Hogwart’s Immortal Cultivation in Marvel Chapter 698

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Chapter 698 Troubles continue

Luke's huge silhouette blocked the sun's rays and plunged the entire Earth into darkness.

Fry has no illusions about the power of restraining Luke. This is more than a worm shaking the tree. This is simply shaking Earth and the universe.

Tony and the others looked at the scene in the sky, and they had no idea of ​​helping. They might go to help in Earth. They have all gone to space, and there are not many people who can fight in space.

Luke holds the "toy man" eradicator in one hand, and the "toy spaceship" in the other hand, gradually moving away from Earth. I accidentally touched the fire star while passing it, and probably knocked the fire star away from its original track.

I hope it will be better if you don't bump into something. He glanced back and continued to go away.

It is strange to say that the Heavenly God group with the ability of destroying heaven and extinguishing earth has an average body over 300,000 meters. But they stepped on the ground of Earth, and they didn't even show up a pit, which is too unscientific.

Just arrived in the asteroid belt between fire star and Jupiter, the eradicator broke free of Luke's palm.

"The energy in the target body has exceeded the calculated value, and more energy needs to be gathered." As soon as the eradicator finished speaking, the spaceship's hatch opened, and all members of the Heavenly God team flew out.

They fired energy beams at Luke in various ways, some using weapons, some emitting from their hands, and some emitting energy from their eyes.

Luke saw this and immediately shrank his body.


Yu Jian appeared in Luke's hand. His body flashed, and he cut off a Heavenly God group's arm with a single sword. He was a calculator of deep blue armor.

However, where the calculator broke his arm, there is no blood left, there is just a dazzling white light.

As for what kind of lifeform the Heavenly God group is, Wuatu didn't say what it looks like, or whether they are a kind of energy life.

All the members of the Heavenly God group were stunned for a moment. It seems that they did not expect that the opponent’s weapon could break through the "dimensional excellence". You must know that this is a set of armor that is almost invulnerable, indestructible and impregnable, not It can be destroyed at will.

Also, Luke withstood their attack without any injuries.

"According to the results of the latest calculation and analysis, we may not be able to complete this mission, whether we want to send a signal to the fulcrum for help." Explorer Eisen looked towards the Judge.

Other members of the Heavenly God team are still besieging Luke, but this time they are smarter and will not use their bodies to resist the opponent's long sword.

"Abandon the target planet. I just received the notification from the communication that the planet Devourer is approaching the galaxy, and the target planet will become food for the planet Devourer."

There is only one near the solar system. Earth is such a planet that contains a lot of life, and the target of the planetary devourer can only be Earth.

"Retreat and go to the next target planet." The judge in the red armor sent a signal to the other team members.

Luke was singles out a group of Heavenly God group members, and suddenly saw them turn around and leave without any muddle. The eradicator who was gathering energy also shrank his body and flew back to the spaceship with the other team members.

He watched the Heavenly God group leave with an unfathomable mystery face, and didn't know what happened.

"What's the matter."

How can the Heavenly God group, who can race against observers for billions of years, want to walk to walk? He is not so narcissistic that he thinks The other party was scared away by himself.

In nature, something more ferocious must appear that can scare away predators.

Luke vigilantly expanded the detection range of Divine Consciousness.

After a while, nothing was found.

Luke felt more and more weird. With the strength of his current Divine Consciousness, it was enough to cover their universe, but he didn't find anything.

He didn't know that the more ferocious predator he was worried about was walking away from an unknown dimension at this time, who was stomach rumbling with hunger.

Luke returned to the headquarters of the Vermilion Bird Group. Everyone in the Conference Hall was curious about what Luke did. Although everyone saw the battle between Luke and the Heavenly God group from Windows magic, the battle ended suddenly and without warning.

"What did you do to them?" Fury seemed to be looking forward to something, something that could make Heavenly God retreat.

"You ask me, I will ask who, they left by themselves, and this is not necessarily a good thing." Luke gave Fury a blank look.

"What conspiracy do you think?" Steve frowned.

Everyone doesn't know much about the Heavenly God group, just the information introduced by Hermione.

"Then It shouldn't be, I am worried that the greater trouble made them retreat. Aren't they all the more powerful beasts that scared off the predators."

Luke's words make sense, and everyone's originally relaxed spirit became tense again.

The strength of the Heavenly God group is still very strong. Although there are many more powerful than them, there are not too many.

However, those who exist generally don’t embarrass Earth directly, unless there is a purpose for them.

"Currently, in the universe where Earth is located, no spaceship is coming to Earth. Now Earth is—"

Luke didn’t finish speaking, everyone was stunned when he saw him For a moment, there seemed to be a stunned expression on his face.

"Don't say you have an ominous premonition." Tony directly used the stalk in the planet war to complain about Luke.

Luke was silent for a moment.

"Well, I took back what I just said, and another trouble appeared. From the identity alone, this is one of the top gods." Luke once again projected the image of Spaceship, the Planet Devourer, in front of everyone.

"Planet Devourer, one of the five great gods of the universe, this aircraft composed of many tubes is his spaceship. The Skuru who fought with everyone, their home star is eaten by the Planet Devourer . Fury, you can tell your Skuru friends about the news about Star Swallowing, and see how they react."

After the secret invasion, some people on Earth lived a peaceful life. The Skuru were also attacked, so that Luke had to take back most of the mirrors that could reflect the soul of the Skuru, so that the remaining Skuru survived.

"No way, how do I think our enemies are getting stronger and stronger, how come they are all directed at Earth." Scott showed a mentally and physically exhausted look.

When other people heard Luke's introduction, their complexion was not good.

"The Planet Devourer communicates better than the Heavenly God team. Of course, the premise is that we have the ability to talk to him on an equal basis. In general, he will send out his four men first, and everyone should be able to deal with it. They are here. I call Thor back to help you together."

Luke does not plan to directly attack Star Swallowing, the strength of Swallowing Stars fluctuates up and down, and he has other things to do.

"What about you, don't you make a move?" Fury asked.

"I want to check the situation on the other side of Seabed Space Crack with Strange."

It's not that he looks down on Uncle Tun, but Uncle Tun is hungry most of the time The stomach fight is very different from the battle strength of at the peak period.

"You are gone, what if we can't handle it?" Natasha was still a little worried.

"Hermione, they will help us, too." Banner said.

"No, they are secluded cultivation. I will temporarily restore Earth’s power, everyone’s technological weapons can be used, and the vision will wake up."

Lost power Let the battle strength of many people be greatly reduced, such as Tony, Rod, Sam, Techara and the others.

What's more, this time there are mutants, wizards and different Human Races joined, the battle strength on Earth should not be underestimated.


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