Hogwart’s Immortal Cultivation in Marvel Chapter 688

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Chapter 688 Fierce Battle

Seeing the emergence of the army of the dead and the Vermillion Bird Army regiment, Thanos in the distance did not expect that the opponent had such an army. He sent to Earth's spies, and no one found such information.

Especially when the other party also has a set of infinite gems, he has no time to deal with these two Legions.

It can be said that this scene is unexpected to everyone.

This guy is really hidden, and I don't know if he has any other cards, Tony secretly cursed in the heart.

"It's almost done this time." With that, Luke threw the Eye of Agomoto to Strange, "Don't just be a water healer."

Although Strange didn't understand the meaning of Luke's words, but he still solemnly put the Eye of Agomoto around his neck.

"Blessings to all!"

In midair appear out of thin air, countless little starlights fell on Luke's personnel.

Strength, physical strength, defense, speed, spirit and other abilities have all been greatly improved at this moment, and even the strength of the ghost soldiers and ghost wizards have been improved.


Not far from Luke, a giant Fireball was suddenly shot, blasting a piece of vanguard behind Thanos.

Everyone looked towards the place where the giant Fireball appeared, and Xingjue's eyes widened, staring at his elemental gun in a daze.

"Hey, do you believe it, I said it caused it to go wrong." Xingjue was a little overdone in comfort.

Kamor moved aside without a trace, trying to stay away from this guy.

The soul gem of this universe is still on Vomer, Thanos is a soul gem obtained from another universe, and Kamora escaped death.

"Vermilion Bird belongs to-offense!" Luke shouted loudly.

Although the battle started suddenly, there is nothing to say about Thanos.

Thousands of energy arrows were shot at Thanos’ camp by the Vermilion Bird Clan archer at the same time.

Thanos' tall body remained motionless, as if he didn't care about this wave of arrows. He raised his double-edged sword and pointed it in the direction Luke was, and he also launched an attack.

Boom boom boom...

However, a violent explosion interrupted the Thanos army's charge.

The formidable power of each energy arrow is not much weaker than the heavy bomb. Anyone who despises its formidable power will be swallowed by flames.

The reason why the energy arrow has such a huge might has a lot to do with the energy source Vermilion Bird bloodline, which can already be regarded as a dimensionality reduction blow.

Suddenly, Thanos was covered by a fire sea behind him.

Naturally, Thanos would not sit still. He raised his left hand and squeezed hard, and all the flames were sucked into the power gem by him.

"Be careful of the five obsidian generals, and give Thanos to me." Luke rushed out first.

With the strength of Hermione, just pay attention to the five Obsidians in this universe. The five in the movie universe are relatively useless, so you don't need to worry too much.

Thanos does not intervene in other people's battles, their advantage is very large.

With Luke's lead, others also charged forward.

Vermilion Bird Clan's magic master summon produced a large number of element spells, which directly smashed into the enemy's camp.

In comparison, the magic of the wizard and the magic of the secret technique are much inferior. Only the amazing innate talents like Dumbledore and Strange can release the huge magic of formidable power.

All Spirit Beasts have regained their size. Fire Phoenix and Bingluan are attacking freely, while Anna and Skye are riding Fenglin and White Tiger respectively. They can cooperate with each other. Cause greater damage to air units.

The ice thorns that suddenly burst on the ground, each of them can harvest a life.

Tor is brandishing the storm axe, beside him are the weather witch, the storm woman, and the three of them work together to make their lightning formidable power superimpose each other, and they will immediately turn into coke when struck by lightning.

However, not all battles are smooth sailing.

The superstar attacked the mutant iceman’s thinking, causing the iceman to launch an attack on his companions, and the mutant students led by Qin fell into the iceman’s attack.

The octopus brother Ebony Maw, who has super-strong language control ability, also successfully confuses Strange with words, allowing Strange to smash the energy and magic on his own person.

"Hermione is going to help Strange, and Wanda is going to help the Iceman." While Luke was fighting Thanos, he left an Avatar outside.

It doesn't need how high the battle strength of this Avatar is, he is only responsible for the command of the overall battlefield.

Black Bat King, XAcademician, Magneto is dealing with General Deadblade, Proxima Diablo and Black Dwarf. Luke still somewhat underestimates the danger of the Obsidian Five, and their three people are already losing out.

The ability of the black Bat King is easy to accidentally injure his own people, which is not suitable for such a battle.

"Fighting sword and the red-haired beauty around you, help the black Bat King and XAcademician."

Fighting sword almost no one knows, so he can only act with others .

Really? Black Widow, Banner, Red Tank, huge Ant-Man, and weather witch team member Sun Wukong. The five people are still in the land of no one, pushing all the way, no one can resist them Footsteps.

"Hey, you will also grow bigger, did you learn from Luke?" Ant-Man in the battle didn't forget to talk to Sun Wukong.

The Aunt Marvel, who was released from the seal, seemed to want to prove that she actually broke into the battle between Luke and Thanos.


The punch that blessed the power of the gem energy directly slammed her into the formation, and immediately passed unconsciously.

The nearby Logan, Thor, and Steve actually followed suit and attacked Thanos.

A flash of red energy flashed Logan to the ground. The Edman metal in his body was transformed into a soft sponge by Thanos. Thor turned into glass, and Steve's shield was shattered by Thanos.

"This is not your battle, you don't need to fight against Thanos." The green time energy restored them to normal, and Steve's shield was restored.

The Thanos, who has a set of infinite gems, can modify the reality arbitrarily, and Luke can only use the power of infinite gems to fight him.

He is competing with Thanos to consume, using the power of infinite gems will bring a great burden to the body. When Thanos can no longer persist, Infinite Gems will kill him.

The battle at this time didn't trigger the mission. I don't know if it was the system that felt it was not difficult to fight Thanos, or the mission mechanism had changed.

The battle scene in space is even more grand. There are thousands of large and medium-sized battleships on both sides, thousands of battleship exchanges, photon torpedoes, induction cannons, and energy emitted by various energy cannons flying randomly in the universe. .

From time to time, battleships are destroyed, or fall from the sky, or directly blown to pieces.

Tony, Pepper, Rod and Vision, Mobiliarbus on the battlefield, wherever fire support is needed, they will appear.

The record is very good and the army of the dead is led by the Filipino. The enemy's energy weapons can't hurt them at all, and wherever they go, all the enemy's souls are harvested by them.

"The artillery covers the ground indiscriminately." Thanos suddenly ordered the battleship in the sky to fire on the ground.

"The beauty of thinking, go!" Luke furiously threw Yu Jian.

Yu Jian swelled in the wind, countless sword glow shot from Yu Jian, intercepting the energy shells fired from the battleship.


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