Hogwart’s Immortal Cultivation in Marvel Chapter 685

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Chapter 685 Snapping Fingers

The entire Vormeer planet was held in the palm of Luke, as if he could crush the entire planet into smashes with just a small amount of force.

The Red Skull had never thought that such a thing would happen. The Vormeer star seemed to be an insignificant ball in the opponent's hand and could be disposed of at will.

He felt a trace of anxiety from the Soul Gem.

Seeing the soul gem and still not expressing his position, Luke said: "Perhaps you are not afraid of being destroyed. Even if you are destroyed, you can reconsolidate in the future. Then if I completely destroy the universe, I don’t know. Can you still exist?"

Luke's immense body dissipated in an instant, replaced by endless flames.

"Stop! It agreed." Red Skull hurriedly shouted, and the Soul Gem showed fear and fear.

Luke put away the divine flame scattered around.

At this time, it is not difficult for him to destroy a timeline, but it will take some time to completely destroy this single universe. If no one interferes with him, it can be done.

Luke didn't want to do it unless it was necessary. Just now, he was scaring the soul gem, betting that it didn't want to disappear completely.

Red Skull can’t imagine how Earth could have such a terrifying existence, he must not be a human being.

Luke reappeared on the cliff, looking at the red skull, "Where is it?"

No need for Luke to urge again, an infinite gem shining with orange rays of light, Suspended in front of him.

"It's so good, and I wasted so much time." Luke casually took the soul gem in his hand.

Actually, the soul gem is much more dangerous than Luke thought. Gems can not only control life and souls, but even dead souls can command them. Soul gems do have some sense of self-independence and a hungry soul.

However, Luke's ability just restrains the soul gem. Both his soul and spirit are protected by the original divine flame, not to mention the completeness of the original divine flame has reached 80%, which is not controllable by a soul gem.

"I will send it back when I use it up."

Luke directly activated the device on his body and returned to Earth in the current timeline of the movie universe.

The squad where Hermione is located has also successfully obtained the space gem, the heart Spirit Treasure stone and the time gem.

Everyone appeared on the time shuttle almost at the same time.

"How?" Luke looked towards Hermione.

The time gem in the hands of Gu Yi is an uncertain factor. Although he has made perfect preparations, accidents may still occur.

Hermione spreads out her palm, which is the gem of time with green rays of light.

"The teacher said, let you go when you return the gems." Hermione looked strange.

Do you still want to hit me a few fans... Luke is a bit speechless. Maybe a different ancient one has the same hobby.

"Well, since everyone has the infinite gems, let's restore the universe to normal, and then return immediately."

A set of gold and silver light armor covers Luke Body.

He didn't ask Ai Cui to create another infinite glove, but used immortal gold to simulate a pair of light armor, and six infinite gems could be inlaid on the chest.

The ability to control the metal can turn the fairy gold into any form he needs, and even he can condense a long sword studded with six infinite gems.

As for the person who snaps the fingers, everyone has no objection. No one here is better than Luke's physique.

Not allowing Nebula to participate in the operation this time is to prevent Thanos from getting news in advance.

One after another Infinite Gem is mounted on Luke's chest. The energy of the gem gradually fills his body, and the energy of various colors surrounds him.

Everyone stared at Luke intently.

"How do you feel?" Hermione asked nervously.

"Don't worry, there is no big feeling." Maybe his physique is too strong, equipped with six infinite gems, it didn't bring him any discomfort.

Luke's expression is very relaxed, not at all as painful as Hulk uses the Infinite Gloves.

"Let's start, you brat don't think about it at this time." Tony knew that Luke's thinking was leaping, and he was really worried about him doing something else.

Luke gave Tony a blank look and ignored him.


Luke snapped his fingers as everyone watched.

Everyone looked around, wondering if Luke succeeded. They are located in the suburbs of New York, and there is no change at this time.

"It worked!" Hermione said excitedly.

Hermione has observed changes on Earth with Divine Consciousness, and it should be the same in the universe.

Luke was not backlashed by the Infinite Gems after snapping his fingers. To be precise, his body offset the backlash's power.

He stretched out his right hand and waved to the side. Strange Academician, Spiderman, Star Lord, Scarlet Witch, Black Panther, all the people who disappeared because of snapping their fingers appeared beside them.

"You made it." Spiderman saw Tony and wanted to come right away, but he was stopped by the strange Academician.

"Who are you?" Weird Academician said vigilantly.

He can feel that the people on the opposite side are a little different, and there are a few others he has not seen, especially the light armor worn by one of them, with six infinite gems.

"Don't be nervous, we are from another universe, and the other Thanos you meet comes from us." Luke explained.

Another universe...

The people on the opposite side looked at each other in blank dismay, which they did not expect.

"What about our people?" The Winter Soldier looked at Steve, as if trying to see the difference.

"The person who eliminates the infinite gems can be restored, but the person killed by Thanos cannot be resurrected." The Iron Man of this universe, Captain of the United States, Thor and the others are with two Thanos Were killed in the battle.

In other words, in this timeline destroyed by Thanos, the few people killed will no longer appear.

When Luke came, he had already told everyone about this situation, but everyone in the movie universe didn't know it.

"Mr. Stark is dead..." The little spider seemed to be unable to accept this fact, especially when there was another Stark standing on the opposite side.

"What about Kamora, can Kamora come back." Xingjue asked anxiously.

Luke shook the head to Star Jue.

"Can we go back to the past and stop Thanos." Tony looked at the sad little spider and said unbearably.

"That way, only a new timeline will appear, and it will not affect the present. Even if you bring those people here, a new timeline will also appear." Luke explained.

The movie universe is different from the universe they are in. It is impossible to modify the future by going back to the past.

"If we go back to the past and don’t interfere with Thanos’s snapping fingers, we will only save people. Anyway, after snapping our fingers, there will be half of the lives in the universe. Bring back a few people from that bad timeline. The effect isn't big, right." Scott said suddenly.

Luke thought for a moment, the idea seemed okay. After I finished it, I immediately ran back to the original universe, and the Time Administration couldn't find him. The only thing I had to worry about was whether those people would be willing.

Although from the ending, there is no change to that timeline, it is actually a new timeline.

Luke handed over the decision to the other party. If they wanted, he wouldn't mind helping them after he eliminated Thanos.


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