Hogwart’s Immortal Cultivation in Marvel Chapter 691

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Chapter 691 Dark Age

Winfrey, after all, did not participate in the celebrations in the harbor, not Natasha rejected him, but he simply did not contact Natasha on.

Natasha and their families do not need someone to take the first step into the harbor, she did not know Winfrey looking for her.

need to bring the families of the harbor will go a little later, after all, some people need to return to Earth access.

For example Scott, his daughter had been Vermilion Bird Group who received the Vermilion Bird continent, but with the past is modified, snapping his fingers disappear event. Scott only ran a trip to San Francisco to pick up his daughter.


Vermilion Bird Clan who moves quickly, with the help of there house elf, entertainment city did not take long bustling.

Luke directly to the Transmission Gate entertainment city open to the interior, but also to avoid disturbing other people in the Vermilion Bird Clan.

Of course, the happiest child or those who, whether mutant children, wizard children, or the children Human Race is different, to see so many fun rides and a variety of snacks snacks, early excitement incredible.

However, the largest number of children or the Vermilion Bird Clan, Luke naturally will not forget them.

"Why would you build a city like this." Strange very curiously asked.

"I hope Vermilion Bird Clan of the child have been able to have a happy childhood." Luke looked towards Strange's companion, "long time no see, Ms. Palmer."

Strange standing around, and it is Luke and Christine side of the edge. The Stark Expo, bike Silver coaster recipient.

"Do you know?" Strange very surprised, he never knew Christine and Luke know.

"Of course, Palmer but one lucky lady." Luke said, and glanced at Tony Pepper together.

Tony had also come forward Kristin interesting.

"Christina told me on the line." She smiled and put the original winning things to speak out.

Strange suddenly realized he was the first time I heard about it.

"Do not forget, Vermilion Bird Group, but the world's largest UNICEF UNICEF, to his ability, to build a city nothing strange." Tony said.

Although he also did a lot of charity, but this guy really can not compare, who let others do not need basic research and development costs and royalties it.

Tony then get everyone will agree, even if XAcademician and Black Bat King and the others also know this.

"Unbelievable, I thought Vermilion Bird continent magical enough, the result is more magic here." Rod looked at Pegasus flying overhead, shuttling between the trees flashing colorful rays of Fairy light and exclaimed.

"Here is more beautiful than you might think, there's still Transmission Formation leading to the seabed's play area. There are a lot of strange beauty Merpeople and seabed creatures on Earth that you can not see." Banner said.

He lives in the harbor's a long time, the city also came to play many times, naturally very familiar here.

"Well, we are free play, a lot of projects here, there will always be of interest to you." This time we are to relax, no need so many people together, and made like leaders inspected like too.

up with a child, has long been little fellow who took to experience a variety of projects.

Anna grabbed Skye, accompany her to play up.

Luke with Hermione, Phoebe, and a number of seating areas to the streets of the elderly, to help them immediately, elf brought fruit and drinks.

Magneto looked at everything around is also sigh, no wonder Luke emboldened to take them away from the original Earth. In addition to Vermilion Bird continent and Shanhai Great World, there is still more a dream world.

Everyone in Vermilion Bird Clan is time that Luke was created, are showing a very shocked expression.

Whether or different mutant Human Race, are out on the basis of the transformation of the human. And Luke is this ability to create out of thin air, this is the ability to have a real gods before.

The Professor Tony Luke, X, Black Bat King, Strange, Dumbledore, especially Tzara cried together, presented his vision of the light will be. After

experienced civil war, Si Kulu who Secret Invasion event and snap of his fingers, he realized the need to set up a team to join the heroes to deal with the threat of world-class organizations.

And Luke is doing, is Luke linking everyone, also includes a number of extraterrestrial civilizations.

However, all decisions are made Luke himself, he felt so bad.

"I would not join such an organization, what if the next time there are differences will occur? When major event of crisis of pieces of Earth have different opinions when, what will happen?" first special chala a proposal rejected Tony's.

Civil War is the most obvious example, when Si Kulu invasion both came close fight.

Dumbledore seems a Luke, "I have a big year, can not do such an important decision, I can not represent the entire Wizarding World."

Professor X, Black Bat King and Sri Lanka Te Lanqi endorsed the proposal but added Tony.

However, at this time we all looked towards the Luke, this bonding thing of all parties, Luke has been doing.

"Do not look at me, I have no energy, do not want to manage these things. I am going to retreat to prepare breakthrough, the future maybe I closed one off, you will have passed away, such an organization to me It does not make any sense. "Luke lightly saying.

Everyone else is silent, you know you are telling the truth, but that you also'm angry.

"Well, count me superfluous to call you." Tony said some unwilling.

Once the organization less Luke, felt on the left of a shell.

While Professor X, Black Bat King and Strange have agreed to join, but black Bat King and his Atitlan Kerry wanted to go to the capital of the Empire Star, will not perennial Earth. And Professor X variant represented Luke also rely on the Vermilion Bird continent.

Even if only four of them, Tony was set up this organization.

On this day we had a very pleasant, especially those small child who. Even Scott and Clint are a little worried, child wanted to play again this may not be so easy.

The next day, Luke sword fight off the Black Bat King and led by different Human Race Imperial Family.

To return to the situation of Nun Empire gladiatorial report this time, otherwise he even AWOL.

After the chores have been processed, Luke took Ago motorcycle Eye in Heaven Beyond the Heaven began a closed-door, ready to Advanced Immortal Emperor Realm.

However, after two months of Luke into the retreat, the Earth and the emergence of new major event parts, electricity disappeared.

All electronic devices have stopped working, any power plant can not produce electricity, almost the same time the world was paralyzed.

Vermilion Bird continent had not been spared, but the impact on the electricity disappeared wizard who is very small, some of the products from the harbor almost no affect, for example, some people in the hands of communications bracelet and Transmission Gate.

Professor X and Magneto immediately thought of Luke, after all he had done this kind of thing, so that the nation's power are gone.

However, Luke retreat at this time, he did not need to do this kind of thing.

The self-proclaimed genius inventor Tony, was found and rescued off in his new Battle Armor for two days, was Happy and Pepper.


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