Hogwart’s Immortal Cultivation in Marvel Chapter 695

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Chapter 695 Immortal Emperor Realm

unknown zombie universe

Luke had this zombie universe is looking for the return line X of the universe, stumbled.

However, in the Marvel universe more than a zombie, he did not know specifically what the universe. In order to avoid unnecessary trouble, he was not too much to stay, after all, some zombie universe is still very dangerous.

Now is different, advanced Immortal Emperor Realm need not undergo Heavenly Tribulation, but to master the Rule Power. Wanted zombie universe It should not be someone to interfere with him, just it can be used for testing.

Yanchufasui has been his complement, Faith sect inspired him very great.

At this time, Luke feel like being in the river of time, the evolution of the universe became his films can be adjusted. Give birth to an idea, the rapid evolution of the universe. An idea off, shattering the universe crashing.

" Ding! Congratulations host grasp Rule Power, Advanced Immortal Emperor Realm, award twice lottery, whether to start a lottery?"

attend to feel the change on its own strength, "Using two lottery chance "

" Ding host Congratulations to get world's rare object Supreme-Yin True Fire "

Supreme-Yin True Fire:.!. Extreme Yin source. Although the flame by abnormal cold, freeze ray of Heaven and Earth, whose flame is designed for the soul, etc. nothingness Spiritual Body, formidable power of infinity, one of Ten Big Divine Fire, can be swallowed.

" Ding! detected in line with Vermilion Bird burn tactics flame, whether to choose swallow?"

"Ding! Congratulations host to get world's rare object Heavenly Book -Investiture of the Gods."

Investiture of the gods: causal utensils, can enfeoffment three hundred sixty-five is God, obtaining immortal strength blessing, but its soul will be trapped in the Investiture of the gods. After a glimpse of death is God, the soul return Investiture of the Gods, they can consume their own strength resurrection.

" Ding detected host perfected the Vermilion Bird clergy, the clergy granting Vermilion Bird -!. Approach longevity"

Vermilion Bird of God, who recorded the longevity of membership.

" Ding! Vermilion Bird clergy complete, immortal strength advanced to World Strength."

Luke appeared behind a circle of light, exudes bright radiance.

He is also a bit surprised, think of Vermilion Bird clergy as well as approach road longevity.

However, he carefully read the description of the boot longevity. And Investiture of the Gods of different situations, who will not grant longevity to gain strength, and he needs to consume their own life source power or Nuwa Stone World Strength in.

Investiture of the Gods it more simple, to name a fill, the soul of a collection, you can force the other side to impart. And it still benefits by more seal men, their strength will also be bonus.

" system phagocytic Supreme-Yin True Fire."

"Ding! complete phagocytosis, inflammatory origin God integrity 90%."

Ten only one of the Big Divine Fire Extreme Yang True Fire, do not know the origin of God-inflammatory complete there will be more strong.

The next realm is Immortal Venerate Realm, only entered the Immortal Venerate Realm, Shanhai Great World and into the harbor to his inner world, completely out of the Marvel universe.

Luke hand right hand index finger forward a plan, Wall universe was that he cut open a door, he stepped in into it.

shuttling between the multiverse, this time Luke could readily do.

X universe, Earth

On the North American continent, up to 320,000 m wearing a red giant armor, holding it in the hands of a 200,000 m scepter. More than 10,000-meter-high cloud cover did not exceed its knees, its head has touched a low orbit of the Earth. From time to time there will be some satellite hit it on the head, touching a trace of spark.

This is a red giant with armor that day comes, the inhabitants of the North American continent were terrified, North America finally calmed down once again into chaos.

While the electricity on Earth disappeared, but also people in other parts of Vermilion correspondent at the Bird continent sent from the received message.

Fortunately, no network is also now on the Earth, otherwise the world could fall into a new round of disarray.

in the Conference Hall Vermilion Bird of the building, many familiar faces gathered, this is the second meeting of the group after the Heavenly God come. Heavenly God set in the beginning of Advent, Hermione just informed some people.

Then she went to visit the moon, this time Jiang Yiwu map would really happy, some basic information about the group of Heavenly God told Hermione. exist

Heavenly God is not a secret group of top-level civilization, after all, these guys range of activities covering the whole universe, and never avoid people.

So, Jiang Yiwu Figure consider themselves intervention is not the fate of mankind.

Hermione looked around the crowd inside the Conference Hall, "almost everybody here, and I began introduced." a three-dimensional image

appears in front of her, "Search person, a group of Heavenly God, the Heavenly God is a real sense that it's a strength sufficient to destroy the universe. it is the first group of Qianguan Heavenly God, first visited the Heavenly God designated a planet. "

"it is going to destroy Earth?" Winfrey directly interrupted Hermione.

"The purpose it to Earth, only he knows it, or you can go to ask it." Hermione interrupted for Winfrey some dissatisfaction.

"I'm sorry, you keep it." Fred knows his hurry.

"In general, they are looking for potential lifeform, then its genetic transformation experiments."

"A team of Heavenly God set each of Heavenly God the division is different, with our eyes this is the searcher, as well as judge, analysts, prosecutors, collectors, calculators, explorers, measurement, testers, Eradicator and so on. "

"they will leave after the initial transformation, after millions of years they will return again to assess the results of the experiment, the next step would be satisfied if the transformation, otherwise it will be destroyed." in most

"situation, they will eliminate ethnic experiments of their own, other lifeform will not be affected. "

" they've also visited the Earth, part of the transformation of the primordial human being. At the same time, and they also have a direct relationship mutants. "

Heavenly God did not say the relationship between different groups and the human Race Hermione, although different human Race is being transformed Cree, but also some contact group and the Heavenly God. However, considering the black Bat King at this time is not on Earth, she would not have any more.

"However, we all know, is a mutant with Luke back from another universe, but searchers did not come to Vermilion Bird continent, I think it visits and mutants should be okay."

ability to searchers, come to Vermilion Bird continent will not have any difficulties.

"So, in the absence of clear purpose searcher, you better not have any irrational behavior."

Professor X and the others is the first time that the variant the origin of man.

"What we can not do anything now?" Steve did not like this man Daozu I fish feel, but think of each other's strength ......

"I went to looking for a good chat with him. "a faint sound was introduced to everyone's ears.

Luke's silhouette appeared in among the Conference Hall.

"and then you come back late, maybe we'd be a little white mouse." Tony's tone of some hidden bitterness.

He this time the pressure is very large, in the case of the disappearance of power, he wants to transform their Battle Armor, but also to study the cause of the disappearance of electricity. I thought his hunter numbers have been big enough, the result is a bigger pop out.

hunter numbers more than 1000 meters in front of the 32 meters of the big guys, it is not enough to see.

"Hermione said, just the information I already know, they are not not communicate, can not hit a good fight." Luke smiled and disappeared in front of everyone.

We all looked at each other in blank dismay, Luke seems to not hear the words. What is he saying? A fight?


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