Hogwart’s Immortal Cultivation in Marvel Chapter 699

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Chapter 699 The Beyonder

Tor was called by Luke from Asgard to Earth to help out. Thor heard about the previous battle, and some complained that Luke hadn't called him earlier.

After the power was temporarily restored by Luke, he and Strange went to seabed in the Atlantic Ocean together.

"Should we give him a statue in the future." Scott felt that Luke's way of restoring power was too sensational.

Under the witness of everyone, Luke only said "Earth must have electricity." The electricity on Earth was restored.

Although Luke said this is only temporary, it is also very difficult to deal with. Let everyone unconsciously think of the description in the Bible, "God said: There must be light, so there will be light in the world."

"Luke has already had believers. After this time, I am afraid that the scale will still Will expand." Coleson said.

Naturally, he is not talking about Vermilion Bird Clan people, but some people who survived the disaster on Earth, and these people are self-organized groups.

However, it is far from a sect. Although there are such groups all over the world, their nature is more similar to mutual aid associations. Several large groups have been under the surveillance of S.H.I.E.L.D., he was worried that someone would do other things in Luke's name.

"Since the power is temporarily restored, everyone should prepare early. We don't know when the messengers of the cultivation star Devourer will arrive, let alone their strength." Steve said to everyone. .

"Leave the task of monitoring that spaceship to me." Su Rui said actively.

Everyone knows that Wakanda's technology is very advanced, and everyone has no objection.

On the other side, Luke and Strange came to seabed.

"I'll shrink you in a while and let you recover when I get to the opposite side." Luke said to Strange.

Stranger clicked nodded and agreed with Luke's method.

Immediately, Luke shrank Strange and led him into the tiny Space Crack.

For Luke to cross space barriers is simpler, especially this time there is Space Crack

The world opposite Space Crack

Luke feels the surrounding laws The change restored Strange back to its original state.

They are located in a grassland, all around are boundless grass.

"This is not another universe, but an independent planet, a very large planet." Strange tried to cast magic without any hindrance.

"You are right, this planet is indeed very big." The situation of this planet is similar to that of Earth. There are oceans, mountain ranges, tropical rainforests, grasslands, deserts, Gobi, etc., on Earth. There are some environments here.

Luke probed the planet with Divine Consciousness, and he found that there were no animals on the planet, not even Insect.

"It doesn't feel good to me here, it seems to be made." He has experience in making land, and it is very similar to the original harbor.

It would be fine if it was simply manufactured, but there are actually many buildings on Earth, pyramids in the desert, and Mayan temples in the rain forest. There are also some buildings that do not exist on Earth, huge castles in the snowy area, and black towers on the grassland.

Luke and Strange looked at each other. They both felt that this place was very weird, like a collection of the remains of many civilizations, but they didn't know the meaning of existence here.

The two first arrived at the tall tower on the grassland, the black stone tall tower, without windows and doors, more like a huge obelisk. The reason why it is considered to be a high tower is that it has obvious layering, and different patterns are engraved on the outer wall of each layer.

Luke is also the first time to see this kind of tower. I don't know what it does.

Then they went to the Pyramid, which was many times larger than the largest known Pyramid of Khufu on Earth.

Just as the two were about to explore the next location, a white silhouette appeared in front of them.

"The game hasn't started yet, you guys have entered the arena too early." The white clothed young man said with a smile.

Looking at the other person's smile, Luke thought of Loki, and there was a little jokingly evil taste in his smile, but also some expectation and pride.

Luke looked at the other party and did not speak immediately.

"Who are you, where are you? You caused our planet to lose power?" Strange asked.

"You can call me a transcendant. This is the fighting world I created. It is just a small test to make your planet lose power. If your test satisfies me, you will be able to participate in the fighting world. The game." The Transcendant looked very much looking forward to it.

Sure enough, it is the transcendencer. Although the transcendence has not appeared in the movie, it is still very famous in the comics.

The transcendencer is an outer dimension creature, he is almost an omnipotent existence, and his power does not depend on how powerful his skills or weapons are, but on-thinking.

Yes, as long as he thinks of it, he can achieve it.

Luke also has this kind of ability, but his ability has an upper limit, and he is not as powerful as a surpasser.

"What happens if we fail the test?" Strange asked frowned.

"Failure means there is no need to survive, and your universe will be eliminated along with it." The Transcendant said indifferently.

"Since you are here early, I can give you some tips, but remember." He said mysterious and secretive, "According to your Earth, it is two years later. The game will officially start. I will select three powerhouses in the universe to enter the fighting world and fight each other. The winner's universe will be preserved, and the loser's universe will be eliminated."

"Why do you want this ——" Strange was interrupted by Luke.

Luke knows very little about Transcendence, but he is very familiar with Rocky’s character. The transcendence may just do it for fun, without any special purpose.

"How many people enter the fighting world in one universe, how to judge the winner, do you want to kill the people in the other two universes, or what is the criterion?"

" Um, let me think about it." The transcendant put on a thoughtful appearance, "Too many people don't seem to be good, so let's make 70 players in each universe, choose 40 people independently, and I will choose the remaining 30 people."

"As for the winning conditions, of course, the players in the other two universes have disappeared."

Luke in the heart has a general idea, and now he is not an opponent of transcendence, and There is no benefit in his conflict.

"I promised, but the power on our planet can be restored."

Strange was obviously anxious when he heard Luke's words. He felt that Luke was not This should be the answer to the respondent, but he was stopped by Luke's eyes and temporarily held back what he wanted to say.

"When you pass the test, the electricity will be restored." The transcendant put his hands in front of his chest and said casually.

"Let's go."

Luke took Strange through Space Crack and returned to Earth.

When they left this time, the four envoys of Swallowing Star reached Earth, and they had already fought with Tony and the others.


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