Hogwart’s Immortal Cultivation in Marvel Chapter 700

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Chapter 700 Accidents

Four messengers of the Planet Devourer built metal towers in four places on Earth.

The heroes on Earth are also divided into four groups to deal with the four messengers of the Planet Devourer at the same time.

On the Atlantic Ocean

Mutants headed by XAcademician and Magneto are dealing with Stardust, one of the four messengers of the Planet Devourer.

Stardust’s body is completely composed of cosmic particles and energy, and it is immune to most physical attacks and energy attacks, making Logan and Laser Eye and the others unable to cause effective damage to him, but the iceman’s ability Be restrained. .

However, he can repair himself by his own will, and can also launch a devastating energy impact from his eyes and hands.

Southern Italy, Mount Etna

The elite magic division led by Dumbledore and Wanda is fighting the Yan Emperor, two of the four messengers of the Planet Devourer.

Yan Emperor can master the cosmic energy in his body, and the main form of his energy is flame. Therefore, Dumbledore and others are attacking the Yan Emperor with Water Element magic such as water jail. The wizards of Wanda and Kama Taj used energy magic to limit the Yan Emperor's abilities.

Eastern Africa

Tor, weather witch, storm woman, t'chara, winter soldier, fast silver, Scott, wasp woman and some alien Human Race, supernatural human The silver glider, one of the four messengers attacking the Planet Devourer.

Silver gliders can manipulate cosmic energy, metamorphose molecules, and use natural energy such as wind, thunder, water and fire.

New York, Stark Mansion

The Avengers and the remaining superheroes are the last messenger tyrant who blocked the Planet Devourer at the gate of the Stark Mansion.

The outer layer of the tyrant’s body is covered with a soft protective layer similar to rocks, which allows him to survive in all environments and temperatures without being affected, and at the same time has an unimaginable resistance. force.

"Every time I fight at my door." Tony couldn't help but vomit.

His Stark Mansion is not known how many times it has been destroyed, and he has to pay the guy a repair fee each time.

Hulk and Zhen Black Widow are the main forces against tyrants. The red tank was also seconded, his ability is really inconvenient to fight on the water.

Four squads Before setting off, everyone has done a rough analysis of the four messengers of the Planet Devourer. The energy forms of Stardust and Yan Emperor are dealt with by magicians and mutants. The physical silver gliders and tyrants are left to other superheroes.

So, when Luke and Strange returned, all the battlefields were under control.

Hulk, True Black Widow, Red Tank, Little Spider, and Steve were besieging the tyrant. Tony and others were all around to prevent the tyrant from escaping.

"What's the matter? What's the situation over there?" Tony saw Strange's face a little solemn.

"Let’s deal with the immediate trouble first, and talk about other things later." Luke pointed to the top of his head, "Who will go to the spaceship with me to see?"

"Me and You go, call Vision, Hank and Ant." Tony said the person he recommended.

Luke snapped his fingers, and several others appeared beside him.

"Hey, do we have any other missions?" Scott said, "I knew that I was the best, right?"

Luke put a few of them After finding it, Scott guessed that there might be other tasks.

"Can you send him back, I regret it." Tony felt that this guy's mouth was a little bit unusable.

"Don't be this guy, we'll be that...what's the name, in-law." Scott said "In-law" in Chinese, with a strange tone.

Luke is speechless, and looks like a half bottle of vinegar. He recognized Scott's daughter as a goddaughter. He didn't know where Scott heard of the word "in-law" and used it here.

"In-laws are saying that your child is married, and your two children are sisters or siblings, unless you intend to marry by referring to your belly."

"Point to the belly to marry What kind of custom is this." Scott didn't understand what it meant.

"What's the mess, I'll go first." Tony flew directly toward the spaceship of the planet-eater in the sky.

"Do you want to be together?" Luke looked towards Strange.

"Your strength is enough, I will help others."

The two battlefields of the silver glider and the Yan Emperor are somewhat passive, and the situation is not very stable.

Luke took the vision, Hank and Scott moved directly to the spaceship of the Planet Devourer, waiting for Tony for a while before he arrived.

"You should be with us, we arrived early." Scott said when he saw Tony.

"You shut up." Tony was annoyed by Scott.

"Let's go." Luke ignored the two and flew into the spaceship first.

In order to avoid unnecessary trouble, Luke did not directly bring everyone into the spaceship, and he did not know whether there was any danger in Uncle Tun’s spaceship.

The circular passage they entered is very wide, at least 20 meters in diameter.

"This passage is so big, will it be so huge after becoming a god?" Scott couldn't help but said.

"This is just a wire." Luke said lightly.

Scott was taken aback, "What?"

He didn't know if Luke was joking with him.

"Mr. Kirk said that this passage is just a wire on the spaceship, not a passage for entry and exit." Vision explained kindly.

Scott looked up at the huge passage with a stunned look. He couldn't imagine that it was actually a wire with a diameter of more than 20 meters...

Everyone followed. The wire channel came to a room with a device similar to a sleeping bin in the middle of the room.

"Look, there is a little girl inside." Hank cry out in surprise.

Everyone gathered around, and Tony was holding a detection instrument in his hand.

I saw a young girl with black hair lying inside. She was wearing purple clothes. She looked similar to Anna.

"Gosh, she is an energy body, and she is in a dormant state now." Tony said in surprise.

"Don't move, she is mine." Luke said surprisingly.

Everyone else looked towards Luke with weird faces, and even the vision showed a very confused expression.

Scott is a little worried about his daughter. Luke doesn't have any special hobbies. He is already thinking about how to keep his daughter away from Luke.

"Well, Luke, although the opponent may be an enemy, but you are not so good." Hank still didn't know enough about Luke, and obviously misunderstood him.

Tony knows Luke better, and he said in one sentence: "You don’t think the goddess’s problem will be guilty again."

Tony is very speechless, he was not born. His daughter has been targeted for a long time, and he very much doubts that Luke has used foresight or some other ability to see that he has a daughter in the future.

As far as he knows, Steve's daughter, Clint's daughter, Grumpy Logan's daughter, and this little ant's daughter. No one could escape Luke's eyes.

Now he is staring at the daughter of the gods...he also has to admire Luke.

"What do you know, she alone can kill all the Heavenly God team that came to Earth before. You have a bit of intelligence, and you don't even have a fraction of others."

Gana The daughter of Tatun Xing, born with the strength of the universe god level, after fully grown, at least the multi-universe level. Moreover, Uncle Tun will be her city, ability, energy use, advanced scientific and technological civilization knowledge and cosmic consciousness.

There is also a sense of hunger. Swallowing stars requires a lot of energy. Ganata also inherited this problem.

Are you going to grab a bunch of Yigos back and raise them? This is a question.


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