Hogwart’s Immortal Cultivation in Marvel Chapter 687

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Chapter 687 unknown force

the one where Luke, almost everyone watching around. There are many of us in the team are unfamiliar faces, especially the mysterious wizard and secret technique division.

Wizarding World is the first time such a large number of out of the wizard, wizard on the Earth, and the Vermilion Bird continent has been moved to the wizard, overwhelming majority are involved in.

However, the number of troops behind compared to Thanos, it is small and more. Thanos behind the build-up of troops but two of the universe, even the limited size of the movie universe, but also far more than the number one Luke.

"There are no foreign aid, people seem a little less on our side, especially can fly." Tony looked towards behind the team.

Air units to Asgard and Wa Kanda-based aircraft, then there are some that superheroes can fly.

The battle Luke national military did not count, for if the war languished, is the time to join these vital forces.

Luke Tony did not answer, he nodded to the point Phoebe around.

Luke everyone is wondering what to do when I saw Phoebe appeared in the hands of a roll of ancient books and exudes a faint fluorescence brush.

"Hell pylori Gates of Hell - apart!" Phoebe light shouted.

in midair, a fantasy of ancient city appeared, hanging on the side of the big city gate, with the words 'H. Hell Gates of Hell' big seven gold.

city gate slowly opened, cold Yin Qi instantly spread out, black as ink dark clouds covered the sun, Heaven and Earth have become dark a lot, everyone felt gloomy wind array array.

dong ! dong! dong!

came the sound of drums from the city gate, followed by the sound of clanging armor of friction. A transparent stature of cavalry, led countless shining glow of Guicu drifted out from the city gate.

Yin Soldier transit! This is surprising to a lot of divine spear protoss Bureau.

than there from Gates of Guicu, there are many number of ghost wizard Hell occur.

This is a change of life and death book after absorbing the nether demon, who lives in the nether demon unknown, into the book of life and death, for all of the Ghost Soldier Ghost General. The ghost wizard is the kingdom of the dead from the Department of Mysteries after the arch, in the book of life and death that office space absorption, they also migrated into it.

Evil Spirit Knight Johnny flame burning eyes, watching this scene.

"Oh my God, they ghost." Star-Lord scared hop sideways, as if only to recognize these exudes Yingying white light is.

Almost all of Luke did not know there was such a dead army.

" Luke." Hermione hesitated shouted.

Vermilion Bird Clan people who want to participate in this battle, but Luke did not agree. Ysera have been fighting the idea of Hermione, Hermione hoped to convince Luke.

From the original mind is concerned, Luke does not want to Vermilion Bird Clan people involved in the fighting, they can Ysera a few people think he is aware of.

"What are you hesitating?" Now Tony has been surprisingly enough, but it seems he saw Luke is not something determined.

Tony and the number of times some people have been to the harbor can be counted on one's fingers, even though people like Steve live year round in the harbor, for the Vermilion Bird Clan people do not understand the strength.

Vermilion Bird Clan of training in another piece Strip, the harbor area is too large, or even often running around Newt, patch, have not been to the heart.

However, Steve and Peggy guess a little. Although they do not understand the Vermilion Bird Clan's true strength, but they know Vermilion Bird Clan also has its own army, but also a good number of troops.

Many people have looked towards the Luke, so he rarely hesitated.

"Well, let them war now."

Hermione heavy nodded, a semi-covered space teams slowly open the door behind them.

wu ~

A muffled sound from the horn.

hundreds of ships five tooth-like flying boat from the ship to fly out before each layer forts ship of the House are standing Ginko Vermilion Bird Clan people, red flag flying in Vermilion Bird topmost floor body.

Griffin cavalry team to surround and protect these animals and flying giant flying boat.

Luke saw it, a little regret, that they are the Cubs do not feel bad selling Ye Tian ah, dragged out all the finished product.

These giant flying boat, but it took him a lot of effort, battle strength of each one is not even weaker than those of large battleship in space. Of course, the strategic-level battleship there are some gaps, but with the above Vermilion Bird Clan enhance the strength of people, there is still much room for improvement.

long range attack Killing Formation, so that flying boat stealth imaginary formation, provide a powerful defense Royal array, the space may be a space shuttle array, and a core of Origin flying boat Gathering Array.

In the mixture of all kinds of expertise Vermilion Bird Clan people, making flying boat performance boost again.

The only drawback is that they consume too much material, whether it is fairy gold, essence stone, or other supporting material.

On the ground, teams of Ginko clansman marching in step, in Olivia, led by Luke's side towards the close.

Vermilion Bird Clan Ysera queen did not come, perhaps afraid Luke scolded her, Olivia led war. Followed Olivia side there is a small maid Luke Lisa, Lisa body moved, appeared in front of Luke.

"Father, Vermillion Bird Army regiment come to report."

"facelift it." Luke helpless to say, since people have come, we can not let them war .

Lisa towards a schematic Olivia nodded.

a giant Vermilion Bird show the wind banners, flags and Vermilion Bird on different giant flying boat, the multi-edged sword this surface Vermilion Bird flag.

Asgard and the army is not the same, although the Vermilion Bird Clan people are wearing armor, but they really are the essence of the energy equipment. This is Luke by Vermilion Bird Clan people Power of Faith, Bloodline Power, spirit strength, developed a way to use the energy of the essence.

instant, in the giant flying boat the sky is covered with a shield crimson, Vermilion Bird Clan al condensed out before the energy bow crenellations.

On the ground, golden weapon, silver shield warrior; gold bows, red arrows archer; small blue-green Druid, as well as the number; silver wand, blue shield of magic division the mysterious red-black team.

after the energy essence of successful research, Luke changed the direction of research entities weapons, let them be equipped with energy with each other.

a biological element with a tall stand, all kinds of ferocious animals have appeared someone.

"What a surprise, actually there is such a powerful force on Earth."

opening speech that came to help empire Nun's sword fight, and since Luke played a after the two became good friends.

When gladiatorial see other teams, are not so surprised. His keen perception that the team out of the ordinary, especially that weird power.

Doujian not clear, this energy is developed Luke, belonging to higher dimensional strength. Vermilion Bird's Bloodline Power accounted for a large proportion, Vermilion Bird Clan learn to effect Que Gold is far better than those wizard.

Therefore, only the sight of so amazing results.

Do not tell Luke limited knowledge of gladiatorial, even XAcademician, Magneto, Black Bat King, even Dumbledore, Steve, Peggy These people are very familiar with Luke's, are very shocked to see this scene.

Those Guicu Ghost General did not say they often see the friendly, kind of Vermilion Bird Clan people, actually there with such Jagged side.


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