Hogwart’s Immortal Cultivation in Marvel Chapter 690

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Chapter 690 X universe with the new start

"another universe timeline what will happen, not the Thanos, they would not have died of it." Tony thought of another universe little spider.

"We've been on the timeline of the piece will not be affected, up to a time line is their normal appearance." cosmic two different operating rules, to revise the timeline can not so easily, unless Authority is the time to intervene.

everything returned to normal on the Earth, in addition to personnel involved in the fighting, the owner will not have this memory is eliminated.

"Hey, it should be good to celebrate, we have just saved the universe." Star-Lord loudly offered.

"was right after the war victory should be celebrated, the more fun the better." Thor said with a smile.

Rocky and Valkyrie are safe, Hella also Haier Hades, to deal with Hella also unhurried moment.

"I hear you have a carnival city, you It should not be so stingy." Tony Pepper listen mentioned many times, but he never once visited.

Even though he of money, but also impossible to build a dedicated special fun city, Las Vegas, so did not dare to play.

Not that Tony Luke deliberately let go, but he did not catch the entertainment city open time.

After Tony reminder, Wanda, Pietro, Clint also to the interest. They have not been open play catch up with the city, especially Hawkeye want to take his child to go with them.

Harbor unlike Vermilion Bird continent, Luke rarely make people move into it.

Of course, Clint did not mention the matter, Vermilion Bird continent's life has made him very satisfied, there is a recent addition to female students all day pestering him to apprentice learning.

"Since we have so much interest, it would go together, but to wait for me to come back from another universe, not spend a lot of time." Said, Luke looked towards the Olivia Asia, "Olivia, let clansman who go to prepare, future entertainment city open one week."

" Yes, Father." Olivia replied.

"Oh! they can play myself!" Anna excitement of throwing himself next to Skye's body.

Luke let Hermione take you to go back to Vermilion Bird continent, at the same time, he allowed this celebration can bring their families, many people have to go home or back to Earth access.

hear can bring their families to go, mites, Clint, Armstrong and the others were happy. Luke also tells Professor X and Qinge Lei, mutant children can go together.

He'll Transmission Gate directly to the amusement inside the city, do not worry about these people running around.

Luke was about to travel to another universe, Strange went to his side.

"It should also be something that is not me." Strange pointed to his neck.

He was talking Ago motorcycle Eye.

"for a while in order to give you, I feel a breakthrough soon, you do not want me to breakthrough within the scope of Earth it."

Strange spoken of the king and Luke breakthrough thing, he knew Luke breakthrough, will become very dangerous around.


Strange do not think Luke would snatch time gem, after all, Luke now have a complete set of hands. But he needs to power the motor Ago eye of other dimensions to resist the invasion.

"Of course, I need to use the Time Acceleration and its ability to slow down, so I will pay you a breakthrough."

Strange thought Luke also Earth, with he let the enemy is the same, I would not immediately think to come back.


Strange did not tell other people to Vermilion Bird continent, he invited Christine to return to Earth to go with him.

Luke alone went to another universe, to return the Infinity Gems.

The Banner and Tony do not need to follow up, he would use the shuttle time.

Luke leave when they host the universe, Jiang Yiwu map of sound in his ears, telling him that the universe has been named as the X universe. X represents an unknown, mysterious, but also easy to distinguish from other universe.

199999 Universe

Luke before the return of Infinity Gems, he first went to the timeline of two Thanos attack Earth, Iron Man rescued, US Captain and the others, their back to the timeline to restore the snap of his fingers.

As for the short-lived Thanos, high probability will be times as the Board came to the door, he does not need to intervene in the process.

a few gems return went very smoothly, no transaction soul gem, but returned in the final time gem, and was the ancient one "teach" a lot.

X universe, Earth

I do not know who inadvertently leaked the news, Luke held a grand carnival to the news appeared on the network. All of a sudden, major media fashion, are asking about it.

No one knew exactly no reason, why do carnival. In particular, some messages appear one after another, many superheroes have received an invitation, you can also visit with their families.

It is said that there is a carnival dedicated to the city, but also the Vermilion Bird Divine Domain in the legendary held in.

While most people have no chance to go, but this does not reduce their curiosity.

Since US forces disappeared from the Earth, world peace seemed to usher in a long absence. European countries are worried about sleeping polar bears have no action, they are afraid of things that did not happen.

Some countries and the United States does not and should even proposed to Luke? Kirk issued a proposed peace medal, which is properly properly play the United States in the face, especially in this voice is still high among the people, even many Americans support.

in a secret base.

Fred does not care about Luke can not get peace medal, he suspected the purpose of Luke held carnival.

After Si Kulu people Secret Invasion event, Winfrey officially resigned as director of the Aegis Board, director of the Aegis Board Colson became the new term.

Winfrey is building another department --Heavenly Sword Bureau, to deal specifically with matters related to aliens.

However, there is also this sector rely on Luke's breath, after all aliens to Earth through the first test is Luke? Kirk, he had heard from Luke in the universe where Carroll reputation.

It is not known Carol Winfrey has changed into a man from the cat thing, for Thanos thing is ignorant. When

Just think Fred Luke what purpose, he was a knock on the door, came in what Carol.

"You restored?" Winfrey said surprise.

Unfortunately, Carroll is not feeling excited, she recently things intact told Winfrey.

Carol Winfrey listening to the talk, the mood could not calm.

actually had such a big thing, even almost the whole universe of life, memories have been modified.

"Not only is the power of powerful, he has all the ability and the gods almost." Carol Although reluctant to admit, but the fact is the case.

She again have confidence in their own strength, can not break the rules of the universe.

"I do not think need to worry too much, if he really ambitious, he is fully play the next blockbuster Star Domain, he did not do it."

hear Carol so, not only did not frown Winfrey, but laughed.

very good, this time you can hold the thigh.

playing with Fred and Carol go Vermilion Bird Divine Domain of mind, but once he did not.

"No, I'm taking Monica to go with you even if." Carol spoke directly out of the door, Winfrey did not give any chance of the opening.

It seems only to find Natasha, and she It should not be an invitation to others.

Luke did not know the celebration organized by unintentionally contributed to many teams, such as the revision of magic and teenagers often pit the Avengers themselves, they will get into trouble light.


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