Hogwarts Melon Eater Chapter 104

Belinda quickly took out the painting tools, a pink drawing board and a pink quill, she moved towards the gorgeous Troll and yelled, “Don’t move, let me paint you!”

Good guy, it may be the first time Troll heard such a request for as it should be by rights, “Abba? Abba Ababa!” They beat Barnabas more and more fiercely.

“Ouch! Don’t irritate these guys anymore!” Barnabas clutched his head. It was incredible that he could speak even under Troll’s beating.

“Why were you beaten by Troll?” Anna found that Barnabas could still speak, and she was a little curious for a while.

“Is this the time to ask questions?! Well-meaning people, you are one of the few who stay to listen to my complaints–” Barnabas snarled, “Can you help me troll these rude Calm down?!”

【Barnabas Ababa: As a young wizard, the happiest thing is to help others. Mr. Barnabas has been worrying about Troll for a long time, maybe you Is there any way to help such a person in the picture. Achievement condition: Let Barnabas temporarily get out of the predicament; Reward: Reactivity +20]

“How can we help you solve these trolls?” Belinda took his hand, “We are not in the picture People! Or do you want me to invite the portrait of Mr. Slytherin in the common room to help you?”

“No need, Mr. Slytherin is here to be resolved, I don’t know who it is!” Barnabas was almost beaten to the ground by Troll’s big stick, “And this painting can’t get in until the Trolls are calmed, and I can’t get out!”

“Then this painting Can I tear off the part of the Troll? Or paint it off with a pen?” Anna thought, “We will draw you a spray, and you will kill them yourself?”

“Abaa Bar!” Troll in a tutu was a little panicked, they beat Barnabas harder.

“Oh! It’s too bloody! I am the organizer of the’Troll Rights Movement’! I just want to educate Troll! Let them be more elegant and adapt to human life instead of destroying them!” Barna Ba hugged his head and looked funny. “Although you can use quill to add things to the painting, don’t obliterate the Troll. Otherwise, where can I go and trick a few Trolls back?”

“Actually, my efforts-oops… are quite effective,” Barnabas pointed to a Troll wearing ballet shoes with orchids upright and directing his stick, “At least they were a lot more graceful when hitting people!”

“…” There are too many slots, Anna was silent for a moment, “I know how to help you…”

She took the pink quill in Belinda’s hand, in’Troll “Bonta Barnabas” drew some abstract circles on the palm of the upper Barnabas.

“Oh…what is this?” Barnabas successfully received the circle that was incompatible with the style of the whole painting, “Humeizi’s egg?”

“Bubble pod Beans,” Anna was a little embarrassed, “The painting is a bit ugly, I don’t know if I can use it…”

Belinda snorted, “I use my feet to paint better than you…”

Barnabas moved quickly to sprinkle abstract circles on the ground in the painting, and soon beautiful small pink flowers emerged from the ground. The petals of the small flowers closed together, similar to a fish’s mouth spitting out. Tufts of light green pollen.

The pollen gathered into the shape of a bubble, and Troll inhaled it into his nose, and soon fell to his knees with his eyes turned over, falling into unconsciousness.

Barnabas sighed in relief, “Someone finally rescued me from the forest Troll…”

【Barnabas Ababa: mission completed; mission Reward: reaction power +20]

“It is the mountain Troll, the most dangerous of Troll,” Belinda pointed out Barnabas’s mistake, “Their skin is gray, how can you do this? Wrong? Are you really a Troll rights defender?”

“so that’s how it is, I just said why they are so irritable… I thought it was Forest Troll…” Barnabas was a little embarrassed Scratch your head.

He stood in the gap of a group of Troll’s Snot bubbles, looking a little cramped, “I am indeed the organizer of the’Troll Rights Movement’… Sometimes I will let Troll perform ballet and let them use the performance as a rights protection organization Earn some activity funds so that we can better defend their rights…”

“Yes, that’s it,” Barnabas affirmed himself.

I don’t know if the funds for “rights protection” earned by Troll’s dancing are used for “rights protection”. The organizer of this rights protection organization looks more like a circus leader who loves money.

“But these rude Trolls are too hard to control. A little accident happened when I took them to Hogwarts to perform at the Christmas dinner…” Barnabas emphasized, “Really small Accident…”

“Cough, okay, let’s not talk about this, you helped me, so I can tell you two secrets in return…”

Barnabas changed the subject “First of all, don’t go to the depths of the Forbidden Forest. These forests I brought… The descendants of mountain Troll continue to live there…”

“As for the second secret…” Barnabas Pointing to the wall behind the two of them, “Here is a Chamber of Secrets that few people know about.”

“I found that as long as someone passes by here three times in a short period of time, a daoist sect will appear on the wall. This daoist sect will appear no matter if they find it or not.”

“I accidentally heard a couple who came to the door talking…” Barnabas explained, “It’s not an eavesdropping , I just heard…”

“The boy told his girlfriend that there is a’secret base for robbers’. He just needs to think in his head to find a place where he can enjoy pranks. ‘, you can find the entrance through this wall three times…”

“Maybe you can try it,” Barnabas moved towards Anna and Belinda bowed and stepped on Troll’s body I ran out of the picture frame, and I didn’t know where I was happy.

“A place where you can play pranks?” Belinda looked at the hanging painting against the empty wall, frowning, “Is this too Gryffindor?”

Hmm… That’s right… the members of the robber are indeed Gryffindors.

The two people thought in their heads,’Find a place where you can play pranks.’ After passing through the wall three times, a plain wooden door really appeared silently on the wall.

Belinda swallowed hard and took a step back. “I think there may be a…Troll…” here too.”

Anna slowly opened the door. There was no sound, and it felt that the whole room was unusually quiet.

“bang! Ah haha ​​haha!”

The sound of fireworks was accompanied by a weird smirk, and the scare box placed on the right side of the door suddenly moved-the clown’s head was ruthlessly close to the two .

Belinda was scared and screamed. Anna conditioned her reflex to smash the scared box directly, and Belinda’s scream was choked.

“I was scared to death,” Anna touched her chest, “Jumpscare…”

You are scary too! Belinda silently glanced at the scare box with only the spring and half of the clown face left.

Leave aside the scare box. This is a very cozy room. Two people walk in the door. Warm-toned wallpapers, wooden floors, and a small fireplace burning bright yellow The flame, the air was filled with the smell of caramel.

Next to the fireplace is a dilapidated two-seater sofa, with bean paste chairs on the right and left. In the corner of the room there are some piled books with a wooden board on top. It says’Let’s try it out when Madam Pince will find these books are missing. ‘

Anna leaned over to look at the board, and found a line of small letters in the lower right corner of the board that read “Moony, don’t always think about returning the book. When we graduate, we will return it together. Surprise Madam Pince!” ‘

Anna put down the stacked books one by one, “Maggy Nose, Human Heart”, “The Dark Arts Outsmarted”, “Madcap Magic for Wacky Warlocks”…

The side edge is written with the borrowing date. These books have been here for more than ten years from the warm library…

At the bottom is the “Twelve Magic Weapons of Fascinated Witch”, which is not marked The symbol of the library looks like someone’s own book, and there are comments next to certain sentences…

‘…Try to make a sexy bearing and charming temperament witch teacher impressed with you? That is very easy and very difficult. Next, the love master will teach you how to get the heart of the witch teacher without using wand…’

‘…First of all, seize every opportunity Look directly into Master Witch’s eyes, and you can read her emotions from her eyes…’

The sentence next to this sentence says’I can only see her white eyes,’ it seems that this book’s Owner’s love journey is a bit difficult.

‘…Encounter with her as much as possible and create surprises full of magic power! It seems that your love with her is an arrangement of fate…’This sentence was crossed out by the book Owner with quill, and the messy note was next to it,’Don’t believe it, others will think you are a pervert who likes to follow! ‘

A piece of paper fell out of the book, and Anna bent over to pick it up.

‘Friends who opened this book, one thing you have to know is that all the methods in this book have no effect on the red-haired girl! Their characters are straightforward and don’t like routines. (Experience yourself) If you really want to catch a girl with red hair and green eyes, the second cutest in the world (because the first cutest is already mine), do as I say …’

‘… At Christmas time, take her to stand under the mistletoe. Don’t be at a loss to say that there are worms in the mistletoe (remember), you have to be brave and tell directly She how you like her! ‘

‘…Two endings, harvest the girl’s apologetic eyes, or get the person who is the love of life like me. ‘

Anna put the paper back in the book.

“A very ordinary room…” Belinda walked around the room, found nothing interesting, walked to the sofa in front of the fireplace and sat down gracefully with no interest.” pu —crack,” an uncivilized voice came.

“I didn’t hear anything,” Anna walked to the other side’compassionately’ and began to look at the big shelf by the wall.

“It’s not me!” Belinda almost tumbled and left the sofa, her face flushed in horror and opened the sofa cushion.

“Fart pad! It was a fart pad just now!” Belinda picked up the fart pad and waved, and walked towards Anna. After less than five steps, she stomped empty and fell. Into the wooden floor.

“Strap-trap!” Belinda was exposed halfway, struggling, “Help! This is so rude!” She screamed.

Anna walked over helplessly to’lift’ Belinda out of the trap. As soon as Belinda was relaxed, she heard a loud noise coming from the direction of the fireplace–


The fireworks on the fireplace exploded, and a banner was displayed in front of the two,’Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs, warmly welcome you to the secret base of the robbers! ‘

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