Hogwarts Melon Eater Chapter 101

Anna took the Defense Against the Dark Arts class very seriously. She has been sitting upright, her head full of strange creatures.

She knew for the first time that zombies are real, with rotten shells and incomplete bodies, but they don’t like to eat brains. Most zombies prefer to pick up human stumps and wave them around-still’ he he he’makes a smirk, somewhat cautious.

A very small number of zombies will choose to mix into the muggle parade on Halloween. The little child who came to ask for candy roars and roars, and then knocks over the pumpkin-shaped sugar bowl.

I don’t know how many children’s childhood shadows have become. It is worth mentioning that the Ministry of Magic has a dedicated zombie research team’Rotten Life’, who captures zombie and studies the secret of zombie’s immortality.

“Okay, let’s talk about Troll. I believe the young wizard living in the magic circle is no stranger to this word.” Jacob wrote the word’Troll’ on the blackboard.

“If there is a’T’ in the test score, it would be too unfortunate, because it means that your study of a certain subject… is at the same level as Troll.”

“And Troll , The strength is amazing, but the intelligence is very low, even lower than the intelligence of the zombie mentioned earlier,” Jacob waved wand and let the chalk write on the blackboard by himself.

“Troll is divided into mountain Troll, forest Troll and river Troll. What is the difference between these three types of Troll?” Jacob looked towards a group of young wizards sitting upright, “Who will come Please answer?”

“The child who is thinking about eating five puddings tonight,” Jacob ordered a little snake with an innocent expression on his face, “Yes, it’s you.”

“Uh…they…different names?” The innocent little snake stood up with a blushing face, “maybe…different food preferences?”

“Different bloodlines!” Little blond The snake raised his hand, “When I hear the forest Troll is orthodox!”

“?” Does Troll still talk about bloodliness? Anna thought it was a little funny. Anyway, this pedigree is a bit too bad, right?

“hahaha, I am very imaginative, but Troll doesn’t talk about bloodliness,” Jacob told the innocent snake to sit down. “These three names are only based on their habitat, mountain Troll They are the most dangerous. They have the largest size and gray skin. Sometimes they hide on the edge of the cliff. Suddenly doing a few pull-ups scared the muggles off the cliff.”

“Dangerous Next is the river Troll, they sometimes lurking under the bridge, with long horns, purple skin, and eating everything,” Jacob paused, “from rotten fish and shrimp to fresh human flesh.”

“Hey—-” There was a tumult in the classroom, and the goose bumps on Belinda’s arm rose, “I hope I will never meet Troll in my life.”

“The woods Troll is relatively docile Yes, it is also the easiest to be trained as an’unqualified’ guard in Troll, with light green skin and long hair…” Jacob waved his hand, “Then how do we deal with Troll?”

“Run!” Several young wizards said in unison. It makes sense, Anna nodded, and not Berserker. Of course the crispy wizard can run as far as possible.

“Oh! Your house child’s ideas are surprisingly consistent, but you are right, it is important to save your life,” Jacob eyebrows raised.

“This morning, a child in a house proposed to use the pepper curse to make Troll sneeze out of time…”

“It must have been proposed by Ravenclaw…” Blond hair The little snake whispered to the student beside him.

“Although I have a lot of ideas, Troll’s Snot has amazing consistency,” Jacob added, shaking his head, “I don’t recommend this method. When the time comes, Troll’s Snot is stuck. It’s not good.”

“I think this idea must have been proposed by Gryffindor…” The blond snake continued to mutter with the student beside him.

“So what else can I do with Troll? If the answer is good enough, I will add 5 points to Slytherin.”

“Sprinkle poison on the corpse and throw it To Troll!” The blond snake raised his hand.

“Uh…if there is neither poison nor corpse…” Jacob scratched his head, “and want to poison to death Troll, then the weight of ordinary poison is at least a barrel. Otherwise it will only cause them to have diarrhea-it will make the situation worse…”

“You can use the Levitation charm to let heavy objects float on Troll’s head and knock it out,” Anna raised her hand and plagiarized it. Ron’s approach in the original work tried to add points to Slytherin.

“Oh!” Jacob reacted fiercely. He looked towards Anna. He was indeed the girl who robbed the bank trio. “It’s a good way! Using simple spells correctly can really make you master The young wizard with a small number of spells escapes from the dead.”

“Slytherin adds 5 points,” Jacob nodded, “Actually, you will learn how to fight in the Defense Against the Dark Arts this semester. Retreat spells, smoke screen spells, etc. can also deal with Troll. Although it is difficult to defeat Troll completely, at least you can save your life.”

“I personally recommend that if you want to go to the area where Troll is infested in the future, It’s best for everyone to carry some bubble pods with them.”

“Um…professor, is it the kind of bubble pods that bloom when dropped on the ground?” Belinda raised her hand.

“Yes, Troll has a severe allergic reaction to the pollen of the bubble pod flower,” Jacob explained. “Throw a handful of bubble pod on the ground. The floating pollen can make Troll directly unconscious. “

Anna picked up quill and quickly remembered her notes. The Defense Against the Dark Arts professor did have something.

The time for the Defense Against the Dark Arts class flies quickly. At least Anna thinks so. The content of the course is interesting and curious. Now Anna knows that if you want to deal with kappa, you must try to get the water out of their heads. …

To deal with the snowman, you need to use fire-related spells, or take off your clothes in World of Ice and Snow to show it your muscles… Then the snowman will give in because of respect, which is why the snowman is victimized One of the reasons why there are few Russian wizards…

It’s still very useful. It just doesn’t tell you where you have to go to meet a kappa, snowman or “Red Cap”. Anna feels that she might live a lifetime. There was no chance to dangle the eye of a’Red Cap’ with the lighting spell, and then escape from its claws that were’as sharp as a woman’s nails just made’.

“Hoo—” Belinda relaxed, “It’s okay, much better than Herbology,” she closed her pink notebook, “Although Troll and Red Cap sound disgusting, as long as you don’t let it I see it and it’s acceptable.”

“No matter what, it’s better than smelling manure for two hours…” Belinda and Anna came out of the Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom.

A group of young wizards crowded the stairs and formed a small traffic jam. Without exception, everyone covered their noses.

An unpleasant, or very unpleasant smell came over, Belinda frowned, “Merlin’s lace briefs, what’s the matter? Who blew up the toilet? ?”

The scene is a bit chaotic.

The characters in the paintings on the wall are running around. The “Lady in the Peaceful Knitting Sweater” is forcing the cat who unfortunately has the dung egg stains to take a bath. His arms are scratched and scratched. The orchestra began to play an unknown symphony, which sounded sad and heroic…

“Did Troll sneak in?” The curly-haired snake looked at the messy stairs, a little worried,” I think I should go to Professor Herbology to get some bubble pods…”

A very pleasant voice sounded, “hahaha dull Filch! I am here!” Peeves emerged from the wall. He was still stained with dung-egg stains, and not only did it not decrease, but it increased. I don’t know which two well-meaning people threw it on him.

“Meow!” Mrs. Norris screamed out of the corner.

Filch swiftly passed the crowded crowd moved towards Mrs. Norris’s screaming position, he moved quickly, and at first glance, he often exercises. Although his back is rickety, it does not affect his handsome stepping A young wizard bending over to pick up things.

very difficult to deal with, if Hogwarts is holding a parkour competition now, Mr. Filch, who is over half a hundred years old, may be able to stand out from the crowd of young wizards and win a championship.

“Peeves! You are too much this time! I must chase you out!” He was high-spirited and vigorous, full of breath.

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