Hogwart’s Immortal Cultivation in Marvel Chapter 705

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Chapter 705 Enemy or Friend


Luke walked into the space door opened by Transcendence and found himself in a jungle, and no trace of other people was found nearby.

He dispersed the Divine Consciousness, wanting to confirm whether the terrain of Doujie has changed.

Suddenly, there was a roar in the distance, Luke body flashed and disappeared.

He now needs to grasp the changes in the world of fighting and collect information on the other two universes. Next, there will be an Avatar and everyone converging, and the body will look for breakthrough opportunities.

When he came to the roaring area, Luke hovered above the jungle and concealed his figure looking towards below.

I saw a guy wearing red and blue tight clothes gnawing wildly at something, and screamed from time to time, as if he was full of praise for the delicious food.

Luke slightly frowned, it turned out to be such a universe again.

The silhouette below is exactly the zombie-like Spider-Man, and the thing he is holding and gnawing is actually an insect egg holding a face.

The blood of the alien larva is also strongly corrosive. The insect egg that has not yet hatched was eaten by zombie spider-man in half, and a lot of green blood dripped on his body.

The acidic corrosive blood has no effect on the spider-man who has become a zombie, but Luke discovered that the body of the zombie spider-man is healing quickly.

Although it is still the flesh and blood of zombie after healing, this ability is not available in Spider-Man.

Is the zombie with self-healing ability only like Spiderman, or is it the same for all zombies...

The appearance of alien larvae is not good news, you must know every time aliens Evolution will inherit part of the host's abilities, which means that varieties such as magic aliens and super aliens are likely to appear.

Zombie Spider-Man may have sensed, stopped gnawing, and looked up towards the sky.

He didn't notice anything unusual, so he lowered his head and continued to eat.

Since there are aliens, who knows if there are other weird things. Luke did not continue to stay, he decided to gather everyone together before seeking a breakthrough by himself.

The bracelet he gave to everyone not only has storage and communication functions, but also has a positioning function.

Probably sensed the location of other people, almost all over the world. The scope of the bucket is almost equivalent to 4 or 5 Earth's area.

In the process of exploring with Divine Consciousness, he also found members of another universe, including Iron Man, Strange Academician, Fantastic Four, Magneto, Qin Gerei, Black Bat King, and Take the Trident and the guy in the armor and green cloak.

The opponent is at least a universe that has Avengers, mutants, different Human Races, and Fantastic Four at the same time. As for the specific one, it is temporarily impossible to determine, after all, there are too many such universes.

Perhaps the transcendants underestimated their abilities, or it may be that the transcendents don't care at all. Although everyone was distributed everywhere when entering Doujie, everyone had more or less some ways to communicate.

Doujie can be roughly divided into five areas, a continent hanging over the sea, snowy areas in the north, rainforest in the south, and desert and Gobi in the west. The landform in the east is the most complex, with mountain range, plains, hills, and the most various buildings.

Luke came to a stone castle in the eastern hills and moved everyone else to him.

The transcendencer didn't stop his behavior. He really didn't care if he wanted to come.

When everyone first came here, they kept their fighting stance on guard, and only relaxed after seeing Luke.

"How come there are 49." Steve counted the number of people as they looked around.

venom as a lifeform, and Natasha are considered two places

40 of them are selected by them, 3 are from alternative team members, and 4 are not in them On the list. But everyone is no stranger, they are Frank Custer, the Punisher, the blue younger sister Nebula, Daredevil Matt Murdoch, and the star-lord Prince.

"The remaining 21 are all criminals in the four major super-power prisons. I don't want them to disrupt the situation." Luke doesn't mind their criminal status if they are of some value. But those people are already lucky for them not to destroy them humanely.

"What's the matter, where are we?" Frank asked.

Things about the world of fighting only spread within a very small area, and neither Frank nor Matt knew about it. Nebula and Xingjue were very clear, but they were not selected into the list.

Luke briefly told the story, giving them a general understanding of the current situation.

"I have identified the other two universes, one is the zombie universe, and the other is called the 616 universe. And there are many other dangerous species in the fighting world, such as alien and insect race. You just Some people should have already met." Luke said looking towards Hulk.

At this time, Hulk was covered in green liquid, exuding a strange smell.

The continent that hangs alone overseas is the world of insect race, and there are countless kinds of insects.

"Zombie? Shouldn't it be easy to deal with, they don't have much wisdom. And that 616 universe have you been to?" Tony asked.

"Zombies do not have wisdom, but their abilities are still there, and they may even be stronger. There is no pain, and even the body can heal itself. Their only idea is to eat you, maybe they will be infected. Isn’t it troublesome enough."

"As for Universe 616, I have never been to it, but I caught one of them." Luke snapped his fingers and the red-haired Natasha appeared. In front of everyone.

"Let's talk, do you have any thoughts about me."

Natasha in the team, ignoring Hermione's "glare", put her hand on Luke's shoulder and said.

The other Natasha was trapped in midair by magic, her eyes widened and she couldn't say anything.

"Their universe is very strong. The Awakening Wanda I mentioned before, Fire Phoenix Qin Ge Lei and a few dangerous people are all in their universe."

616 The universe is also called the main universe, the world where the main story takes place, small events occur every day, and major events are also emerging in endlessly.

Destroy Academician, Namor, and sentry with the power of millions of stars, all appeared within the realm.

"You don't want me to sneak into their team, right." Natasha's brain was lightning flashed.

"I do have this idea, whether they have brought any Divine Item, or what strategy they plan to adopt against us, it is very important information."

Luke hopes everyone Protect yourself and avoid conflicts with the other party. The zombie universe may not be avoided, but the 616 universe is possible. As long as he waits for his breakthrough, he can smoothly solve the problem of the transcendence.

If the other party smashes with them, his Avatar will not be trifled with.

However, the sentinel is an unstable factor. It is said that this guy is very powerful, no one but himself should be able to compete with him.

This is also his main purpose for leaving an Avatar, to be able to immediately understand the changes in the battle situation.

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