Hogwarts Melon Eater Chapter 108

“You know that there is a ghost living in the women’s toilet on the third floor of Hogwarts Castle?” Anna mentioned Myrtle.

“We know…no…we don’t know,” George shook his head. “Are we okay to learn about the ladies’ toilet?”

“Hogwarts ghosts are too much,” Fred Kicked away The pebbles on the ground, “Gryffindor’s resident ghost’Looted ghost Nick’ just came back two days ago. When he appeared in the common room, Lee Jordan was taken aback!”

“He said before As usual, more ghosts should come in at the opening ceremony-but since the Headless Hunters held a “ghost head hunting game” at London’s High Gate Cemetery at the end of August, all ghosts who can get out of the castle participated. , So they missed the start of school.”

“Headless Hunters?” Belinda frowned. “Is their hobby making others’headless’?”

“They are all headless,” George explained. “There are twelve ghost members, and each of them has their head and neck separated when they die. The’ghost head-finding game’ is to let other ghosts find them and ask someone to hide them. His own skull…”

“Nick especially wanted to join the hunter team, but because he was just’almost headless’, he has not been able to succeed.”

Fred De added, “Nick was so angry, so he buried the skull he found in the head-hunting game to make people buried in the ground——”

“A group of ghosts were all looking for heads.”

” The hunter ghost member who lost his head was excited for a while and rushed to the bar next to the cemetery, “Where is my head?!” He shouted, scaring a group of muggles to death—”

” Then there was a ghost legend of the “head hunter” in the bar, and the number of people who went to drink unexpectedly increased…”

The four people walked along the secret passage to the warehouse of the “Honeydukes Sweetshop”.

“ka-cha,” Fred De pushed up the stone-brick hidden door with his hand, leaving a small gap to observe the situation outside.

The warehouse is empty, the stains on the stone bricks are still stubborn, and the sanitation here is still the same as before-extremely bad.

“I want to buy a bunch of’zi zi honey candies’! And ice cream with’Rainbow and sunny’!” A noisy voice came from the stairs, it sounds like it has such a dirty warehouse.’ Honeydukes Sweetshop’s business is still very good, “Boss! How much are these? Can we buy so many for a discount?”

“Hey,” Belinda patted her own robe, she looked around all around , With a disgusting expression on her face, “Can’t believe it, is this really’Honeydukes Sweetshop’? Why is it so dirty? I have also eaten the nougat sold here!”

She saw the mess The raw materials piled on the ground, as well as the wooden boxes that accumulate dust in various positions, “A slug running wild! What afraid right?!”

“Not clean, I am not sick after eating,” Anna To comfort her, “If you have diarrhea, at worst, go drink potion, it doesn’t matter.”

“Do you know how bad potion is?!” Belinda followed Anna up the stairs, and smacked her lips. Recalling the potion I had drunk when I was a child, “No, I must go back and ask where the kitchen of Prefect Hogwarts is. I have to go and see to rest assured…”

Only after Strength of Nine Bulls and Two Tigers squeezed out of the crowd, came to the “Sweet Duck” and found that there was a long line.

“Then let’s go to the’Mrs. Humber’s shop’ first, there are too many people in line now,” Anna suggested.

“Agree, where is that place?” Twin doesn’t matter. They just went to’Zonko’s Joke Shop’ to replenish manure egg resources.

“Not far, it’s near the’Madam Puddifoot Tea House’.”

Belinda said in her mouth, “The body is aligned with the fancy cake in the window, and the face moved towards the castle. In the direction of, go back ten steps, then moved towards the wall on the left hand side and crash into…”

“You are cracking a joke…” George scratched his head.

“That’s what it says in the newspaper!” Belinda walked to the Madam Puddifoot Tea House, moved towards and looked in the window.

A familiar figure entered Belinda’s sight, “Is that Abigail?” She pulled Anna’s robe with excitement.

Black long-haired Abigail is sitting on a small wooden chair with a lace cushion that is completely inconsistent with her temperament. She has a black silk miniskirt in a robe, and Little Pi shoes customized by an extraordinary clothing store. She elegantly carries it Drink black tea on the pink wooden table.

Abigail’s posture is perfect, as if he is not drinking tea, but elegant.

“Is that the Prefect we know?” Anna scratched her head, really unable to hook the woman who was clamoring’the most attractive old lady’ with every pore in front of her body and Prefect who likes to drink pineapple beer. …

The boy sitting across from Abigail might think so too. He was very nervous, rubbing his hands, his face flushed.

“That’s Hufflepuff’s Prefect Watt. We saw him sitting on the stairs knitting a scarf when we were out at night,” Fred De approached him, “The guy is nice… wait, the girl opposite him Is it Abigail Kama? Merlin’s dung egg! George, come and have a look!”

The four people filled the window.

“tsk tsk tsk, the most terrifying accident happened. The good old man Watt is actually in love with the’Ms. Sniff on the eighth floor’?!” George hugged his head.

“Ms. Sniff? Why is Abigail called’Ms. Sniff on the eighth floor’?” Anna was curious.

“Because she can always appear in front of the Gryffindor people immediately when they violate the school rules,” Fred de shrugs. “She has been patrolling at the door of our common room on the eighth floor recently, and she met someone who violated the school rules. It’s like sniffing on gold!”

“As a result, our house points have increased and decreased,” George added, “With her as a Prefect one day, Gryffindor really don’t want to take the house cup. It’s…”

The’hat girl’ sitting in the Madam Puddifoot teahouse spotted the’window crowd of four’, she pointed to Abigail and made a’hush’ action , Moved towards The four waved their hands, motioning them to’go away’.

“That’s Jelika, right…” Belinda was a little suspicious of her eyes. Jelika was wearing a huge wizard hat, covering half of her face, sitting behind Abigail. Location, trying to keep a low profile.

In fact, apart from watching the four-person group, she is the most talked about. The Madam Puddifoot teahouse is full of young couples who are in love in pairs, or they feed each other cakes, or stop talking. Looking at each other affectionately…

She was sitting alone in a position to eat the sweet duck with the strange giant curved hat of the wizard. When she moved, the curved hat was about to poke Abigail’s head behind her.

Anna pointed to the top of her head and motioned to Jelika to pay attention to the hat, but Jelika didn’t understand what she meant. She thought it was for her to look up, her head raised, and the hat just hit Abigail. In the black tea cup he was holding, the black tea spilled over Abigail’s skirt.

“…” I am most afraid of the sudden silence of the air.

“Wonderful!’Ms. Sniff’ grabbed the weird man wearing a hat!” twin exclaimed.

“Go away…” I have to escape the scene as soon as possible. What does these things have to do with Anna?

Anna thinks it’s better to kidnap Oliver Hombe quickly. She aligns with the fancy cake and moves towards the castle ten steps back. On the left is a brick wall with no special features. Attached to the advertisement of the flower shop.

Choose the angle, and Anna moved towards the wall.


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