Hogwart’s Immortal Cultivation in Marvel Chapter 696

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Chapter 696 can't be solved

Heaven and Earth's Law Manifestation!

Luke appeared in front of the searcher Aisen with the same huge body as the searcher Aisen.

The appearance of another giant has aroused the attention of many North American residents. After all, with such a huge body, it is difficult for others to not see it.

"Searcher Eisen, what is the purpose of your visit to Earth?"

The searcher's name is Hermione obtained from Uatu, It shouldn't be wrong . According to U'Atu, the Heavenly God group can communicate, but their personal emotions are almost non-existent, more like a piece of code that executes instructions.

So, it’s better to talk to him directly, it’s useless to be polite.

The moment Luke appeared in front of Seeker Eisen, Seeker Eisen had already noticed him.

"Another special life, a special life that has reached the level of Heavenly God." Searcher Aisen said in a low, muffled voice.

"I was notified by the correspondent Tiamat that a new higher life form has appeared on this planet. My duty is to inspect the results of human progress and compare it with the new higher life form. Has sufficient value and potential."

"The collector Gamennon, the explorer Ernegger, and the tester Zran are already on the way here. We will report all the survey results to All the fulcrums of Heavenly God."

"Next, I will send a signal to the swarm to let them come to all the life energy on this planet."

Searcher Aisen Everyone in the Conference Hall of the Vermilion Bird Group headquarters also heard the words. Hermione used Windows magic in the Conference Hall to facilitate everyone to understand the situation immediately.

Luke doesn’t know what the new advanced life form mentioned by the searcher Eisen is. Wizards and wizards have existed for a long time. The different Human Race is the experimental product of the Cree people. What the universe brought back was a human being with unexpected supernatural powers.

If the searcher Eisen is talking about them, why is it that its goal is the value and potential of human beings.

Everyone in the Conference Hall is also digesting the content of Explorer Eisen's words.

There are three important points. First, a new higher life form has appeared on Earth.

The first thing that everyone thinks of is not those wizards, mutants and different Human Races, but Luke. There are countless people who study Luke privately. Compared with other superhuman beings, his existence is the insurmountable mountain, powerful enough to exceed everyone's imagination.

The second point, the searcher Eisen’s purpose is to evaluate the value and potential of human beings.

If the value is not enough and the potential is not enough, what will happen? Passively accept the transformation, or be directly destroyed. Although Luke can talk to the other party now, it doesn't mean that the other party can talk easily.

Finally, there are three other Heavenly Gods on their way.

Collectors, explorers, testers, will there be more Heavenly God in the future? As Hermione said, they are strong enough to Destruction Universe.

If there is a conflict, Luke should not be able to face so many powerful enemies.

Everyone in the heart is thinking secretly, how to avoid things that you don't want to see happen in such a situation of unequal strength.

On the other side, Luke is also thinking about the words of Explorer Eisen. Unlike others, he can directly ask each other.

"What will happen if you assess the value and potential of human beings?" he asked.

"The Judge Alisem will determine whether humans will survive or perish according to the formula."

Luke probably understands the meaning of the searcher Eisen, in short, humans If the value and potential are not enough, don't waste resources and directly eliminate to make room for new higher life forms.

On the contrary, the current situation may remain unchanged.

He suddenly felt that if he canceled the restoration of Thanos’ snapping fingers, he might not have recruited the Heavenly God team. In particular, he did not find the eternal family and the mutation family on Earth. With his own characteristics, It shouldn't be attracted the Heavenly God group.

Before he knows the other party's conclusion, he will definitely not do it first. Although I am confident that I can kill the searcher Isen in front of him, it is likely to attract more Heavenly God groups, and no one knows how many such things are.

Luke was not talking to the searcher, and returned to the Conference Hall at the Vermilion Bird Group headquarters.

The searcher Eisen did not take any extra action, just watched Luke disappear from it.

The Conference Hall at the headquarters of Vermilion Bird Group.

"Everyone has heard that, for the time being, there is something wrong with It shouldn't be. When they come to a conclusion, it won't be easy to say." Luke said.

"Then we are the lambs to be slaughtered, and we have to wait for their judgment." Tony was very dissatisfied with this situation. He was not aimed at Luke, but felt too passive.

"What can I do, if I do it now, it is likely to attract more Heavenly God teams. My own is not afraid. Even if I can't beat them, they can't stop me if I want to go." The high level function of the harbour space array has already been activated. If you want to escape into the void and leave, you just spend more energy.

"Try not to do it first, there may not be no solution." Professor X said.

Many people support Professor X's view. It is unwise to do it directly. Once you do it, there may be no room for maneuver.

"Can you solve the power problem first?" Fury said, since the Heavenly God team can't move now, the power problem is also a serious problem.

"Yes, there is no electricity. Vision can only be placed in my shop window." Tony agreed.

Perhaps the steam engine can replace many things, but it belongs to the illusion of artificial intelligence and cannot operate without electricity.

"I'll go to seabed and talk about it first." Luke's silhouette once again disappeared in the Conference Hall.

In order to check the situation more accurately, he personally went to the seabed near Bikini Atoll in the Pacific Ocean.

Luke came to seabed and used pupil technique, Divine Consciousness and World Strength respectively to explore the Space Crack found by Anna.

He felt that the dimensions of Law Power and Earth inside were different. Is it a crack leading to a certain dimension, or a crack leading to an outer dimension?

He browses slightly wrinkle. If it is a crack in a certain dimension, the level of the opposite dimension will definitely be very high, at least Kama Taj’s dimensional defense magic array cannot detect this.

However, Luke is not worried about the dimension Demon God now. He has the ability to assimilate and corrode. When he encounters the dimension Demon God, they are like giving gifts. Unless it's like Setolak of the Crimson Universe, it will be a little troublesome.

He is even more worried that the opposite is the outer dimension. He doesn't know what he will encounter, and there is likely to be a strong presence.

Furthermore, it is easy to break the barriers in front of you, but it is not that simple to seal and block.

Luke moved back to the Conference Hall, "It can’t be solved for the time being. The reason for the loss of power is indeed there, but it’s not magic. Another rule of that space wall has affected us here, even though I’m now Let the power be restored, and the power will disappear again soon."

This is something most people did not expect. In the past, as long as Luke took action, there were few problems that could not be solved. It seems that both the Heavenly God team and the power loss issue are very difficult this time.


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