Hogwarts Melon Eater Chapter 103

There is a family homework in the first week of school, which can be said to be very excessive. The Professor Binns of A History of Magic asks everyone to go to the library to collect materials and write an article about the invention of A History of Magic with cross-age significance. short essay.

“I know that some young wizards don’t have many words, but I still hope you can take every homework seriously,” Professor Binns’s humming voice sounds like hell at the moment Whispered, “At least one page of parchment, the quality of homework will affect your final grade…”

“Remember to write the words a little bit bigger, I can’t pick up a magnifying glass to see that your writing is smaller than the Pukwudgie nail shell “Professor Binns added.

Professor Snape’s homework “looks” a lot less, “What? Do you still want to tarnish the sacred thing like potion? I don’t want the sound of cauldron blowing up one after another. All weekend,” he paused for a second, “each person copied a potion research code of conduct…”

“Full version,” Professor Snape emphasized, “in the library potion area.”


Anna and Belinda found the full version of the guidelines in the library. They thought it was a piece of parchment, but didn’t expect it to be a book with about ten pages.

Belinda shuddered and opened the cover of the book.

The author named’Arseny Giger’ wrote the word’careful’ without more than a dozen pages. He described the boring potion laboratory precautions as weird and interesting, but he also made it so A’guideline’ is not like a’guideline’ at all.

‘…It is forbidden to use potion laboratory utensils to hold food-to avoid uncleaned food residues and condiments causing unexpected changes in the potion…’

‘ …In most cases, potion suddenly emits an attractive aroma or golden light. If nothing happens next, then congratulations, you have successfully made a bowl of soup; but if potion starts to bubble regularly Please stay away from cauldron, this is the precursor of the fryer…’

‘…It is forbidden to use wand to stir potion-the wood and stick core used by wand have magic power, if you put it directly into potion Stir in the middle, good luck may be able to boil into a potion that is unique; if you click bad luck, you may never see the sun tomorrow…’

“…” Anna feels that this book has to be copied at least several times It takes hours to copy, maybe you have to ask Fred and George if the automatic transcription of quill has been invented…

Professor Kowalski in the Defense Against the Dark Arts class pays attention to happy education, “Stay A simple homework. According to the description of the forest Troll in the textbook, draw the forest Troll of your in mind.”

Good guy, this can make Anna stump, and I can’t find reference paintings everywhere— —Yes, who is all right to paint the ugly Troll.

The description of Troll in the textbook is too abstract, and it is not easy for the handicapped painter to write…

“You want to draw Troll?” Lifting the pile of reference books, she gave a weird smile, “It’s really interesting, what does it attract you? Is it handsome?”

“It’s the homework of Defense Against the Dark Arts…” Anna scratched Scratch your head.

“Just draw Troll?!” Zelika held her face a little depressed, “Why is our homework a two-page parchment paper on werewolf? This comparison is too unfair. Right…”

“Quickly write your paper and stop talking nonsense, otherwise you have to ask Mr. Slytherin’s portrait to bless you,” Abigail smiled.

“speaking of which…I really know an image of Troll that has been artistically processed.” Abigail closed the reference book in front of him and placed it at the top of the stack. “It’s on the eighth floor of the castle. There is such a hanging picture about Troll, if I remember correctly, it’s not too far from the portrait of the fat lady at the gate of the Gryffindor common room…”

“I should remember correctly,” Abigail Self-affirmation, “After being a Prefect, I often hide at night at the gate of Gryffindor common room to catch the young wizard from the night tour, and I am fairly familiar with that one.”

No wonder Gryffindor’s house has been long does not raise. .

“Prefect, have you caught a pair of twins for a night tour recently?” Anna is more concerned about this issue.

“You mean the twin from the Weasley Family?” Abigail’s eyebrows raised, “I didn’t catch them, but they did more than night travel.”


“Except for Peeves, the biggest headache for Filch now is the twins. Their pranks are almost everywhere…” Abigail added, “I’m not complimenting them, of course I think This kind of behavior is childish…”

“They put’fart pads’ everywhere on the classroom chairs, the kind of boring joke toy that makes people fart when they sit down,” Abigail Shrugged, “As a result, Professor McGonagall was recruited.”

“It happened to be when we were in class. Professor McGonagall finished talking about how to turn inanimate objects into animals. We are practicing. I sat down expressionlessly in an empty place and wanted to drink tea, and then a loud voice came from the chair…”

“The atmosphere in the entire classroom was frozen, and the student next to me was scared to the table It became a balloon!”

“You didn’t see her expression at the time–” Jelica waved her arms exaggeratedly, “The first time I saw Professor McGonagall blush, it was so scary! That’s it! In class, she turned at least ten tables into pigs!”

“Professor McGonagall caught the culprit in only half an hour after class, deducted 10 points from Gryffindor, and let twin clean it. display room,” Abigail stretched, took a reference book and opened it.

“The house deduct points she gave herself are really ruthless. It seems that we will happily accept the house cup this semester.”

The prank came to Professor McGonagall… Anna thought about Professor McGonagall’s serious face, shivering, it was more scary than robbing Gringotts.

Anna and Belinda bid farewell to Abigail and Jelica, came out of the auditorium and climbed the stairs to the 8-Layer castle, “I really don’t know how Gryffindor… and Ravenclaw… endure this staircase …”

“Merlin’s muscular legs… They have to… climb so many stairs every day!” Belinda sighed every time she climbed the stairs.

The two finally arrived on the eighth floor and began to search for the hanging picture about’Troll’.

By the way, I met the gatekeeper of the Gryffindor common room,’Fat Lady’, a lady with a gorgeous dress and a hanging picture. She looks cute. She is singing and trying to attract another picture. The bird flew over.

Several Gryffindors stood beside them, covering their ears, “Dragon dung! Fat lady! Dragon dung—” a young lion with messy hair yelled.

“She is already immersed in her own world! Now I can’t hear the password…” Another red-haired young lion pulled the robe of the young lion’s hair unruly, “Speak down, don’t let others The house heard that our common room password is dragon dung——”

I have heard it, you guys are talking too loudly! Anna helpless, the safety factor of the Gryffindor common room is really low…

Anna and Belinda walked around the corner and walked along the corridor for a while.

A hanging picture of a shirtless giant creature wearing a tutu carrying a big stick and beating a little dwarf suddenly entered Anna’s sight.

“Troll Barnabas the Barmy…” Belinda leaned over and looked at the name of the picture engraved on the frame, “Does the person who painted this picture hate this man named Barnabas? “

The gray Troll on the hanging picture was giggling, waving a big stick in the forest, beating the man in medieval noble costume,’Ouch,’ the man screamed.

“Oh? No, this color is mountain Troll, how could it be in the forest?” Belinda vomited, “The person who painted this painting must have not learned Defense Against the Dark Arts well.”

Anna was not paying attention to the painting, she turned around and glanced at the empty wall facing the hanging painting…

It seems that this is Headmaster Dumbledore urine The location of the “House of All Requests” that was discovered urgently…

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