Hogwart’s Immortal Cultivation in Marvel Chapter 689

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Chapter 689 Unexpected Ending

The damage caused by Luke's battle with Thanos is getting more and more serious. If we continue to fight like this, it is very likely that Thanos has not been wiped out, and Earth has been destroyed.

The two sets of infinite gems come from the same universe, and their powers are almost the same. The only difference is the power of the user.

Thinking of this, Luke had the idea of ​​letting the infinite gem destroy the infinite gem.

However, in this case, there is no way to return the gems, and the impact on another universe will certainly be significant.

Suddenly, Luke's heart moved. The universe they are in can change the future by going back to the past. It's just that the greater the change to the future, the greater the backlash of destiny.

"Strange, give me the Eye of Agomoto." Luke sound transmission to Strange.

Since I can't bear the power of backlash now, Thanos certainly can't.

Strange didn't know what Luke was going to do, but he still threw the eyes of Agomoto at Luke.

When Thanos saw the opportunity, his fist was covered with purple energy, and he hit Luke with a punch.


Luke's body was like a piece of glass, which was smashed to pieces. But that was just an illusion created by Luke. His real body had already got the Eye of Agomoto and put it on his neck.

The heavy blow blows everyone around, and even Tony, who happened to fly through the air, is blown away by the blow.

The air wave dissipated, and a huge hole with a diameter of over 100 meters appeared on the ground. The target of Thanos is still Luke, if it hits the ground, it will be more serious.

Within a radius of 100 meters, only Thanos is left, which is exactly in line with Luke's plan.

"Thanks, let you see what real power is." The Flame Mark on Luke's eyebrows appeared, and the flame energy condensed into the Yuyan coat, and his imposing manner was once again greatly improved.

Get the blessing of Infinite Gems, which makes Luke more powerful at this time.

His hands slammed forward, and a dazzling beam of energy directed at Thanos.

"I also have infinite gems. Your energy can't beat me." Thanos punched out from the left, which was also a dazzling beam of energy.


The two energy beams collided in the middle of the two. The explosion at this time was even more violent, and everyone who was still in the fight was affected by this. The majestic energy took off.

"Damn, what is he doing, he will ruin Earth like this." Captain flustered and exasperated surprised.

She has to admit that she can't deal with Thanos alone with a set of infinite gems. Thanos is just getting the blessing of the power gem, and it can beat her to unconscious.

The indiscriminate energy impact destroyed countless Cheritas and vanguards. The side where Luke was, was protected by Luke's blessing, and everyone was not harmed.

What Luke is going to do, this is what everyone cares about most at the moment.

Suddenly, Luke collected the energy in his hand, and the energy beam shot from Thanos's left hand blinked and arrived in front of him.

A green space door appeared in front of Luke, and Thanos' energy shot into the door.

Thanos felt a little wrong, and he immediately put away his energy.

"What did you do!" Thanos asked, staring at Luke.

This is the first time everyone has seen the green space door.

Many of the people present are green, Hulk, Kamora, and Loki are also green. Although the magic of the charm witch is green, it is obviously different from the one that Luke just cast.

The eyes of Akmoto hanging on Luke's chest are open, the gem of time exudes strange green rays of light, and all of them are wrapped in a thin layer of green bubbles.

"What did you do!" Thanos asked again, he couldn't see Luke's behavior through the power of the time gem.

Strange, frowned, seems to be thinking about a certain kind of probability.

The timeline of the past.

Thanos and his army are planning to go to another universe, the opposite universe is weak and pitiful, but this does not prevent him from getting infinite gems.

As long as he can collect all the infinite gems, he can complete the great goal and restore the balance of the universe.

However, just as Thanos imagined the future, an extremely dazzling rays of light appeared in front of him.

Boom, boom, boom...

The energy beam penetrated Temple 2 and all the battleships and Thanos even on the path of this energy beam have a chance to react. No, it was completely annihilated by this energy.

Current timeline.

Everyone felt the surrounding space flicker, like the flickering of the scene at the beginning of an old-fashioned movie.

Thanos felt that something was wrong, and he enveloped himself with the power of infinite gems.

The space flickers more and more frequently, and then everyone notices that the surrounding environment is changing, and the change is getting faster and faster.


Thanos’ body appeared to be cracked, and a dazzling white light leaked out of his body.

Crack, crack, crack...

There are more and more cracks on his body, as if it might break at any time.

"no! What did you do!" Thanos used the power of infinite gems to forcibly protect his body.

The forces of the two universes collide. The Infinite Gems represents the movie universe, and the other force is the backlash of the destiny of the universe. Thanos’ body becomes the battlefield for the confrontation of the two forces.

"You just accidentally beat yourself to death." Luke said with a chuckle.

Most of the people present did not understand the meaning of Luke's words.

"This is impossible!" Thanos did not believe this explanation.

Even if he bears the backlash of the power of destiny, and uses force to immortalize himself, he will be hit hard, and he can no longer bear the power of infinite gems, he will die.


The dazzling white light completely burst Thanos’ body. Everyone covered their eyes with their hands to resist the dazzling rays of light. .

The white light slowly dissipated, and when everyone's eyesight returned to normal, the surrounding area had restored the original appearance of the Gobi, and there was still the shadow of the Thanos army.

Many people looked towards the air together, and even their own battleship disappeared.

"What's the matter, what did you do?" Tony fell beside Luke from the sky, and everyone else surrounded him.

Everyone is wondering how Luke did it.

"I just opened a door to the past time, letting Thanos himself fired energy to kill himself." Luke explained with a smile.

"Didn't it mean that you can't modify the past to change the future?" Rockets said, he had suggested this before.

"It’s not that it can’t be modified, but it’s a backlash that has to endure the power of destiny after modification. Only a very powerful existence can resist this power. Obviously Thanos can’t do it. Of course, I can’t do it at the moment either. , Otherwise he would have been killed in the past."

"What about our battleship." Doujian asked.

He brought the main fleet of the Shia Empire. If this fleet were all destroyed, he would definitely be punished.

"Don’t worry, Thanos was wiped out at the previous point in time, and there will be no subsequent snapping events. Your fleet is naturally still in the Shia Empire, and nothing has happened. Yes. I just wrapped you in time energy, otherwise, you will not know the existence of this matter."

Everyone looked at each other in blank dismay, and the battle ended in this way. ? Everyone is ready to sacrifice, ready to fight to the end, who would have thought that a big battle would be over...


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