Hogwarts Melon Eater Chapter 107

“Lee is definitely playing a prank…” George walked down the spiral staircase with a yawn, “How could Anna come to Gryffindor’s common room?”

“Maybe Li found that we carried him to I slept in the common room all night and deliberately lied to us…” Fred rubbed his eyes and walked to the common room sleepily.

The scene before him quickly awoke him.

Several young lions gathered around the fireplace, and a short-haired young lion asked, “Ms. Fireplace, will I insist on buying the Daily Prophet lottery ticket to win in the end?”

“The chance is slim ,” Ms. Fireplace perfuse him.

“Then how can I get rich?”

“Robbery of Gringotts——” Ms. Fireplace coughed, “You lie to you, study hard, and you will have a chance to earn money every day. Big money…”

Young lion looking thoughtful with short hair.

Fred and George squeezed into the crowd of onlookers, “Hey, brother, what are you doing?”

“The fireplace suddenly became perfect,” the short-haired lion pointed at the fireplace, “it I’ve never spoken before. You can ask it questions, and it makes sense…”

Twin takes a look–

Anna’s face protrudes from the charcoal in the fireplace come out.

“…” The two have subtle expressions on their faces.

“I really didn’t expect,” George smiled and shook his head.

“It’s nice to meet you, Ms. Fireplace. I haven’t seen you for a week. You’ve become beautiful again…” Fred De opened his eyes and said nonsense.

“Fred! George!” Anna greeted them happily, “You are finally here! This is another effect of floo powder. Next time you want to find me, you can contact me like this. It’s convenient. Anna cut to the topic, “I have been in the castle for a week, do you want to go out to get some air?”

Of course twin won’t refuse.

An appointment was made to meet at the sculpture of the old witch, Anna took her head out of the flame, and poured a bucket of water on Anna’s robe.

Anna looked dumbfounded.

“I thought your head burned!” Belinda looked at the wet Anna without apologizing, “You went in for a long time and there was no movement, you can’t hear me calling you outside. !”

“Let me stand with this silly cauldron and worry about it for ten minutes. More than one person came over and asked if I kicked you into the fire—” Belinda akimbo, “I am I really want to kick your ass!”

“My fault,” Anna raised her hand. Fortunately, the robe wrung out the water and shook it to dry it, “Please eat the’sweet duck’ How is it?”

“‘Sweet Duck’? The one in Hogsmeade Village?” Belinda looked at Anna suspiciously, “How to eat it? Ask the owl to bring it? Maybe the sweet duck will be on the way. I was eaten up. Accio is an owl called a duck.”

“Of course not,” Anna shook her head, “Of course we have to go roam around on weekends to bring energy. Finally, we just finished all the homework on Friday. I’m done…”

“Then how do you want to get out? Prefect just said that Hogwarts doesn’t allow junior young wizards to go out at will!”

“Hogwarts is not allowed,” Anna I beckoned to Belinda, this kind of violation of school rules still has to bring her roommate together, lest her backhand is a report, “But you are a purebred wizard, can trifling Hogwarts limit the freedom of purebred?”

“But…” Belinda followed in Anna’s footsteps. “You make sense, but Filch is watching at the door. His eyes are stuck to the door during the weekend. How are we going to get out? “

“Of course, just find a secret passage—”

The two will soon meet Fred and George, “Dissendium,” Anna waved wand with an ugly hat The statue of the old witch with proboscis split slowly, and several people jumped in quickly, sliding down the stone slide to the secret passage.

“There is still such a road underground in Hogwarts?” Belinda looked at the small opening. “It’s so crowded? Didn’t you fix it? Where does it lead?”

“Goblin repaired it, leading to the’Honeydukes Sweetshop’ in Hogsmeade Village,” George lit wand, “Why did you follow Paulina?”

“It’s Belinda! What a rude Fred Du! You can’t even remember my name!” Belinda snorted, “Of course Anna begged me to have roast duck and I came here!”

I don’t have one, Anna shows helplessness. expression.

“Excuse Paulina, I am Fred,” the real Fred was walking behind Anna.

“You must be pranking again!” Belinda believed in her own judgment, “Professor Sprout was dizzy because of this last time in Herbology. I won’t believe you!”

Belinda is overconfident.

“Are we going out this time to eat sweet duck?” This is not Anna’s style. She always likes to be convenient and trouble-free. Just eat sweet duck and order an owl to take out. Don’t go out in person, Fred De Guessing must be something else.

“After eating the sweet duck, I will stop by Mrs. Humber’s shop.” Fred guessed it, Anna did have something else-one of Myrtle’s wishes, meet Oliver Ms. Hong Bei, we have to find a way to tie people to the school.

“Ms. Humbert’s shop? What is it for?”

“Beauty potion,” Belinda murmured, “This proposal is pretty decent,’purple The latest potion in the Hyacinth series should have just been put on the shelves, so just stop by!”

Anna nodded, she looked at the teddy bear ring in her hand, and added in her heart,”then let the owner by the way Kidnapped back. ‘

“How’s your big brother Charlie doing lately?” Anna suddenly thought of her other’Melon Eater’ mission.

“Charlie?” Fred scratched his head, “Sleep, eat, study Dragon, just chant…”

“and Quiddich,” George added, “monotonous, boring, Flying in the sky to play Quiddich is not exciting at all-this is his evaluation of his recent life…”

Fred De added, “Charlie said this because we still can’t have a broomstick, and he was working Sit down on the chair where we put the toad eyeballs–“

“By the way, the eyeballs are the sheep that are hand-in-hand from the potion classroom…”

“I want Tell Professor Snape!” Belinda akimbo.

“Then you go, you must sue the teacher for everything! Slightly,” George made a face, and Belinda quarreled with him.

“Charlie hasn’t had a girlfriend or something in these years?” Anna tentatively.

“He didn’t…what are you asking about this?” Fred became serious, coughing and frowned, “Cough cough, he doesn’t like humans, don’t think about it, you have no chance!”

“When he sleeps and talks in his dreams, it’s all “beauties show me your scales”. Before eating magic oatmeal in the morning, he always learns to call a dragon roar, and then rubs Percy with his nose, saying that this is imitating Dragon’s eating… “

Fred De concludes excitedly, “No matter what you see him, it is not as good as you imagined. You don’t know him yet, but you are attracted by what he shows!”

“It’s better to choose someone you know when you fall in love!” He added, such as me.

“?” Charlie was killed in a wind critic, Anna explained, “I am not interested in him, I am just curious why Quidditch Captain does not have a girlfriend, he should be very popular?”

“He has girls he likes, but girls he likes always think he likes others,” George said.

“I said once when Charlie said in a dream, it seemed like,’Why can’t you see it? I don’t like her, I like you’ and so on…”

“But it could also be that he comforted the jealous Dragon in his dream,” George nodded, “Yes, it’s quite possible,” he seemed to think this statement was more true.

The soundproofing effect of The Burrow is too bad, right? It’s so easy to hear a dream talk! Anna complained in her heart.

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