Hogwart’s Immortal Cultivation in Marvel Chapter 694

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Chapter 694 Six Cakes Are Coming

Earth, New York

A young man with white clothed white pants and white shoes sat cross-legged in the air, he looked to the west casually At a glance.

"It seems to have been discovered, and finally found such an interesting place, I think about it-yes, that's it!" Before the words were over, the white clothed young man disappeared.

In the vast universe, a red silhouette suddenly reversed its direction and turned into a red light coming quickly.

The moon, the observer base

Uatu looks at the deep universe, his eyes exuding silver rays of light,

"The troublesome guy is coming I hope I can come in a hurry," he murmured.

Outside the solar system, Starship

Pim Academician is expressing his opinion, "as everyone knows, according to Newton’s third law, every force has a reaction force, this time How much energy is contained in the disappearance of electricity? I want to ask where they went? What is the reaction of all this?"

"Hey, I said you are getting older, I said last time This may be a kind of magic, magic, okay? Are you sure magic belongs to Newton too?" Tony said irritably.

Although everyone is working hard, many people still starve to death on Earth every day. However, their research has been slow to make progress, which makes Tony look a little impatient.

Pim Academician seemed to extend the disagreement with Howard to Tony, and the two quarreled frequently.

"We can't be limited to magic either. After all, we are not good at magic. Didn't Hermione say that it could be caused by other reasons." Hank did not lift his head and continued his research. .

"You two are over a hundred years old together, how do you feel immature than me." Su Rui listened to them every day and was speechless.

Banna kept a friendly smile on the side, he didn't want to get involved.

"I'm only in my 40s, he is too old." Tony hates people saying that he is old, "and what does age mean? Tol is more than 1500 years old, not the same as a simple man "

Tor sneezed in Asgard.

"Who is this and misses me." He laughed and said.

Loki turned his head back again, don't ask me, I don't know anything.

"Speaking of Thor, I don't know if his thunder and lightning will disappear when Earth arrives." Hank felt that the topic should be changed. Provincial Tony and Pim Academician quarreled again.

"Should also disappear, neither the weather witch nor the storm girl can summon thunder and lightning." Su Rui said.

They have tried various methods to produce electricity, but they have undoubtedly failed.

"By the way, I heard that Lady Storm is dating your big brother?" Tony looked towards Su Rui.

Hank feels that his topic has been biased again...well, let everyone take a break, otherwise the research will not go on.

Perhaps the research has not progressed during this period of time, which makes Tony feel a little depressed.

At this time, a space door appeared beside everyone.

"Isn't something going on on Earth again." Tony saw that the person here was actually Hermione. Hermione had been busy all this time, and it was Anna who usually cooperated with them.

Others also stopped their research and looked towards Hermione. Although there is no communication on Earth, they all have communication bracelets. If things are not important, Hermione does not need to go alone.

"One good news, one bad news." Hermione also didn't confuse everyone and said directly, "The good news is that Luke is out of the customs, and the power loss problem may be solved."

"What about the bad news?" Banner asked.

"The bad news is that Luke has left Earth and I don't know how long it will take to return." Hermione also didn't know what Luke would face this time breakthrough.

"I don't like to wait." After saying that, Tony does not pay attention to everyone. He walked back to his position and looked at the result of the detection just now.

"Don't pay attention to him, he is not normal here recently." Su Rui pointed to his head and said jokingly.

"My ears are fine." Tony said, looking down at the test report.

Su Rui was about to ask Hermione, how about her research with Skye, but suddenly heard Alice's voice.

"Warning! Unidentified objects are approaching quickly."

Everyone was stunned. The equipment on the Starcraft is very advanced, with the assistance of artificial intelligence Alice, Will autonomously determine some dangers and deal with them.

They are now at the edge of the solar system. If they encounter meteors, comets and other celestial bodies, Alice will automatically adjust the position of the spaceship, let alone unknown objects.

Just as the Divine Consciousness of Hermione was about to extend, a red rays of light flashed from the porthole, and many people noticed the red touch outside the window.

"Something flew past." Hank hurried to the porthole, his position was closest to the window, but he hadn't seen what it was just now.

The detection radar of the Stars can conduct deep-space detection. From Alice’s warning to the flashing of the red light outside the window, it is only a momentary matter.

All those who can participate in this research project are a genius amongst geniuses. The speed of light in a vacuum is about 300,000 kilometers per second. That is to say, the speed of that thing just now may exceed the speed of light.

"It's not that celestial bodies moving faster than the speed of light entered the solar system, right?" Banner said blankly.

He has seen a lot over the years, knowing that there are many things in the universe that are unimaginable to humans, not to mention that celestial bodies that move faster than light have long been observed.

"No matter what it is, I think we should rush back to Earth immediately." Pim Academician said.

"I hope I won't be the enemy again." Tony whispered.

Tony's words caused everyone's dissatisfaction, and everyone glared at him.

"Hermione, send us to Eric's Institute." Banner said.

Eric astrophysicist, after the invasion of the Dark Elves in London, waited for Luke's funding to establish a research institute with Jane, and Daisy joined their research institute after graduation.

Hermione opened a door to Enceladus after sending off the others. She is going to the front of the red light to wait for the thing to appear and investigate what it is.


Hermione took the photo taken back to the harbour, and she saw a humanoid object resembling mecha. However, the thing is very huge, at least 300,000 meters or more.

She didn't get too close, just took a few photos from a distance and left.

Phoebe and Luke share memories, so she gave the picture to Phoebe, maybe Phoebe knows what it is. If Phoebe is not sure, she will contact Nova Supreme and ask Nova Supreme for help.

"Its direction is Earth?" Phoebe asked with a frown.

This thing does exist in Luke's memory, but he only knows it.

"Yes, the enemy?" Hermione said. When she was taking the photo, the other party did not do anything and still kept flying at extreme speed. It should be possible to spot her.

"Not good said, this thing is called the Heavenly God group, to be precise a member of the Heavenly God group. They travel the universe for their own purposes, conduct genetic experiments, and then they will pass millions I will evaluate the results of the experiment in the next year."

"If the results of the experiment are satisfactory, they will conduct further experiments. If they are not satisfied, they will be destroyed."

Luke only knows this information, Hermione photo The picture above is the six-bread with six light spots on the face that appeared when the collector explained the infinite gems in the Guardians of the Galaxy.


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