though, and science and technology does not matter, but he can not stop interest, likes to study.

"We'll be right there, while Tony you install the device, the device debugging we immediately set. different universe and our universe, we try not to interfere with their timeline, or is likely to lead to time Authority. "

Thanos has destroyed this timeline, he returned to the time of the original universe Authority management blind spots, which could allow him to escape unharmed. Therefore, they should be more careful.

He did not want a hassle not yet been solved, and the emergence of new problems.


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