Hogwart’s Immortal Cultivation in Marvel Chapter 702

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Chapter 702, keep your daughter behind

When Luke attacked the Planet Devourer, the other three squads also came to New York. Each squad has Kama Taj's secret technique division, and you can use the space door to facilitate everyone's transfer.

They joined Tony, Steve and them.

"How are you doing here?" Logan asked Hank.

Hank hasn't responded yet, Tony first said: "Luke is planning to take away their daughter."


Everyone looked towards Tony in shock, hoping that he could explain clearly what happened.

"Don't listen to him, Luke wants to take the other's daughter hostage." Scott said.

Everyone's expressions are even more weird.

"Well, maybe Luke has his purpose, let him tell you later." Hank felt that he should say something, otherwise this matter might get darker and darker.

Strange looked thoughtful, as if he had thought of Luke's purpose.

"Hey, who brought the cat here." Clint suddenly found a small black cat at his feet, meowing.

As soon as he was about to pick him up, he was patted with a paw by the little black cat, and he showed the look you were waiting for the old lady.

Clint knows that Luke has many amazing animals, many of them are very intelligent, maybe Luke brought them.

"Don't provoke her, be careful while biting you." Tony said without a big deal.

"That's Natasha, maybe Luke made a joke with her, don't worry." Steve knew the cause of the matter, and he didn't think Luke would do to Natasha.

"Natasha? Is it really you?" Clint was very surprised. He didn't expect Natasha to be turned into a little black cat.

The little black cat gave Clint a white with his beautiful big eyes, his body was vertical, and he jumped onto the roof of a car next to him.

The four messengers of the Planet Devourer were all controlled by everyone, and the skateboard of the silver glider and the axe of the tyrant were also controlled by Strange.

At this time, the Planet Devourer one-knee kneels, looking hungry and weak. As the energy in his body was lost, he became weaker and weaker.

This time the Planet Devourer only drove his little spaceship to Earth, and he also had a world spaceship the size of the solar system. Therefore, the state before the Planet Devourer came to Earth was very weak.

"You cannot kill me, my death will bring destruction to this universe. I am willing to leave this planet and never come back." The Planet Devourer felt that he had encountered a monster today, he Never seen this kind of ability.

It is said that the planet Devourer is the key to seal the divine talisman, and the purpose of the divine talisman's existence is the Destruction Universe. Even if he does nothing, the surrounding universe will be destroyed because of him.

It now appears that perhaps this legend is true.

Although Luke doesn't know the truth or falsehood of this legend, he won't risk it, not to mention that he just wanted to get rid of Tunxing at first.

Others have also heard the words of Swallowing Star, but no one knows why his death will bring destruction to the universe

"You can go, but your daughter will stay. "Luke stopped drawing energy from Star Swallow.

"What?" Tunxing didn't expect the other party would say this kind of request.

"Ha, I was right, he was just beating his daughter's idea." Tony naturally wouldn't let this opportunity to discredit Luke.

Everyone looked at each other in blank dismay, all showing a little embarrassed and weird expression. Especially Clint and Logan, both of them fell into contemplation at the same time.

"I said you can go, and your messenger, but your daughter needs to stay in Earth." Luke repeated.

"What do you want to do?" Tun Xing didn't know what the opposite person meant. He wasn't as complicated as the people behind Luke thought. He just wanted to know what the other person had.

I am not the opponent of the other party, and I let myself go. If you want to get some advanced technology, or something else, why look for his daughter.

"She should consume a lot of life energy as often as you do?" Luke asked.

Planet Devourers don’t need to devour all energy, only life energy can eliminate their hunger.

"Yes, but she doesn't want to destroy the entire world and satisfy her appetite. She has entered a dormant state."

"Maybe I can help her solve this problem. "Luke said lightly.

He also needed food to supplement his energy before, but with the improvement of realm, he has already reached bigu. Now food is just for him to enjoy delicious food, not for energy.

If Ganata is properly cultivated, she may be able to change her ability to absorb life energy to satisfy her appetite, and instead can absorb any other energy.

"There really is such a method." Tun Xing couldn't believe it. There are few life older than him in the universe, but he never knew there was such a method, otherwise it would not be like now. So hungry.

"I mean maybe, I'm not sure."

"Then I will stay too."

There is such a good thing, he also Hungry all day long. If he can, he doesn't want to eat everyday all, or on the way to eat.

Luke almost fell out of the sky when he heard Swallow Star's words.

Everyone else looks like they are watching a movie, making you think about their daughter. This time you will catch a dad to see what you do.

Tony also whistled and booed.

Of course, no one is tempted. There is such a great god guarding Earth, who is Earth afraid of, what Thanos, the Skru people, no matter how much they come, there is not enough food.

"Can't afford it, you eat too much, you can only let your daughter try."

Luke refused to give Tunxing a chance to speak, and said: "I know A life planet called Yigo should be very delicious. This universe is gone, you can go to other universes to find it."

Swallowing the stars seems to not want to give up, suddenly, his eyes emit red light.

"Be careful!" Steve hurriedly reminded him, thinking that the Star Swallow was going to attack Luke.

However, Tunxing did not attack Luke, he just awakened Ganata in the spaceship.

Everyone turned their attention to Steve.


Steve felt a little embarrassed suddenly, he was a little too nervous.

A purple clothed young girl dressed in the same style as Tunxing appeared beside Tunxing.

"Father~What are you doing waking up, I'm so hungry, so hungry~" Ganata is still awake, but she knows she is hungry.

Luke has Spirit Pill that feeds Spirit Beast. The energy in Spirit Pill is also abundant, but he doesn't know if Ganata can be taken. After thinking about it, he still didn't take it out.

However, a colorful pill appeared in his hand. As soon as Seven-Colors Pill appeared, Ganata and Tunxing immediately attracted the attention.

They can feel the majestic life energy from this pill, and the saliva that Janata sees is almost flowing out.

"Look at this, can you absorb it?" Luke threw the Seven-Colors Pill to Ganata.

This Seven-Colors Pill is made by Luke drawing energy from Nuwa Stone. The power of Nuwa Stone is much higher than the power of this world.


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