Hogwart’s Immortal Cultivation in Marvel Chapter 697

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Chapter 697 Hands-on

Strange heard that Seabed’s Space Crack leads to another dimension. But unfortunately, he was imperceptible to the situation inside.

"What happens if the wall of space is completely broken?" Strange asked.

"The range of power loss will expand, and the rest is temporarily unclear. Do you plan to find a solution in the past?" Considering that the searcher Eisen is still on Earth, Luke just didn't explore the opposite side in depth.

Just as Strange was about to speak, he heard Luke say again: "This matter will be discussed later, there is another Heavenly God team here."

Luke right hand waved , The scene in the universe appeared in front of everyone. This time came a green super spaceship. Thanos’ Temple II can’t be compared at all. This spaceship is even larger than the moon.

It stopped in space and flew out of the huge silhouette of Six Paths.

Golden armor collector Gamennon, black and light pink armor explorer Onegg, blue and dark pink armor tester Zran impressively included.

There are also calculators with dark blue armor, collectors with green armor, and surveyors with light green and orange. They fly towards different places of Earth.

Together with the searcher Eisen who is already in Earth, there are seven Heavenly God group members on Earth at this time. Even more than that, in that super spaceship, Luke felt that there were three Heavenly God groups.

"It seems we are really little white mouse." Scott looked at the scene before him, and he couldn't think of other adjectives.

"Have you noticed that none of them came to the Vermilion Bird continent." Natasha said suddenly.

"Will it be because the Vermilion Bird continent was made by Luke with magic, not their goal." Hermione guessed.

Luke did not expect that the other party would come so quickly.

"Let's stay on the Vermilion Bird continent first, maybe the battle is inevitable." Luke had a faint hunch, although the Heavenly God team did not come for him, but in the end, they may have to fight.

Everyone's expressions are a bit solemn, not afraid of fighting, but the difference in strength this time is too great, and no one has confidence.

After everyone dispersed, Strange approached Luke.

"The time gem can't be given to you for the time being, it broke when I used it." Luke did not deceive Strange, the eyes of Agomoto were empty, and the green time gem was no longer in it.

Perhaps he borrowed too much energy, which caused the time gem to break.

Strange looked at the Eye of Agomoto in his hand, and didn't know what to say for a while.

"Don't worry, I will find it for you when it reunites." Luke did not mean it.

"Don't forget." At this point, what can Strange say, "What about the Space Crack, what should I do?"

"Heavenly God team goes We'll go if we find it." He was also a little curious about the situation on the other side of Space Crack.

Strange left with the empty eyes of Agomoto angrily.

Back to the harbor, Luke is considering how Investiture of the Gods should be used. The family members cultivated to participate in the Three Star Skill definitely don't need to use Investiture of the Gods, besides, he can directly lead people to live forever.

Vermilion Bird Clan people don’t need Investiture of the Gods for the time being, and the Golden Medal of Dique is more suitable for them.

After much deliberation, I didn't expect a few suitable candidates. It seems that they should be the same as establishing the sect, and they should not be rushed.

After the Heavenly God team and seabed Space Crack are over, he plans to establish a sect in the center of the Vermilion Bird continent. At that time, he will also use World Strength to build a big mountain. Those who have successfully climbed to the top of the mountain can join the sect outer courtyard, and those who perform well in the outer courtyard can enter the inner courtyard to study.

He has been prompted by the system. After he has advanced to the Immortal Venerate Realm world, the seventh tower in the harbor will be opened. There are a lot of cultivation techniques and spells, which can be used to learn and teach.

At the same time, the system high level permissions will also be opened, and no new tasks will be triggered, but the lottery of advanced rewards will be retained.

Seeing that Luke hadn’t said anything, Hermione asked concerned: “Isn’t it easy to solve this time?”

“Don’t worry, I’m not thinking about the Heavenly God group, really If things can't be done, I just take Earth and run, it won't be so easy for them to find us." Luke said with a chuckle.

With his current strength, taking Earth away is as easy as carrying a piece of candy with him.

"You will also go to Heaven Beyond the Heaven cultivation next. I will change the Time Flow Speed ​​there to help you break through as soon as possible."

"Can you change the time now? "Skye said in surprise.

Manipulating time is more difficult than manipulating space. Presumably Luke's strength has been greatly improved.

"To advance the Immortal Emperor Realm, you need to master Law Power and modify the existing Universe Rule. It is not a difficult task."

"Will we be free in the future? Traveling in the long river?" Anna was a little excited, wondering what interesting things came to mind.

"You have a good cultivation, you can do it in the future." Luke said with a smile, Anna's playful character has remained the same.

Hermione, Anna, Skye, and Phoebe simply bid farewell to the family, and Luke took them to Heaven Beyond the Heaven.

One week later, members of the Heavenly God group returned to the green super spaceship one after another.

They measured the height of the mountain range on Earth, checked the resources and environment on Earth, collected specimens of various animals and plants, and also collected and experimented with some human genes.

However, they did not harm any person or animal. Therefore, Luke did not intervene.

Luke once again came to the front of the searcher Eisen.

"How is your evaluation result?"

In the Conference Hall of the Vermilion Bird Group headquarters, everyone is waiting for the other's answer.

"Arisem stopped my contact with the fulcrum. Arisem told me that the fulcrum ordered us to reduce the population of the target. They have already disrupted the balance of this planet. The resources and environment cannot persist until the next evaluation."

The searcher Eisen's voice has no trace of emotion.

"It is difficult for me to refute your assessment."

According to the searcher Eisen, they assess that human beings still have value and potential, but they neglected to give this planet. The damage caused.

At this time, a member of the Heavenly God group wearing red armor fell from the sky. This was the judge who had never appeared before.

In the past few days, Luke went to the moon to find Uatu and asked him more about the Heavenly God team. The appearance of the judge indicates that the Heavenly God group has made a decision. No matter what decision they make, they will not change it easily.

"I decided to reduce the human population by 50%, and the eradicators will implement it immediately."

A member of the larger Heavenly God group emerged from the spaceship, dressed in dark blue and golden Armor. Its body quickly grew larger, and in a moment, it had already surpassed the size of Earth.

At this time, Earth was in chaos, and people were running away in a panic and aimlessly, screaming in panic.

"Come on, let's go outside to fight."

Luke's voice has not yet fallen, his silhouette has appeared behind the eradicator. The giant eradicator looked like a toy soldier in front of Luke, held in his hand.


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