Hogwart’s Immortal Cultivation in Marvel Chapter 701

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Chapter 701 Who is the master of energy

The reason why Luke intends to recognize Ganata as the goddess is also based on his own considerations.

Two years later, the world of fighting started. He didn't know which universe the other two universes were, and he didn't know if Transcendent had any new tricks.

With Ganata to help out, plus Hermione, the enemies of the other two universes don't have to worry. Even if you have to deal with the transcendence, the safety of others is guaranteed.

Of course, the success of this event depends on whether they can defeat Tunxing. As long as Tunxing is hungry now, he has great hope.

"Let's go, let's continue walking into the spaceship, we will deal with the Planet Devourer first before talking about anything else." Luke said to everyone.

"You also know that our purpose is to deal with the Planet Devourer. I thought you were betrayed for the sake of their daughter." Tony taunted.

Luke gave Tony a blank look.

Their entire group continues to walk towards the interior of the spaceship.

At this moment, the four metal tower-like devices built by the planet Devourer messenger from the outside world were all destroyed. The energy in the spaceship is alive and converging towards one place.

"The Planet Devourer is about to wake up."

As soon as everyone arrived at another location, they saw a tall silhouette, wearing purple armor, with their eyes open. Red light absorbs the active energy around the spaceship.

"He is too big, let me shrink him a bit." Scott has always wanted to test whether the Pym particles can shrink these gods.

Luke naturally wouldn't give him this kind of experiment, and he didn't have the guts to experiment with the Heavenly God group. Now there is a Heavenly God who hasn't fully awakened, so he can give it a try.

"Stop it!" Tony yelled. No one knew what would happen to him. Scott's actions were too risky.

Unfortunately, Scott has fired a shot at the Planet Devourer with a firing gun containing Pim particles.

The Pim particle hit the feet of the planet devourer, and the planet devourer shrank at a speed visible to naked eye until it disappeared.

"Look, I succeeded." Scott said happily.

"Idiot, you narrowed it down. How do we deal with him!" Tony cursed.

"Don't worry, look." Luke didn't stop Scott just now. The Planet Devourer is one of the five gods no matter what, unless Scott is the ultimate wiper, otherwise it is impossible. Easily kill the Planet Devourer.

The planet Devourer emits red rays of light all over the body, reappearing in front of everyone.

He cast his gaze on Scott, who fired Pim particles at him.

"I'm just kidding, don't mind." Scott forced a smile and said, suddenly realizing that he was still holding the Pim particle firing gun in his hand, and hurriedly put the gun behind him.

Two red energy beams were shot from the eyes of the Planet Devourer, and the target was Scott beside everyone.

"Careful!" A blue energy light shield appeared on Tony's right arm, blocking Scott's body. Although he didn't like this little ant very much, he was also impossible to see him hurt.

Luke's movements are simpler. Before the energy beam hits everyone, he waved his backhand and reflected the energy beam back.


The energy beam from the Planet Devourer hit him.

"Energy, energy."

The Planet Devourer may have just awakened, but it seems that he is not sober; maybe he is starving, and he did not attack Luke, but is in front of everyone. Disappeared.

"What about the man, where did he go?" Tony was a little weird,

He didn't believe that he drove him away so easily.


Luke directly took everyone out of the spaceship.

I saw the Planet Devourer standing on the street, he raised his right arm, and red energy shot out from his hand. The metal tower that had just been destroyed by others was immediately Reparo, and the same thing happened at three other locations on Earth.

At the moment when the four launch towers were repaired, a large amount of Earth energy was extracted and converged toward the body swallowed by the planet, and his whole body emitted red rays of light.

"He is absorbing Earth's energy." The energy probe in Tony's hand was handed over to Hank, ready to attack the Planet Devourer.

"I want to absorb energy, have you asked me." Before Luke's words fell, the energy of the entire Earth was completely confined by him.

Encroaching, grabbing energy, he has never been afraid of anyone.

The domineering World Strength instantly assimilated the energy on Earth into his private item. As long as he wants to, he can even gradually assimilate the planetary devourers, after all, the planetary devourers also belong to energy life.

Immortal Cultivator's mana is not like Kama Taj, who is borrowed from some big guys, and it's not that the wizard comes completely with its own bloodline. Instead, it is absorbing the energy in the surroundings and the universe and transforming it into its own magic power.

Luke's mana has long evolved into immortal strength, and recently it has evolved into World Strength again.

Dormam suffered from this kind of loss in the first place, and almost lost his dark dimension. That is to say, Luke realm was almost at that time. If Dormam comes to Earth now, he can directly make him dark. The dimension is taken away.

"What did you do!" The Planet Devourer encountered this situation for the first time.

He should be in a sea of ​​energy, so he can absorb energy wantonly. Suddenly, the sea of ​​energy became a solid solid, and he could not absorb a trace of energy.

He has seen all kinds of beings that manipulate energy, but he has never seen one that controls all energies at the same time, and the realm of the wizards cannot achieve this level.

Luke did not speak, but smiled and hooked his finger at the Planet Devourer.

A red energy is drawn from the planet Devourer.


Swallowing Star, who is extremely sensitive to energy, immediately realized that the other party was actually extracting energy from him, which was worth it. He originally came hungry, but in the end he didn't eat any energy, and he lost a lot of it.

"Hey, Luke, what did he do to that big guy, why is he called so miserable." The little spider in the distance was watching the battle with Natasha, Hulk and the others.

"I don't know, Luke often has some'special' hobby, you know what I mean." Natasha smiled playfully.

Natasha's words scared the little spider back a few steps, with an expression of disbelief.

A voice suddenly appeared in Natasha’s mind, “It’s not good to say bad things about others behind your back. You have to be punished.”

Natasha hasn’t reacted yet, She was turned into a little black cat, her big eyes looked very surprised.

Seeing that Natasha was turned into a cat, Venom was also terrified. Knowing the horror of Luke, it hurried to the little spider.

"Ah, what is this, is it a worm?" Few people have seen the body of venom. The little spider saw a dark thing leaping towards him and jumped directly to the wire. On the pole.

At this time, the entire Earth's energy has been assimilated by Luke, and he knows every move of everyone, so he will naturally notice Natasha's little movements.

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