Hogwart’s Immortal Cultivation in Marvel Chapter 704

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Chapter 704 Fighting World Opens

With the restoration of power, the order on Earth has gradually stabilized.

Affected by the disappearance of electricity, the global economy is basically in chaos, and almost all industrial chains are in a state of stagnation. And the death toll from this time event even exceeds the sum of previous years.

Most of the satellites in space have also been destroyed. Even if the members of the Heavenly God group stand still, the satellites orbiting Earth will hit them on their heads.

All parts of the world are full of wastes waiting to be developed, and countries have formulated new development plans. No one will shut out the Vermilion Bird Group anymore. Everyone hopes that the Vermilion Bird Group can establish a branch in their own country.

The two biggest what a jokes in the world are the United States and Britain. The United States almost lost itself, and Britain pushed the Vermilion Bird Group out of its own country.

However, all this has nothing to do with Luke. The Vermilion Bird Group is now completely in charge of Qin Ying, including the launch of technology products, Luke will not bother.

His body stays in Heaven Beyond the Heaven, and cultivation with Hermione, Anna, Skye, and Phoebe, while Avatar is helping others improve their strength.

Inscribe various runes on Tony’s Battle Armor, teach Wanda magic, and even let her enter the tower of refining the heart to strengthen her will. Together with the dwarf king Ai Cui, he forged a Warhammer for Steve. I often use thunder and lightning to help Thor's Body Refinement, hoping to solve the problem of thunder's fear of electricity, but the effect is not very good, and we need to stick to it.

Strange, Professor X, Magneto...All the people on Luke’s list must receive his intensive training. Even the Black Bat King and Marvel Captain were also found by Luke. Know that Earth has experienced three unimaginable disasters.

The outside world is not clear about their upcoming participation in the Life and Death Battle on behalf of the universe, including several advanced civilizations that are very familiar with Luke.

The number of people involved is limited this time, and there is no need to get well known, and it is not very helpful to them.

The happiest thing these days is Jiali. She can often eat the Heaven Mending Pill given to her by Luke. Luke used the life energy in Nuwa Stone as the main medicine, and added some spiritual grass to develop a medicine pill that replenishes life energy-Heaven Mending Pill.

Heaven Mending Pill given to Jiali can only help her to eliminate her hunger. If given to an ordinary person, one tablet can increase lifespan for hundreds of years.

At the same time, Luke taught the first 3-floors of the Golden Medal of Galidi, as long as she can practice the Third Layer, she shouldn’t need to absorb life energy specifically, all the energy in the universe can be used by her as food .

Two years from the outside world passed by in a flash. Hermione and the others also advanced to the Immortal King Realm during this time and entered the level of a single universe. After learning about the fighting world, they each kept an Avatar, the body continued to return to Heaven Beyond the Heaven cultivation, and occasionally went to the high tower for actual combat practice.

After Luke reached the Immortal Emperor Realm Great Perfection, his cultivation base was no longer able to advance. After consulting the system, he knew that Immortal Emperor Realm was already the upper limit of this universe. To break through Immortal Emperor Realm, he had to go to the outer dimension to find opportunities.

Dou Jie is the opportunity for him to seek breakthrough. The last time he fought with Strange, he clearly perceives the difference between Dou Jie and the universe he is in.

Because they don't know the specific time of the opening of Doujie, Luke and Hermione did not stay in the harbor. He doesn't know if the Transcender knows the existence of the harbor, at least so far, Zhou Tian Stars Great Array has not been inspired.

In the Conference Hall of the Vermilion Bird Group headquarters, Luke and 39 selected personnel, as well as 20 candidate substitutes, were in a pre-war meeting.

"If you meet yourself or friends in other universes, try not to keep your hands. They may be very different from the characters you know, such as the villain Iron Man, Nine Headed Snake Captain, dark and strange Academician, wait, their strength is more powerful." Luke hopes that everyone can avoid excessive tendency to clemency.

"Is there no badass you? I think you are the most dangerous." Tony twitched his lips. This guy used himself as a negative case again. He must be deliberate.

"Don’t worry about this. I am unique and unmatched. Even if he looks the same as me, he will not have my strength. Hermione, Anna, Skye and Phoebe are also in the same situation. Almost." Luke looked towards Phoebe.

Phoebe knew what Luke was thinking, and said, "Actually, my original name is Carol Danfoss. I come from another universe."

Everyone present was very shocked, no I can't believe it, watching Phoebe and Marvel Captain back and forth. Very few people know Phoebe's true identity, even Steve and Banner, who have lived in the harbor for a long time.

Surprise Captain also has a look of astonishment. She still knows how she was when she was a child, but the young girl in front of her is obviously different from her.

"The next thing I want to talk about is a few more dangerous people. If you encounter them, try to avoid them."

After everyone enters the fighting world, they are likely to be scattered anywhere. , Luke helped everyone refine the bracelet to prevent others from getting into their team.

"The darkened Strange, his ability is enough to kill most of the people here. After awakening, Wanda, she can be said to be one of the most powerful people here besides me. However, Her strength is unstable, and most of the time she is not that strong."

Pitro touched Wanda with his arm, which means that you are still so good.

Wanda was also a little surprised. Luke told her that her magic is actually chaotic magic, but she never thought she would be so powerful.

"There is also Qin Ge Lei in Phoenix status..."

Luke told everyone about some powerful battle strengths he knew, and also specially told Jiali, although her starting point was very High, but can't be careless, no one knows what kind of enemy they will face.

He was about to introduce the powerful Divine Item to everyone again. A white silhouette suddenly appeared in the Conference Hall.

"The fighting world is already open, are you all ready?" Transcendence looked at everyone very excitedly, "Are these the players participating in the competition? They look pretty good."

"The first 40 people are, are there no rules for confrontation?" Luke asked.

"My rule is that there are no rules. You can use any means. Okay, I can't wait to appreciate this game." The transcendence snapped his fingers, including Hermione. All 39 people disappeared, and several candidate team members also disappeared.

"Hey, I can't move you into the fighting world." The Transcendant looked at Luke as if he had discovered something interesting.

"Don't worry, I will participate." He also needs to use the space of the fighting world for breakthroughs, so naturally he won't miss this opportunity.

"I look forward to your performance. Go in by yourself. After you go in, everyone is scattered. In order to increase the fun of the game, I prepared some small surprises in it, and I expanded the fight. Now, the venue is too small."

A fluorescent white space door appeared beside the Transcender.

Luke guessed that this competition will not be that simple. Fortunately, he has prepared storage bracelets for everyone, which contains symbols to deal with unexpected situations, medicine pill and other equipment. In a short time, Everyone’s safety It shouldn’t be too big a problem.

He stepped into the space door beside Transcendence.


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