Hogwart’s Immortal Cultivation in Marvel Chapter 684

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Chapter 684 Threatening Soul Gems

Cinema Universe

Tony and Banner quickly adjusted the time shuttle.

This operation does not require Banner and Scott to participate. Their task is to ensure the normal operation of the equipment and prevent other sudden occurrences.

"Everyone's mission is clear, our goal is to get infinite gems, don't interfere with other things." Luke looked towards Thor when he spoke.

In this universe Frigga would die, Luke told Thor in advance to avoid making any unwise actions on his impulse.

"Don't worry, I know." Thor also knew that Luke was talking about him.

"Well, our actions at this time are related to the fate of the two universes. At the same time, we must also pay attention to our own safety." He looked around everyone and said.

"Hurry up, you talk the most." Tony urged impatiently.

Hermione, Anna, Skye, and Phoebe all ordered nodded to Luke, indicating that they were ready

"Let’s start."

Everyone brought Put on the helmet.

"5――――――――――――――――Start." Banner turned on the time shuttle.

The nine of them disappeared before Banner and Scott.

Luke entered the quantum realm for the first time. The energy here makes him feel very different. The attributes of the energy are not yet obvious, more like it has not been determined yet.

It didn't take long for him and the other three groups to disperse, each moving towards his own target time.

Earth, New York

At this time, New York is facing the invasion of Cheritas, Hermione, Phoebe, Tony and Steve appear on a street.

Hermione applied the Invisibility Technique to everyone to prevent the avengers of this world from discovering them.

"I'll go to Guyi teacher to get the time gem, Phoebe, you and Tony, Steve to get the universe cube and Loki's scepter." Hermione said.

The reason why he wanted to take the time gems of this universe, Luke was also worried that there would be problems when using the infinite gems of two different universes together.

For the sake of safety, it is better to go to Gu Yi to get the Time Gem.

"The universe cube and Loki's scepter are in my mansion. Let's go there and wait." Tony said.

Although the conditions of the two universes are different, if you want to close the universe Rubik's Cube device on the top of the Stark Mansion, you need Loki's scepter.

"See you later." Phoebe took Tony and Steve to the Stark Building.

Hermione alone came to the rooftop of the New York Temple and saw Gu Yi who was roasting meat.

"teacher." Hermione shouted habitually.

Hearing such a call, Gu Yi was flipping the hand of the barbecue, and she looked at Hermione who appeared on the rooftop with a strange look.

"I can't tell where you came from. Are you a dísciple from other universes?" Gu Yi asked.

Hermione did not speak, but directly used the energy magic ring of Raggardore.

"It seems that I am very lucky, you are very good." Gu Yi smiled and admired, "Would you like to have some, just baked it, it will not taste good when it is cold."

"Thank you, teacher." Hermione did not refuse.

Gu Yi picked up a dinner plate and sandwiched some grilled sausages, steaks and vegetables.

"Come, tell me your story, you shouldn't be in a hurry."

Asgard, Immortal Palace

Anna and Thor The two came to the apse with ease, no guards found them along the way.

Anna studied in the house of Immortal Palace for a period of time, and her time in Asgard was even longer than that of Luke.

"Luke let me remind you that you already have the Storm Axe, don't worry about the Thor's Hammer." Anna said with a laugh.


Tor is a little embarrassed, he does have this idea.

In their universe, Nidalville, where Dwarf Race is located, was not destroyed by Thanos, and Thor smoothly received the new weapon forged by the dwarf king Ai Tui for him-Storm Axe .

The scene where Thor and Friga met did not appear. His real mother was still sleeping in Immortal Palace, and he did not miss Friga as much as Thor and the universe.

The two easily got the ether particles.

Skye and the Rockets are as smooth as them.

The rocket directly stunned the star-lord who was no one else dancing, and Skye got the cosmic spiritual ball from the treasure room.

Vormeer Star

Luke observes the environment on Vormeer Star. Although he has obtained soul gems in the X-Men universe, he does not know much about soul gems.

"Red Skull?" He looked at the silhouette that appeared in front of him.

The red skull wearing a black hood and a shabby black cloak slowly raised his head and looked towards Luke.

"I can't see where you came from." As the soul gem Guardian, the soul gem also gives him a special ability to know the identity of anyone who comes.

However, his ability has failed today, and it has no effect on the youth in front of him.

"Are you from Earth? Since you can come here, no one on Earth should be your opponent, right." Red Skull asked.

Vormil Star is not so far away from Earth. Being able to come here means that he is strong or powerful.

Without waiting for Luke to speak, Red Skull continued to say: "In previous life I have also pursued these source stones. I even grabbed one by myself, but it abandoned me and banished me. Here. Take someone else to hunt for treasure, but I will never get it!"

Red Skull is probably too lonely. No one talked to him for a long time. When I saw Luke, who is also a human, I would speak of which endlessly. .

"Come with me, it is not easy to get it."

After a long while, Red Skull finally stopped talking and walked up the mountain first.

"Have you never thought that it planned all this? Before you, there should be no Guardian here, right."

Luke said it is naturally a soul gem, perhaps a soul The gem made the universe cube where the space gem was located to send the red skull here.

Then, it can enslave the Red Skull and make the Red Skull the Guardian of the gem.

Red Skull's body paused, turned his head to look at Luke deeply, did not speak, and continued to walk up the mountain.

"Don't be so troublesome, I'm not here to sacrifice." Before the words fell, Luke had moved to the cliff on the mountain with the red skull.

"You!" The Red Skull almost thought that the other party had space gems.

Just listen to Luke's words: "Soul gem, I know you have a sense of autonomy. I plan to use it with you, and then I will send you back."

A gust of wind blows. After that, there was no response from the cliff.

The red skull next to him was also very speechless. It was the first time he saw a soul gem and said to borrow it for a use.

"Maybe you don’t know, I come from other universes. The infinite gems in our place were destroyed by me and couldn’t condense in a short time. Therefore, I asked you for help."

There was still no response, and Red Skull's expression changed slightly.

"Since discussing with you has no effect, I have to take this planet apart and see if you are buried in it." With that, Luke's figure grew rapidly.

In an instant, Vomer Star couldn't hold his body anymore.

Red Skull looked at the scene in horror. The young man just now seemed to have transformed into a Heavenly God in an instant, and the entire Vomer Star was held in his palm.


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