Hogwarts Melon Eater Chapter 100

Anna came out of Myrtle’s bathroom. The outside and the bathroom looked like two worlds, lively and warm, with sunlight coming in through the stone window on the other side of the corridor.

The sounds of birds, the sounds of Peeves and Filch chasing, the cheers of the young wizard, and the helpless and funny sighs of Professor Defense Against the Dark Arts standing on the stairs.

All the happiness here never belongs to a girl named Myrtle.

Anna ran back to the Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom. There were already many young wizards sitting in their seats, curiously looking at this unique classroom.

Anna sat next to Belinda, “Did you know that there is a ghost in the toilet on the third floor?”

Belinda raised her head and looked away from the tutorial “En? The ghost in the toilet? It means’Moaning Myrtle’? It seems to be called Myrtle. Warren…”

“Yes, that’s her,” Anna nodded, “I met her in the toilet. “

“A Ravenclaw from a muggle,” Belinda shrugged, “My mother is also a Ravenclaw, who happened to be a student with Myrtle, but not a close friend…”

“Because Myrtle is one of the few young wizards who died in Hogwarts, my mother used her as an example to warn me before going to school and told me not to go to any dangerous place…”

“Uh…your mother doesn’t Will it happen to be called Oliver Humber?” Anna frowned, isn’t it such a coincidence?

“What are you talking about! What a rude! How could my mother be Ms. Oliver?” Belinda akimbo, “I don’t know why you think like this, Ms. Oliver is a black man. Look at me carefully—”

“Do you know Oliver Humber?” Anna heard Belinda’s closeness to Humber.

“Of course I know her! Didn’t expect you to be a muggle and even know this master-my mother invited her to a banquet,” Belinda waved exaggeratedly, “She really It’s very, very powerful!”

It’s not good. If it’s very difficult to deal with, how can I kidnap people to the school to see Myrtle? Anna touched the chin wondering, “Is she a magic duel master? Potions grandmaster? Or an alchemy master?”

“Neither, um…if you have to count…it should be the potions grandmaster,” Bei Linda frowned. “Are we talking about the same Oliver Humber?”

“It’s the one that killed Myrtle…”

“Ms. Oliver didn’t Caused a muggle to be born and died! These rumors are all slanders against her! It’s just that others are jealous of her talent,” Belinda was a little angry.

“Don’t listen to these rumors, Ms. Oliver is so beautiful, and only the beauty potion developed by beautiful people can have such a good effect!”

“Slander? Good. ?Beauty potion?” Anna scratched her head. It seemed that Oliver Humber had opened a beauty potion shop and had some loyal customers.

“Hey, are you talking about Oliver Humber?” A little brown curly snake approached. “I happened to see an advertisement for her shop in the newspaper this morning and said it was her And developed a potion that can completely cure acne…”

“Is it from the’purple hyacinth series’?” Belinda’s attention was drawn over, “The series are all fine products !”

“Yes,” the curly-haired snake nodded, “she also announced that the last potion of the’purple hyacinth series’ will be released on the tenth of June.”

“I heard that it is for her daughter’s birthday present, she will produce a great potion in June every year,” Belinda was a little envious, “being her daughter is really happy…”

“Where is her shop?” Anna decided to find an opportunity to inquire, “I am also interested in this’purple hyacinth series’…”

“It’s in Hogsmeade village, but the location It’s kind of… weird,” the curly-haired snake suggested, “you can ask owl to buy it for you.”

“Uh…I just want to go to the physical store to check it out. I still don’t worry about shopping online…” Anna scratched her head.

“What’s the’physical store’,’online shopping’? How can you worry if owl doesn’t lose the goods?” Belinda didn’t understand, “Forget it, let me tell you. , It was written in the newspaper before—”

“First stand in front of the Madam Puddifoot Tea House, align your body with the fancy cake in the window, move towards the direction of the castle, go backward ten steps, Then moved towards the wall on the left hand side and crashed into it…”

“…” This shop is for fear that others will find it, right?

“Sometimes it may take eleven steps or twelve steps. I think this address is too unfriendly…” Curly Snake interrupted, “Once the elder sister took me Form Displacement Shadow to Hogsmeade Village, I’ve been to Ms. Hong Bei’s shop once…”

“Don’t hit too hard! I hit the wall at once, and a big bag on my forehead!” The curly-haired snake covered his head. , Seems to recall the pain at that time, “I guess the’ten steps’ mentioned in the address in the newspaper should be calculated according to the length of Ms. Hong Bei’s legs…”

“However,” Beilin Da coughed, “You can’t go to Hogsmeade village right now. The young wizard of First Year can’t go out at will.”

“Yes, it’s a pity,” Anna nodded, I don’t know if twin would like to do it this weekend. Let’s go out and play secret passage…

“Kha,” the wooden door of the classroom was opened, and the handsome Defense Against the Dark Arts professor walked in, “Good afternoon young wizards!”

“So handsome,” there was a tumult in the classroom.

“This professor is too young, I don’t know if I can teach well,” a golden-haired snake picked up his hand and frowned. “How can the Hogwarts board of directors care? Let the headmaster choose such a young man. Professor?”

“Don’t you know the curse of Defense Against the Dark Arts?” Another straight-haired snake glanced at him, “It’s not easy enough to find a professor, everyone Knowing that this position is cursed by you know who, no one wants to teach…”

The straight-haired little snake lowered his voice, “I heard that it was because the professor was a foreigner and didn’t know anything. Headmaster Dumbledore abducted…”

“…” Jacob heard their conversation and was a little speechless.’Abduction’ was not enough, but he failed to open a loan shop at Gringotts and learned that Professor Hogwarts was involved. The qualifications can make it easier to get loans, so I will come here to work for a year and mix qualifications…

I am a man who wants to open the “Kowalski Bakery” to all over the world!

Jacob stepped up to the podium, “cough cough, quiet children, let me introduce you first, I’m Jacob Kowalski, your Defense Against the Dark Arts professor.”


He wrote his name on the blackboard.

“I graduated from Ilvermony Magic School, where Defense Against the Dark Arts started in the 17th century. It can be said that it has a long history…”

ya Kobu smiled and glanced at the blond snake who just muttered, “Defense Against the Dark Arts is a famous gold professional for Ilvermony. As an outstanding graduate, of course, I have quite a lot of research in this area——”

“So you don’t need to worry about whether I have enough ability to teach you.”

“The more you look, the more handsome,” a girl was good at reaching a friend next to him, “I too I think so, “Although they are all the same young, they are completely different from Professor Snape.

“There is no relationship between the amount of knowledge storage and age,” Jacob paused, “I believe you can also see this from Professor Snape.”

As soon as Professor Snape was mentioned, the noisy classroom suddenly became quiet, and Jacob smiled.

“Okay, let’s start the class.”

Anna opened the textbook and glanced at Belinda, who was unexpectedly excited about her studies. She was staring at Jacob intently.

“One more thing,” Jacob coughed, and he blushed a little, “I wonder if you have ever heard of a photographer?”

The curly-haired snake raised his hand “I’ve heard that Professor Kowalski, the photographer refers to people who are naturally proficient in Legilimency. They don’t need to look directly into each other’s eyes, they can hear each other’s thoughts directly, but the photographer will also suffer more. Mental stress…”

“My father said that photographers shouldn’t work in Ministry of Magic,” Curly Snake shrugged, “Because then Azkaban will soon be overcrowded.”

“hahaha…” Some young wizards laughed.

“Yes, you are right,” Jacob also laughed. “I really can’t imagine working at Ministry of Magic. It must be annoying to hear the complaints from those people every day. …”

He paused for a second, “I am a photographer.”

“hahaha …” There was some laughter in the classroom, but it quieted down quickly. It was not good. Anna swallowed her saliva and felt that the study of’Occlumency’ must be on the agenda…

“You don’t need to be too nervous,” Jacob smiled, “As long as you don’t want to be too rude…”


Several girls began to blush.

“As long as your attention is focused on the class, I won’t hear your other thoughts.”

Everyone has an expression lamenting Merlin’s beard.

“It’s easy for me to know who is distracted. I was born. I can’t help it,” Jacob shrugged innocently. “So take the class seriously.”

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