Hogwart’s Immortal Cultivation in Marvel Chapter 692

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Chapter 692 Negotiation

The disappearance of electricity has caused a series of global chaos. Electronic equipment is not counted. At least there are other ways to replace it in a short time. But once the power is cut off, the water source becomes a very important problem.

The water intake pump does not work, the groundwater does not come, and the water plant cannot purify the surface water from rivers, lakes and groundwater.

Except for spring water and some areas with better water sources, all areas will face severe water shortages.

On the first day the power was lost all over the world, there was a situation of frantic grabbing for purchases. In addition to the interruption of communications in various places, panic will spread and magnify as the duration of the power outage becomes longer.

Vermilion Bird continent can be said to be the least affected place. There are not only the technology system that uses electricity, but also the more retro wizards. They hardly use power equipment. Products developed in the harbor No electricity is needed.

For those countries that have the Vermilion Bird Group space gate, they immediately sent people to the Vermilion Bird Group branch. If the power outage continues, many people will die. Water and food are both major problems.

All countries that rely on large-scale machinery for planting and harvesting will greatly reduce their grain production capacity. Even if the seeds are successfully planted, irrigation is also a problem.

Countries that rely on food imports will face greater problems.

Now most of the vehicles in the world are unavailable, except for some Ancient One, which basically rely on bicycle to go out.

Vermilion Bird continent.

In the lobby of the Vermilion Bird Building, representatives of some countries have gathered. They all came here through the space gate of the Vermilion Bird Group branch.

Some European countries even go to the Vermilion Bird Group branch in neighboring countries through horseback riding, bicycle, and retrofitting of antique vehicles.

Most people came to the Vermilion Bird Continent for the first time. They were surprised to find that the impact of the loss of electricity on this place was very limited.

In a Conference Hall on the upper floor, Hermione, Anna, Skye, Phoebe, Qin Ying, Penelope representing Luke.

Dumbledore, Strange representing the magic circle. The mutant represents Professor X, wild beast Hank.

And the weather on Earth witch, Zheng Xian, Vector, Techara, Su Rui, Steve, Banner, Pim Academician, Fury, Natasha and were trapped for two days before being rescued Tony came out, all sitting together at this time.

Tor, Loki, and Valkyrie returned to Asgard. The Star Lord and the members of the Guardians of the Galaxy left Earth. None of them participated in this meeting.

"For two days, some opponents have broken out riots, and there will be a large number of casualties in a short time. Do you have any countermeasures?" Steve asked frowningly.

"I just got rescued, don't count on me." Tony said while eating his hamburger.

Fortunately, that set of battle clothes has not been completed yet, and it is not completely sealed, otherwise he would have been suffocated long ago.

"Pim Academician, Su Rui, Hank and I tried various methods, but none of them produced electricity, as if electricity disappeared completely. But we are fine. Everyone knows that there are also in the human body. Electricity exists," Banner said.

"I tried to bring back the power items of other planets, but they failed when I came back." Hermione went to Sandal and brought some batteries back.

"No invasion of other dimensions was detected." Strange was also confused about the situation this time.

"Actually, I have encountered such a thing." Professor X's words caught everyone's attention.

He didn't immediately tell Luke about Luke's ability. This could easily cause misunderstandings. At the same time, he told other mutants not to talk nonsense. But as the power outage continued, he could only tell everyone about it.

"Luke can indeed make the electricity disappear, but he is retreating, and he doesn't need to do this kind of thing." Phoebe said first.

Everyone heard that Luke has this ability, but no one doubted Luke, even Fury did not think that Luke would be bored to do such things.

"You said this is a kind of magic?" Tony asked curiously.

If you find the reason for the power loss, maybe you can solve the current problem.

"To be precise, it is to modify the rules of the universe, but none of us can do it. Only Luke can." Hermione said.

After Luke came back, he told Hermione and his family about the other universe. Skye and Anna also knew about it.

"Where are you?" Tony looked towards Strange.

"No, I think our teachers may not be able to do it." Strange is no longer a magic novice. Modify the rules of the universe, which is even worse than the infinite gem.

"Can't you call out Luke?" Ferry has limited knowledge of "secluded cultivation".

"Let’s not talk about retreats, you can’t bother at will, even if we want to contact, we can’t contact." Skye is also a little helpless.

Luke was cultivating at the height of Heaven Beyond the Heaven, they couldn't get there at all, and even Phoebe's connection with Luke was temporarily interrupted.

Hearing this, everyone frowned. The situation at this time is obviously critical. Although there is no evidence to prove that it was invaded, the disappearance of global electricity has plunged mankind into chaos.

Currently, only a few countries like China are relatively stable, and there is no major chaos. But in some countries that opened up guns, the crime rate has soared, and various conflicts have continued, and this has only lost power for two days.

"What about the technology here, the energy they use is not electricity." Fury once again started the idea of ​​a new technology.

Everyone looked towards Hermione again, Anna, Skye and Phoebe, Luke is not there, only them can make a decision here.

"You'd better not have this kind of thought, if you don't want to force us to be the opposite." Phoebe said bluntly.

Hermione’s words are relatively polite, "Cultivation civilized technology products are not universal, production and raw materials are problems, technology alone is of no use to others."

The cultivation technology in the harbor mostly relies on essence stone, fairy gold and rune. The essence stone and the fairy gold are strictly controlled by Luke, and only a small part of it is outflowed.

For example, Tony had one of the commemorative coins made by Xianjin, but it was also used by him.

"In fact, many things Luke develops require its own energy to activate, and ordinary persons cannot be used." Steve said, not wanting to make the scene so rigid.

Fry also knew that this matter could not be forced, and did not go on.

"I think we should be prepared for a long-term loss of power. Can devices such as communication bracelets or space gates be added? This can strengthen the connection between various regions, which is critical to maintaining stability. "Zheng Xian asked.

He and the weather witch, the vector came from the battleship, and the battleship parked outside Earth also lost power. Fortunately, the materials on it are reserved in advance, so don’t worry too much about the materials in a short time. .

"The number of communication bracelets is limited, especially the version that ordinary person can use. As for the space door—" Hermione glanced at Strange, "I didn't think about it when Luke was away. It's that easy."

Kama Taj also has the ability to build space doors, but it is much more cumbersome than the space doors that Luke erected.


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