Hogwarts Melon Eater Chapter 106

Saturday’s Gryffindor common room is extremely quiet at 8 o’clock in the morning. I haven’t gotten up at this point when I’m back late. I just fell asleep shortly before playing the wizard chess overnight. Those who love learning have already gone out to go to the library early. Up.

The huge fireplace is burning with raging flames, and the warm red light illuminates the entire common room. The soft round chair occupies every corner where it can be placed. The endless wizard chess is on the round table. The chessboard was yelling, “It’s so hot!” ‘

This is one of the few young wizards in the common room. Apart from helping roommates bring breakfast back, they sit in the corner red lover’s chair and fall in love with each other, which is lying in front of the fireplace. Someone on the carpet who is drooling and snoring, sleeping soundly.

“Why does he sleep there?” The young lion holding the chicken drumstick asked the companion holding the juice next to him, “Who is that?”

Look at the young lion holding the juice After looking, “Oh, that’s Lee Jordan,” he paused for a while, “Fred and George, the red-haired twins in their dormitory…”

The young lion holding the drumstick showed a clear look. , “It seems that he has been mischievous… Let’s go, keep quiet, don’t wake him up, see how sound he sleeps.”

The two quickly walked towards the spiral staircase leading to the bedroom. , Left the common room.

Lee Jordan turned over, slapped his lips unconsciously, and continued to fall asleep with his face facing the fireplace. He dreamed that he was helping looking at the counter in his aunt’s shop. Suddenly a blonde came to him and insisted on asking. He eats the “Sweet Duck” from Hogsmeade Village.

“That’s so embarrassing…” He whispered unconsciously, “I’m not hungry…”

“Don’t cry, then I will eat a little…” Lee Jordan face A shy smile appeared on the face, “gā gā gā …”

Ducks who have eaten the’sweet duck’ will speak with ducks. It seems that this characteristic has left a deep memory for Li Jordan. .

Slytherin common room at the same time.

“Let me say, this is definitely a decision that can’t be wrong, just to be lazy and don’t want to climb the stairs, you actually want to put your head in the fireplace!”

Belinda held a folded cauldron in her hand, and stood nervously beside the silver fireplace. She avoided Mr. Slytherin’s curious gaze in the portrait and lowered her voice, “I have never seen anyone do this…”

“Maybe the Daily Prophet tomorrow will be on the’Hogwarts lack of safety education, a student inexplicably put his head into the fireplace to warm up’!” Belinda frowned, “Merlin’s beard! Are you sure your head won’t Will it burn?”

“Not sure, so I let you stand beside you with a pot of water.” Anna sprinkled the floo powder into the fireplace, and the flame quickly turned green. “If I burn When you get up, hurry up and put out the fire…”

“Gryffindor Tower,” Anna took a deep breath, hoping not to burn my hair out, she buried her head and stretched her face into the flames.

After a while of dizziness, Anna noticed that her eyes were bright, her head seemed to pass through the flames and stretched out from another place. She moved her neck, and she quickly realized that something was holding herself. Stretched further.

It should be a fireplace. Anna looked all around. The burning wood, the bright fire, and the flame without temperature. It was the first time for her to observe the burning of wood in such a close place.

“gā gā gā…Madam, I really can’t eat anymore…Um…well, don’t you eat duck butt?”

“Then I will eat more…” for a while An unclear voice came, and Anna gradually saw the scenery outside the fireplace.

Carpet, sofa, foul-mouthed wizard chess falling on the ground, and Lee Jordan, who looks terribly sleeping, may be close to the fireplace, and his’spring-like’ hair was roasted It has to become more fluffy.

“Hey! Lee Jordan! Wake up!”

Anna was a little happy, smiling from the slag of the fireplace. Fortunately, she met an acquaintance as soon as she came. “The sun is tanned, brother! Wake up!”

“Duck butt actually—speaking?!” Lee Jordan was panicked in his sleep, but still did not wake up, “Even a duck butt. You know my name is Lee Jordan?!”

“When did I become so famous…” Lee Jordan muttered.

“…” Anna didn’t know what to say for a while, but the boy who was sitting in the lover’s chair in love was attracted by the talking fireplace.

The boy turned his gaze to the fireplace, which undoubtedly provoked the unpredictable girl in love.

The girl pursed her mouth, she coughed twice, and adjusted her robe, “Lane! We finally had time to sit together… Usually if you play Quiddich and don’t have time to accompany me, forget it, I can understand ——”

“My dear, I…” Ryan had a foreboding that the major event was bad, and he returned his gaze to the girl, scratching his head and trying to say something.

The girl waved wand, and Ryan found that her mouth couldn’t open anymore. It was bad, very bad, and she even used a silent spell.

“Listen to me first…”

“Just now, in just half an hour, you wandered six times,” the girl sternly shook her fingers, “three times for Looking at the old owl standing on the eaves gasping for breath outside the window, I moved my gaze to the hanging painting twice and didn’t know what I was looking at, and then it was the fireplace…”

“What’s so beautiful about such a fireplace Yes? Could there be something crawling out of it-is it so uncomfortable to stay with me?” The girl tugged at Ryan’s robe.

“Our love is not like it was at the beginning, you have changed!” The girl turned and ran, rushing to the spiral staircase leading to the girls’ bedroom.

“wú wú wú wu!” Ryan stretched out his’erkang hand’ follow closely from behind.

But he didn’t take a few steps up the spiral staircase, and the staircase turned into a slide, and Ryan slid down with an expression of disbelief.

On the portrait, a wizard holding his wife and his wife shook their heads together, with a lively expression, “child, boys can’t get girls dormitory.”

“Wú wú wú!” Ryan was cursed and couldn’t open his mouth, and could only struggle ashen-faced.

Anna who ate a melon held her breath. The boy’s broken love and the’talking fireplace’ seemed inseparable.

Soon Ryan left the’sadness’ common room, and the person who hurriedly went to find the cure.

Li Jordan was awakened by the couple’s quarrel, he opened his eyes in a daze, and found that he actually slept in the common room all night.

He glanced at the wizard chess that fell on the ground, “Merlin’s beard…I was playing chess here and fell asleep? How do I remember lying in bed…”

“Good morning! Li!”

“Morning…” Li subconsciously replied when someone said hello, but soon discovered that the common room was empty except for himself. It seems to be in a mood to say hello to people.

“…Is it…Peeves?” He tentatively.

“No, it’s Anna, Anna. Lawrence,” Anna was very happy that he finally woke up from the dream of eating duck ass, “I’m in the fireplace!”

Li. Jordan felt that he hadn’t woken up yet.

He rubbed his eyes and saw the face protruding from the pile of wood in the fireplace. It was a little scary, but it seemed to be Anna…

“The running Goerman… “Lee Jordan was surprised, “How did you become like this?!”

“The effect of floo powder can pierce a part of one’s body to achieve the purpose of communication…” Anna coughed, “I Look for Fred and George, are they in dormitory?”

“…should be there, wait a moment, I’ll go and see…” Lee Jordan scratched his head and stood up. Now they are all pretending to be Is there communication in the fireplace?

It’s really convenient…

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