Hogwart’s Immortal Cultivation in Marvel Chapter 693

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Chapter 693 clues

"space door can not be a short time to build so much." Strange said.

space door is good, yes, but think a lot of it is not realistic to build at least a short time impossible.

"The most important thing is food and water, while also continuing to investigate the cause of the disappearance of electricity Humans must adapt to this situation as quickly as possible without electricity, we who do not know when power can be restored. "special Tzara facial expression grave.

influence Wa Kanda is also very serious subject, all the technological equipment of all ineffective. Wa Kanda but there are some people maintain grazing and farming life, loss of power has no effect on them.

lost great power will change people's lives, so that people instantly back to hundreds of years of living environment. Once the food and food shortages, it will definitely lead to greater confusion.

"issues of food and water, we can help some of the busy, but too many humans on Earth, we can help is limited."

The speaker was Dumbledore, Charms can generate water, also can put some of the larger crop. Have to supply more than 70 million people, this is undoubtedly a fantasy story.

"We can buy some food, but also not a permanent solution from another planet." Penelope said.

mostly given way to the magic side of the people, and Tony, Banner, Su Rui these talented scientists can do at this time is very small.

"first so be it, downstairs and people are so anxious, if progress has been made, we then feel free to communicate." Hermione is also no reason to lose the power of discovery.

Most of the people present have communications bracelet, not worried contact inconvenient.

Qin Ying went to lobby on behalf of those who go with the communication, others have each departed.

Luke certainly did not expect, after the elimination of Thanos, such a short time such a situation arises.

in the Conference Hall only had Hermione, Anna, Skye and Phoebe four.

"source of electricity seems to disappear Earth, I fly in space farther, electricity will reappear. I think the key question, or out on the Earth." Anna also two days the cause of the power loss of the investigation.

"I did not probe into anything unusual on Earth." Hermione check it several times with a global Divine Consciousness, "Strange did not monitor the dimension of magic matrix is destroyed."

"you can not say someone is the ability awakening." Phoebe know awakening Wanda absolutely have such power, the state can also be Qinge Lei Phoenix.

However, now that both men are good, and no one out of control.

"There are so strong miracles?" Anna was very surprised to say.

"Of course, yes, we can not ask Jiang Yiwu map, he experienced and knowledgeable may know." Phoebe suddenly remembered the great God.

Jiang Yiwu map is very good to speak, even if the message did not get anything, there will not be any danger.

"I have a while to go now." Hermione said.

"I still go, you have to develop products and Skye yet." Phoebe interrupted.

Hermione and Skye material in the Earth, Research ordinary person magic item can be used.

"I continue to go check it out unusual places may." Anna does not intend to idle.

However, Phoebe this trip did not get much of the harvest, but Jiang Yiwu Figure confirmed their guess, the source of the problem in the Earth.

After a week because of the absence of the army, the first to enter the US state of great disorder. The proliferation of firearms in this country too, and around the police can not deal with this situation.


Some countries lose credibility, world doomsday rumors, the collapse of the monetary system, food and water has become the most valuable resource.

China is relatively more stable, but there are a lot of people back to the countryside. Its stay in the city standing still, not as good as back home to work the fields.


Many countries heard Vermilion Bird continent remains a normal living environment, have flocked to the division of Vermilion Bird Group, want to space the door into the Vermilion Bird continent. Even many people willing to go bankrupt, only in exchange for entering places.

Hermione forced the door closed space, so as to avoid unnecessary incidents.

In fact, Vermilion Bird continent's situation and Earth almost, wizard, human abilities, and the different variants of people also accelerating the development of undeveloped areas, expand the area planted grain and other crops.

1 month later, Tony to create their own set of steam-powered Battle Armor, he modified the code is built for hunters of large-scale Battle Armor, let this Battle Armor looks very steampunk style.

"Life will find a way out myself." This sentence also applies to humans.

After people spent the first round of fear, many parts of the world are beginning to re-build industrial system, airships, steam cars, steam trains, steam ships during the 18th and 19th centuries, are start to appear.

"I could find the cause of the loss of power." Anna energetic and bustling Hermione broke into the laboratory and Skye.

"What is the reason?" Hermione asked. In the rest of the time she will probe Earth with the Divine Consciousness, you can never find anything.

"in the seabed!" Anna said excitedly, "I found in a crack in the seabed, where there is such a strange thing."

Then, come up with a transparent Anna colloidal objects, and some, like jellyfish.

"What's this?" Skye close carefully looked at, "can absorb power?"

"uh, I do not know, but it is not known on Earth something, I let them read the Banner. "

Hermione was surprised to find his Divine Consciousness actually can not detect this thing.

She put down the hands of the tool, "Go, you and I go and see."

While it can not be sure and power relations have disappeared, but could not put any clues pass.

"calling on Phoebe, we go together." I do not know what to face, Skye think we still act together better.

Pacific Ocean, north of the Marshall Islands.

Hermione , along with three of Skye and Phoebe Anna came to the place where she found cracks in the seabed.

in order to better view the situation, the black magic Hermione with the seabed as if day, with immortal strength while cut off from the surrounding seawater.

Anna said only a dozen centimeters wide cracks, the length of it twenty meters, I really do not know how she found.

Hermione while carefully view the seabed, while feeling the case with cracks under Divine Consciousness.

"Here it seems that some other energy." very weak, Hermione said less certain.

"dug directly see to know, look at me." Then, Skye directly immortal strength of the seabed around the debris lifted.

"It seems there is space at the hole, the kind of very small." Phoebe brows slightly wrinkle, if not surprised Captain Luke has the seal of experience, she would not notice such a tiny Space Crack.

"I also felt, there really is a bit unusual, but we're not sure and power relations have disappeared." Hermione said.

"There should be Bikini Atoll right, will not be here in the United States had nuclear test caused, there are 80 documented many times." Anna said thoughtfully.

"do not know, but we better wait Luke exit reprocessing, who do not know where these tiny cracks leading to the back." Phoebe suggested.

"ah, let's go back here to find someone else to tell." Hermione agrees Phoebe proposal.

Steve and Tony and the others received the news of Hermione, were immediately rushed to the Vermilion Bird continent.

In order to better study the samples back to Anna, Anna put the number of stars outside our solar system, open laboratory on the number of stars, others provide places to study.


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