Hogwart’s Immortal Cultivation in Marvel Chapter 686

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Chapter 686 Humanity and Divinity, Before the War

Weiy Academician and others quickly discussed the results and made suggestions to help.

However, Luke did not agree with the other party's help. The development trajectories of the two universes are not the same, and their departure is likely to change the destiny of some people.

After declining Weird Academician’s proposal, Luke took everyone back to their original universe.


As everyone watched, Luke snapped his fingers again, and an invisible energy quickly spread.

However, a blue space door appeared not far away from the crowd, and a silhouette of purple skin wearing golden armor came out from it, and in his left hand he wore an infinite glove studded with six infinite gems.

It was Thanos, who sensed the energy fluctuations of the infinite gem and came directly across the vast universe to them.

Luke has shown you an image of Thanos. The moment Thanos appeared, everyone assumed a fighting posture.

The appearance of Thanos was expected by Luke. Now that Banner can design a machine to detect the energy of infinite gems, Thanos holds the entire set of infinite gems. It is not surprising that Thanos can sense the energy of infinite gems. .

Thanos took a look at the all around environment, and finally fixed his gaze on Luke with six infinite gems on his chest.

"I thought you would thank me. There are 7.5 billion people living on this small planet. Your activities have given this planet more than 65% of grass, forests, rivers and lakes. There is a negative influence."

When Thanos spoke, a butterfly happened to fly by. He raised his right hand, and the butterfly landed on his thick finger.

"Overpopulation has caused environmental pollution and resource depletion. In the near future, this place will become a dead planet."

Thanos has been paying attention to Earth a long time ago. Now, all signs show that Earth has more than one infinite gem.

Especially in Luke's sudden emergence, after Sandal star killed Ronan's fleet to get the universe spirit orb, Thanos increased the penetration of Earth.

He originally had another plan to seize infinite gems, and it was not until his fleet accidentally discovered the entrance to other universes that he changed his plan.

"The resources of this universe are limited, but life is constantly expanding. To achieve harmony in the universe, it is necessary to curb the uncontrolled spread of life."

It seems that other people are Thanos had insignificant eyes, he was just talking to Luke.

"I don't deny your ideals, maybe you are right. But you ignore human nature. You can't expect ordinary lives to understand your'noble' ideals."

"Hey! Where are you from?" Luke's words caused Tony's dissatisfaction.

"Isn’t it different? Is this different from the God flooding the world in your bible? The number of species preserved in Noah’s Ark is much less than this. Don’t you still believe in him the same? They are the only ones The difference is that one alien is called a god, the other is called a god." Luke retorted.

There are not many existences like Marvel, whether it's star swallowing, death and annihilation, or even divine talisman that represents destruction. They represent the rules of the universe, are beyond the moral essence, and don't care about anything other than the purpose of existence.

Tony is speechless choked by Luke.

"It seems that you understand me." Thanos was a little relieved to see someone understand his ideals.

Although Tony didn't know how to refute Luke, he kept winking at Luke. It seems to be asking, what do you mean.

Good guy, a Thanos is enough trouble. This hasn't even started, and one of his own betrayal, he is still the strongest, Tony can't help but slander Luke in the heart.

Steve couldn't stand aside anymore, and wanted to open his mouth to help Tony find his place.

Luke saw the thoughts of Steve and the others, laughed to everyone, and signaled don't worry.

"However, it is a pity that I cannot approve of your behavior. My humanity has not been transformed into a divine nature. Among the people who have been eliminated by you, there are my friends and my teachers. With people they care about, I can’t turn a blind eye to all this."

"This is not a battle of ideas, but a battle of power. As long as you win us, no one will destroy your results." Luke's eyes became firm.

winner is the king, loser is the villain, only the winner can decide the fate of others.

"I knew Luke would not let us down," Thor said with a laugh, and he never doubted Luke. Therefore, he never interrupted.

Luke can't understand what Luke said, and Thanos also understands what Luke means.

"In this case, we can only use our strength to decide victory or defeat." Thanos shook his left hand firmly, and a blue spatial energy extended from his left hand to the rear.

His army was sent over by him.

In the outer space of Earth, hundreds of large main battleships appear out of thin air, along with numerous small and medium-sized battleships.

Thanos’ flagship Temple 2, hovering in the sky behind Thanos.

There are two Temple 2 ships, the one that is only a few kilometers away should come from the movie universe, and the other giant ship several times larger than the former is the true flagship of Thanos. The Star Destroyer built by Luke is much worse than that.

Obsidian five generals have become obsidian ten generals, Leviathan giant beast, Cherita Legion, vanguard army, all kinds of giant semi-mechanized creatures, there are countless.

"Where are our people?" The number of enemies on the opposite side exceeded Tony's imagination. The scale of the battle at this time was far greater than the several battles he had experienced.

The large number of enemies is within Luke's expectations, otherwise he would not run to the Gobi in the western United States to snap his fingers.

If it wasn't their people who needed to breathe, Luke would even put the battlefield in space or other deserted planets.

Luke's heart moved, and the same blue space quickly spread from his chest.

The different Human Race led by Black Bat King, the mutant of Professor X and Magneto Commander Wang, Dumbledore leads the wizards of various countries, the secret technique division headed by Strange, the Legion of Asgard, In the divine spear game, the superpower team and the Wakanda soldiers belonging to the Panthers all appeared one after another.

In space, Asgard’s flying boat, Nova Empire’s battleship, Betelgeuse’s fleet, Yongdu’s The Marauders fleet, and even Shia’s Feathered Fleet.

For the final battle, Luke contacted a few Great Empires with a better relationship as early as after the finger-snap event. The Feathered Fleet of the Shia Empire can be said to be a surprise. Luke did not expect that the Shia Empire would send their strongest fleet.

Rocky, Star Lord, Evil Spirit Knight, Blade, Pietro, Wanda, Peggy holding a shield in the left hand and holding a sword in the right hand, wearing Battle Armor Little Hot Pepper Pepper, the Wasp, and Su Rui Surprisingly, Captain was temporarily lifted, and many superheroes appeared one after another.

The battle between the two sides is about to start.


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